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On 5/19/2021 at 6:22 PM, Strangeloop said:

but I was also doing drugs then


For how long?

💊OFF Antidepressants 2020-2023. It takes years because of complicated compensatory changes your body and brain do. 🚫Don't believe doctors say to you its your "disease" back. Just taper slowely enough! 🥝Your body & brain are way more complicated than how western medicine grasps them. Respect them.

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@Strangeloop make a distinction between what is going on in your head and what the reality is.  If you stop thinking all your problems will disappear but that is no solution. You need to put your energy towards taking action and if you don't know what action to take you need to figure that out. 

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@Nivsch when I was living in England, I had a strict routine but on the weekends I would use drugs like exstasy and weed to cope with all the stress in my life. But the stress only came back, so I had to find some more healthy ways to maintain a relaxed state like exercising, meditation, reading, journaling. 

And Yes I think a conversation with a good friend would help me sort out these thoughts and find a way to either escape them or resolve the conflict in my psyche.

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