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Insight about partiality

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@Nahm wrote something about everything being bullshit in my desire thread and it bothered me, so I decided to contemplate it a bit more hahahahahah.


The part that bothered me was, yes all we're working with is bullshit, sure, but there's differences between good bullshit and bad bullshit. Like for example beautiful, well thought out epistemology, and shitty epistemology, intelligence vs stupidity. So surely its not all bullshit, or at the very least not all bullshit is made equal.

And then you could orient towards "just drop it all dude! Just drop everything! You're holding on too much!"... yeah but, what about helping others? To help others you gotta deal with all the bullshit. You can't just shut your lips, ever type anything again because you'll get sad that you aren't helping people who are in need. Or your needs to create reality wont get met(like a God need, not a human need, a human need is a subset of God's needs).

... so then what's the go?

Are words just good in some contexts, but not in others? Are words good but just transient (they fade or lose relevance over time), Are words, when deconstructed, just energy transfers between people? They don't have any meaning but are just used as energy vessels(this is the perspective I've held for a long time)?

Well what do words give us? They give us a deeper understanding of reality. What would be the deepest understanding of reality? Would it be that the entire universe is Love? Would it be that the entire universe is a massive dmt machine elf land or something? Would it be the realization that pure understanding is a total realization? Would it be an understanding that all there is, is consciousness?

There's a problem with all of these conclusions, even on a metaphysical(rather than intellectual) level. The problem is you think reality can be pointed to. Like the universe is love. But it can't, because as soon as you point, you're breaking reality up. So no the universe is not love.

In other words, you can't say the map is not the territory, because the territory includes the map, and therefore, the map is on the map(if we are trying to figure out what everything is).

If we are going to figure out what reality is, we must include everything that's happening now. And that means, we must include every single perspective that is currently being shared with us.

But if we include every perspective, how do we point to that? What, call it the universe is Love lol?

(Note I'm not putting any limits on who owns that perspective, like some assumption that each perspective is divided into different people, 1 person might have multiple perspectives, while another person might have none, and 2 people might share the same perspective at any given time, and then they change perspectives all the time so its not static, a perspective to me is just feeling good or a "juicy insight" or wisdom. I see the human construct as a way for perspectives to emerge, yet paradoxically such emergent perspectives include the human construct as a subset of them after emergence).

No you can't point to every perspective by calling it "the universe is Love" lol, because that is another perspective that must be integrated!

So pointing to what reality is, is a doomed strategy.

If we can't point to what reality is, then how do we get to realizing reality????

Definitely words are contextual, they are super wise in one context, and profoundly dumb in another context. And whether something is wise or not has nothing to do with what was said, but when it was said, and who it was said to, who it was said by, how it was said in the context of what else was said, and where it was said. And that determines whether wisdom emerges or not.

Combining wisdom together in a certain way, is profoundly wise, combining wisdom in another way is profoundly dumb. So there's emergent properties to how wisdom is combined as a whole (to up your dimension).

Is duality/reality created by anything other then words/wisdom/insight? If you remove them, does a car actually exist? Does any object exist without words/wisdom/insight?

Maybe words aren't just symbols but entire creation itself. There's nothing to creation beyond words.

And each sentence/insight is a partial perspective.

So the entire universe is made of partial perspectives.

So if you can't get a realization through pointing to it, then your only option is to create it with the perspectives you have.

Realizations are not a getting to a destination exercise, they are a creative exercise. Realizations are the end result of mixing, combining multiple perspectives together.

And how you combine the perspectives together to maximize a realization's effect, depends on what perspectives already exist. Because all of the perspectives as a whole is closed system. What puzzle pieces you need depends on what puzzle pieces are already there. From one arrangement, you need the universe is love puzzle piece, from another arrangement, you need the universe is God puzzle piece, yet no puzzle piece has a monopoly on the other.

So when it comes to getting insights, what needs to happen is to see all of the perspectives that are happening now, use your intuition to find out what perspectives you need, and build those perspectives through contemplation or meditation or yoga or just walking in the park.

The other question is, why dilute all of this into words? Why not just get wet in the insight? Well how do you create such perspectives without words? That's the thing, you can get wet, but the wet is pure formlessness. And if its pure formlessness, you can't separate it out to create different arrangements and combinations of perspectives to forge greater insights.

Anyway @Nahm if you wanna contribute to my sneaky bullshit and tell me where I'm going wrong, I wont mind hahaha.


also yeah you can just sit and meditate all of this away... but again its pure formlessness and that's just one side of the coin. Even if you meditate, you can't escape words or perspectives or duality because its right here. It will always be here, perspectives, duality, words are all eternal. And meditation is finite. You can only meditate and clear your mind for so long until you're back in the flesh of perspectives, words, duality, creation, etc.


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12 minutes ago, Nahm said:


is your bullshit meter just a word counter? xD

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The sheer artistry with which the thinking mind manages to get caught up in its own web is truly an amazing sight to behold. :D

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2 hours ago, Bazooka Jesus said:

The sheer artistry with which the thinking mind manages to get caught up in its own web is truly an amazing sight to behold. :D


"I could be the walrus. I'd still have to bum rides off people."

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