Can psychedelics be used to heal DPDR? Should those with DPDR avoid psychedelics?

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39 minutes ago, Michal__ said:

Excersise helped with mine too.

Yup,  based on my own experience and reading many many recovery stories this is going to be anyone’s best bet. Unfortunately not everyone is physically capable of exercising but I’d say the majority of people are and it should be known by this point that this is where you want to start when seeking recovery. It would have saved me years of torture and trial and error if I knew to try this first. I’ve tried everything from meditation to driving from Las Vegas to Ensenada Mexico (12 hour drive) to smoke Bufo Alvarius and exercising is still the only thing that’s even helped me remotely lol

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@lmfao Just ignore it a little bit more each day, and you'll find it's not a problem. Stop focusing on it! It's like trying to not think of a pink elephant. If you were to think of a pink elephant everyday, every minute, the problem would get so out of hand that you would think to yourself "I can never get rid of this pink elephant.". Also, when you think "don't think of a pink elephant, you think of a pink elephant". The only way to get past this is to actually get on with your life and stop watching lots of videos and reading blog posts about DP/DR. Try to enjoy it also, it's only as bad as you make it out to be. Know that all things an impermanent. Don't use psychedelics, it will make the DP/DR worse.

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@sausagehead Thanks for all the advice! I've started exercising again recently. Interesting that you tried psychedelics and it didn't work. 

It feel lightheaded or dizzy most of the time when I'm awake, so I can't push myself much when exercising (since I get weak/lightheaded very quickly) but I can still do low intensity jogging for medium duration as a starting point. 

My strategy to compensate for feeling lightheaded and dizzy has been to just load up on lots of carbs. I don't really understand my own medical situation in this regard tbh. I've had blood tests a while ago and nothing came up. 

@Red-White-Light I kind of had a mini insight along these lines a few days ago. Dpdr or no dpdr, I can still live life and go about business. People have lived functioning lives with far more constraints than I have. 

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