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  1. I honestly love everyone on the forum, and their amazing interesting in spirituality. I am deciding to leave the forum for good. I won't ever be coming back. I truly hope that we all reach nirvanic states of consciousness. For a long while, I felt the need to help people with spirituality, but I realise now, that there is no point. This is not because people are not open-minded; This is because the internet has enough spiritual methods, teachings and understandings out there. I want to just focus on the work now and the take self-actualizing to the highest levels. I really don't see the point even in sharing insights and states of consciousness, due to the nature of epistemology. Nobody can really teach you anything other than the work that you need to do. I have a path, fixed in methods and practices. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
  2. @Eren Eeager Did your profile pic become formless?
  3. Be very careful of labelling things in this way. There is nothing holy or unholy about different insects. They're just biological life, serving a role in an ecosystems. Flys are part of natures decomposition process. They are like the garbage men. Also I would have thought you would say a white butterfly, they appear much more holy. Your writing structure is a bit all over the place, maybe try writing in a clearer way, so I can get what you're trying to say?
  4. @GroovyGuru Just do the work now, face the fear when it's head on. You're going to have to face it at some point. This week I got covid-19 and I had every symptom in the book. I was in unbearable suffering, but if I thought about that before getting covid-19 I would have been too scared to even leave the house.
  5. Look at the picture until what I said makes sense. Don't spoil it for others please, it's a great insight to get on your own. If you don't get it, that's good just keep looking at the title and the image. If it takes a few minutes, the insight will be much more profound.
  6. @Username Can you explore these energetic phenomena, what happens in your experience?
  7. Observation is the only truth, not only in science, but also in spirituality. Observation in Science In science observation generates data and this data either supports or doesn't support a hypothesis. Science is constantly evolving, and we can see this in things as simple as the atomic model. The model of the atom, based on data, was believed to be a plum pudding model. This model was proven to be wrong by observation. Observation of shooting alpha particles through a gold foil showed that most of the alpha particles passed through, and only some of them were deflected (changed direction). This meant that most of the atom had to be made up of empty space, for the alpha particles to pass through the atom, and that the centre of the atom, the nucleus, was a smaller part of the atom, which deflected alpha particles. Of course new data has created a new theory, quantum mechanics, which fits with the observational data. Observation in Spirituality, the science of direct experience. In spirituality, there is only observation. When you look at your hand, or put awareness of awareness itself, these things are not esoteric ideas. These are observational experiments, which provide knowledge and understanding. Calling it imagination, whilst it does makes sense, is a disservice to spirituality, as it is often confused with concept and fantasy. There is no fantasy in spiritual practice. It is a direct looking at what is arising this very moment, without any context, theory, or grounded assumptions. Similar to the plum pudding model, if you were to assume those alpha particles would all reflect because of a mental model, you wouldn't have gotten a deep insight into an atoms true nature. Spiritual work is even trickier than this experiment, because you cannot isolate different variables, observation isn't the only variable, another variable is your state of consciousness. Rant about Rationalists, they're irrational! Many rationalists try to deny different states of consciousness, which is absolutely insane. This isn't to bash them, but more to highlight their assumptions. To assume a normal human state of consciousness can even begin to scope the nature of experience, when it's nature is only that of survival, reproduction and other primitive behaviours, is ludicrous. They may look at their hand for five minutes and say "I looked at my hand and nothing happened." That's because they haven't done the experiments properly. Their experiment has so many design flaws, I don't even know where to begin to start. Have they done the experiment with psychedelics? Have they stripped away all theoretical models of direct experience? Have they developed enough concentration to discern between their thoughts of a hand and their hand? Have they placed awareness on the awareness itself? Have they done this for a long enough durations? etc. etc. The answer would be a resounding no. Often they will argue that humans have no possible way of knowing the nature of consciousness, which is an assumption. They have not even experienced altered states of consciousness, so their perspectives are limited. Of course all data they currently have supports their materialist experience hypothesis, because they haven't done the experiments to create new data, which no longer fits into their previous model. They may also argue that it's all just subjective, but that's the nature of experience, pure subjectivity. But to not treat subjective perspective as a science is the mistake. Designing better Spiritual Methods There are so many design flaws in spiritual practices, which need to be addressed. The nature of direct experience needs to be treated like the science it deserves to be. Clear methods and studies need to be made, these methods need to evaluated in their effectiveness in producing realization. If different methods are working for different people, that also needs to be shown. A major issue in spiritual work is lying. The ego is lying to get all it's needs met. Sex, food, fame etc. You may see people being worshipped and having their feet kissed, which is honestly very disgusting in this field. Imagine someone kissing a scientists foot because they are smart, it's the same deal. That scientist can never be wrong and must have all the data in the universe, and all his hypothesis are correct. Obviously that's not true. Another issue is people assuming the permeance of realization. I will personally say that I have experienced states of extremely low consciousness and high consciousness. I'm not always conscious of God. That requires a very very high baseline, which I personally think is very rare at this stage in human history, or quite possibly impossible, given the nature of human consciousness. I don't really know for sure honestly. Maybe there could be some structural changes in the brain to support that, but who knows, there's not enough science yet. The best model I have currently is that there are an infinite degrees of consciousness and none of them are permanent.
  8. @Carl-Richard It's not scientifically proven that you can produce DMT naturally at high enough doses, similar to a phycedlics trip.
  9. @BlackMaze I can't find any scientific studies to support whim hoff breathing and dark room retreats in producing DMT. It would be very interesting if science took these things seriously.
  10. @Striving for more You'll experience a different state of consciousness. It's sometimes good to meditate in drunken state of consciousness because it makes you more concentrated when you meditate in normal state of consciousness. It's like being able to drive when your drunk. Just kidding, please don't ever do that.
  11. @Moksha You don't get it bro, you're going to need a deeper awakening. Awareness is Consciousness, they're synonymous. There is no separation from what is aware of consciousness and consciousness itself. That's why people say you're God.
  12. @Moksha I would argue you can't reduce consciousness down to a 6th sense. Consciousness is much more fundamental than that.
  13. @Moksha I’m not a big fan of Sadhguru, but he once said when you close your eyes the world disappears and when you open your eyes the world appears. That’s the nature of appearances. I used the term blackness to highlight the world disappears. You can verify that for yourself right now. The third eye is only a metaphor for how perception can go beyond a material nature. You are absolutely correct in saying that the boundary between self and other dissolves. There is only one consciousness, that you are not separate from.
  14. @Firebird Fantasy is a powerful illusion. If you close your eyes and see anything other than blackness you’re not present.
  15. @Leo Gura Animals don’t live for 80+ years, and they have completely different diets.