Lost my brain - 24 stages of awakening

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In this short anecdote the brain is a metaphora for the Truth (or Love/God/Self/Consciousness/etc.)


1. Just living life having no questions
2. People telling me about something called the brain
3. People telling me that good and wise people have found the brain while evil and dumb people are far away from the brain
4. Asking others where the brain is
5. Everyone tells me where they found the brain but they all seem to contradict each other
6. Asking others how they found the brain
7. People telling me they have found a particular book and saw the brain in there
8. Looking into these books and seeing lots of different brains, not knowing which is the one true brain
9. Asking a person considered to be truly good and wise which brain it is
10. The person tells me to look inside to find the one true brain
11. Looking inside not being able to find the brain
12. Believing I must be an evil and dump person, I’m far away from the brain,
because it’s neither inside of me nor anywhere close to me
13. Being quite disappointed, seriously asking myself where the brain could actually be
14. Realizing that the best and wisest people truly must have found the brain inside, because that’s the only place where you could never be far away from the brain
15. Asking myself how they must have found the brain
16. Finally realizing that they just found out the same - that the one true brain couldn't be anywhere else but inside
17. Telling everyone that I found out that the one true brain is inside of me and so can they find out for themselves
18. Realizing there has never been a place or a moment in time where anyone has ever been far away from the one true brain
19. Asking myself how one could ever come to believe that the one true brain has been lost
20. Realizing that the one true brain can actually never be found anywhere, neither outside nor inside, because it’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time
21. Telling everyone the one true brain is nowhere to find but the moment they finally stop searching for it, they will realize it in everything
22. Realizing there is not the slightest difference between me and the brain, the brain is hallucinating everyone including me/I am hallucinating everything including the brain
23. Telling bodies that nobody exists and trying to point out that no brain is the one true brain
24. Just living life having no questions

~ There are infinite ways to reunite that which already is one ~

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