Leo, what's wrong with Apple?

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@datamonster Yeah, I've always been a fan of Apple / Mac. That's why I was curious about Leo's beef with them. I get it though, if you want more UI Customization then Windows is easier to get at; but Apple products definitely work well and get most fundamental jobs done.

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On 10/31/2020 at 4:24 AM, datamonster said:


If you do any serious work on a computer, be it programming, video editing or creating music, there's no way around Mac IMO.

I'm a data analyst and program a lot. I've worked with Windows and with Mac. I honestly must say that Windows was just painful to work with. I work 2x faster on Mac. Shit just works.

I'm not a fan of iOS though. I find Android much more intuitive.

...im not sure where you worked, but im in the field of IT,  and the ratio of windows to mac in the workforce is quite skewed toward windows. If your using a less powerful windows computer sure, it will be a worse experience then mac. But if you have the same specs on both, windows most certainly has far more capabilities then that of mac. Theres literally no scenario where I see mac beating windows at all.

Though doth not want these hands! - Jesus

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10 hours ago, datamonster said:

Might be my subjective experience, but in all companies I've worked almost every data scientist and developer worked on Mac or Linux, unless the company forced us to use Windows.

I had to return the last Dell they gave me beause after one year it was no longer capable of running basic queries without overheating and making noise like an airplane. 

But again it might just be me. I like Macs because I prefer having my daily tools simple, high-quality and pain-free to use.

Yeah, it all depends on what you're doing.

If you're working with the Linux terminal then it's imperative to use anything BUT Windows. Even with WSL it's a big hassle.

As an example: One of the greatest living programmers coding for 11 hours straight.


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