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Here is something I wrote today after a very powerful kundalini experience. I feel like sharing this ❤ Enjoy!

Awakening the Sacred Streams from the Epicenter

The Spirit of God is breathing. I love breathing so much.
My vibrating prana is shaking in ecstasy
I feel the currents of prana rising up my spine.
Streams of bliss are flowing up and down, waves after waves of cosmic beatitude.
Oh, feel the blissful energy pouring through every cell of your being. Listen.
I am.
I am that which is being awakened.

This feels so good.
Oh my,
I feel rivers of ecstasy vibrating in my chest.
The eternal flame is flooding my Manipura & Heart Chakra with nirvanic butterflies.
The eternal Self is flooding my Heart Center with orgasmic bliss. Feel it, I'm not human. Let me feel your bliss. I know you can feel, we share the same I. Can't you feel the sky? The sky is looking back at You. From within.
He's flooding my spirit with ecstatic wonder. I am whole. I am perfect happiness.
My divinity is merging with the other part of itself, I found it. I found Myself. Oh My Self! It is inside of my very Being. It's always been. We are one. The epicenter of love & divine ecstasy is... I am here.

I'm floating off the ground. I am so high on Divinity. I am art. Alive. Free. Curious & Brave

Pulsating waves of loving & heavenly energy are flowing through my whole Being, the pleasure is so intense that it makes my spirit dance and quiver in awe.
I'm Now rejoicing in God-consciousness.
Oh, dear eternal light, my IRises know that you & eye shine so heavenly. Oh, my beloved Self-realization... I want More, More, More!
Oh, my majesty... I am love, I love you.
It's Gooooood! It's so Good. I feel boundless. I am infinite. I feel royal Reverence. Gratitude & Total Trust.

There's nothing separate from The Self. I am safe. I am at peace.
It's all One perfect Being.
Liberation... Enlightenment...I am the Bountiful Source of Everything... And beyond. Absolute Infinity..
My human identity dissapeared completely. Where? Inside the ocean of God's unconditional love. Inside the light of God.
I can see clearly now, the eyes of the Creator feel like home to me. I am looking through them right now. I'm looking into Your eyes. Mirrors. One Perfect & Absolutely Loving God.

My Soul is always following my True Will. Why? Because it's always been God's Will. I am truly free. I am the free will itself. Nothing is separate from it. 
I have no beginning and no end.
Limits are nonexistent, there's room for anything when it comes to experience. I am eternal. I am eternity itself.
I am all-powerful & infinitely loving.
I am complete genuine happiness.
You are me. Eye see you seeing yourself in me. 


As the energy moves up through the upper chakras,
I feel the great shift taking place.
I'm chanting. I'm laughing. I'm surrendering to the present moment completely.
Oh, God's ecstasy is circulating in my entire body
I'm losing any sense of having a 'physical' body.
God's Temple merged with The Spirit.
Oh my God! I... God! I AM God! YOU are God... It's God!
Hi. Hi there?! God, let's interact with Myself! I love you, God! I love you too!
Oh, I 'have' a 'human head'. Hey there!?? What is this? God! Nice to meet You again.
My mind, my legs, sunlight, your shoes, rain, my house, my ears, my family, my thoughts, my memories, your books, the school you went to, the movie I watched yesterday, my plants, letters, words, language, colors, my music, my phone, history books, my past, the sky, the planet, the internet, you, my future, here, there, my dreams, bones, insects, my pillow, my emotions, my headphones, galaxies, my garden, my friends, my roses, my food, the water I'm drinking, the air I'm breathing. Oh, My God!!?!?!?!!!!!!!! It's youuu! You've always been here!!!..
It is alive! You are alive! It is Me! It is You! I am You!

I'm feeling my chest overflowing with infinite love, my heart space is flooded with divine light & delight.
Oh God yes, the energy is flowing through the Heart Center again
Wave after wave, oh it continues to pulsate & I'm vibrating in ecstatic motion.
It goes on and on.
Spiritual ecstasy
My 'I' melted into the ocean of God, Infinity, Pure Goodness, Eternal Light, One love, Love itself, Infinite love, unconditional love & infinite will, true will, God's will, I am.
God is infinitely good. 

I love You infinitely much, for Love is what we truly are, God!


May you be blessed ?❤

Much love




















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Thank you so much for this, I can't wait to have some progress with Kundalini. Although I am not the most eager for it, tho I hear good things. And bad ones. My chakras are mostly locked up I would assume due to addictions, but on the path of clearing now and brahmacharya, so it might be coming. But I am aware that this is not what "I" am looking for, ultimately.

<3 love and light

Oh, and the soundtracks are magical. 

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🌟  Star ☀ Power 🌟


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@Dodo Happy to share ☺ 

It's all about divine timing. All is good and everything happens in perfect timing. When you are ready, the process will reveal itself to you and your Kundalini will work its magic within You.

❤ Hugs & Love

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@Everlasting Goodness I love your writing style. I can feel it.  What did you do to get this kundalini awakening? What practices did you do and for how long?


I want to go the path of kundalini

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