IT Jargons as a metaphor for understanding spirituality

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I was a former computer programmer. Back in the day I was very passionate about coding and playing with syntax. Especially I'm into front-end web development. Every syntax of Javascript, PHP has been imprinted on my mind. So, during my early days of watching Leo Gura, such concepts helped me resonate with his notions.

IT jargons such as (Recursion, Inheritance, Nested-loop, instance, overriding) were certainly helpful to understand many of his episodes on paradox, infinity, jacques derrida and so forth... Did you have any similar experience while watching Leo's episodes?


For me, I can resonate with his speech with the help of IT jargons. how about you... Do you find any resemblance to other spiritual teachers, novels, or what kind? Just let me know if you have such kind of stuff...

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God is like a hypertext preprossesor ;)


You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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