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How to practice self acceptance?

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Sometimes I am too hard on myself. 

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Let go of who you are. 

Be kind to yourself. It's time to accept the fact that no one judges you more than you judge yourself. 

Confront your fears. Do shadow work and see what is really bothering you about yourself. 

Stay positive.  Always have a positive picture about yourself. 

Accept imperfection. This is very important. We all are imperfect. Understand and accept this. 

Don't take it personally. If you attach too much importance to yourself you might judging yourself very harshly. 

Forgive yourself often. Understand that you are only human. 

Believe in yourself. You have infinite potential. Always remember that. 

Don't give up no matter. You are with everyone and like everyone. Don't be too hard on yourself. 


Self-acceptance is basically greater self awareness and loving yourself. 

The awareness of your strengths and weaknesses

The realistic appraisal of your talents, capabilities, and worth. Your identity. 

The feeling of satisfaction with your self, despite flaws and regardless of past choices. 

Benefits of self-acceptance 

Mood regulation

A decrease in depressive symptoms, the desire to be approved by others, fear of failure, and self-critique

An increase in positive emotions, sense of freedom, self-worth, autonomy, and self-esteem and lots more. 

It's one of the first things to do when you are on your journey of self love. 

It has taken me some time to be able to accept myself. 

Recognize your thoughts, feelings and pain, welcome them, and separate yourself from them

And accept your weaknesses. Thinking about your strengths, ask yourself a few key questions: what are the traits that always earn you compliments? What areas of work do you excel at? What are your unique talents? Making a list of your strengths and past achievements and re-reading them when you are having an off moment is a great way to practice self-acceptance.

add to the list whenever possible. Instead of focuses on failures or mistakes (which is normal), replace that negative thought with a positive one about when you achieved something. 

Read my topic Self love Project 1 in Self Actualization section and it gives mini exercises every day to feel better and love the self more. 

Surround yourself with people that accept you and believe in you – and avoid those that don't.

Avoid judgemental people. This is the biggest key. Judgemental people instill a sense of Insecurity instead of love. 

Try to forgive yourself. This can be tough to do but over time you can.  learning to move on from past regrets and accepting that you were the best possible you at that moment is a key step to self-acceptance. So, in order to forgive ourselves, we first need to admit to ourselves that we made a mistake. Take ownership and acknowledge your error, then, try to retain what you learned from the event but release everything else (here's how to stop ruminating over things you cannot change). Try to appreciate those missteps for what they actually are, a stepping stone on your life path. Also, remind yourself that mistakes and failures are part of being human. In fact, it’s how we learn and grow.




INTP loner....... Nothing else but to enjoy  the rest of my dream. Love it. 

Preety preety


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Watch this.

All of your life you have been told that God created you. God come now to tell you this:  You are creating God❤️

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