How Do You Feel About Death

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14 hours ago, eputkonen said:

@Matt8800 , that's just it...duality does not exist.  Duality is a figment of imagination.  I talk about this in another video - https://youtu.be/e0op1RsrveQ

A keyboard is a temporary form...death however is totally an imagined concept to indicate the "end" of a specific form.  "Birth" is also a totally imagined concept to indicate the "beginning" of a specific form.  However, everything that makes up that form existed prior its "birth" and continues to exist after its "death".  Nothing is gained or lost...only transforms.  It is like the conservation of energy.

@eputkonen If direct experience (another way of saying imagination) isnt real, than nothing is which would make this whole conversation merely semantics. 

We already know scientifically that there is no foundational reality to "stuff" and "things" but so what? How is this not just mental masturbation? Once someone realizes the illusory nature of reality, the illusion doesnt go away. I agree with Taoism that the illusion ideally needs to be flowed with. If one decides that they reject the illusion, then it is their personal Tao to simply wait to die without taking full opportunity for evolution. We could debate as to whether "evolution" is "real" (whatever "real" means) but my flow in this incarnation is geared towards my highest possible evolution in this incarnation.

Yes, physical death is merely a process of transformation but that was not what this post was originally about. It was about people's aversion to that transformation. With that said, I agree that what most people project upon that transformation just ends up being delusion rooted in programmed animal instincts to survive.

Im not disagreeing with your position on non-duality....Im just saying that once someone understands it, it becomes irrelevant after that point.

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