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Double Body Visualizations, DILDs and Omnilucidity (=lucid in every dream)

- 1. Imapact on DILDs

Let's say you have practiced the double body visualizations a lot and are able to have OBEs and lucid dreams during the day whenever you want, now it would be nice to also be lucid during your dreams during the night, in order to not waste that time. I think an average person dreams around 90 minutes each night, if you sleep longer, then that gets exponentially more. And once you can dilate time in your lucid dreams, you will be lucid far longer than these 90 minutes. John Kreiter says that the more solid your visualization double body is, the more likely you are to get lucid. He gives two reasons:

  1. "Firstly, a person is able to create a more cohesive and solid dreaming body [=visualization double body]. This is important because it is this dreaming body, that becomes your active body when you are in a dream. When you are dreaming, you leave behind the physical body, comfortable and safe in your bed hopefully, and engage a new body; a dreaming body that is far more powerful than the physical body that you left behind. By engaging in the act of creating, developing, and solidifying your Dreaming Double, or energy body, you help to consolidate your dreaming form in the dream state. The more stable that your dream form becomes, the easier it is to wake up in the dream, and the easier it is to move and manipulate, your self, and your dream environment once you become lucid."
  2. "The second, and perhaps most important thing that the creation of the Dreaming Double does, is that it helps to create a deep bond between the ego consciousness and the dreaming body. In this way the ego consciousness, which is your waking self, can then be linked in a way to the dreaming consciousness. This link, this expansion of the ego self, makes the possibility of becoming lucid in a dream much more likely. This is so because dream lucidity, that is, becoming awake within a dream, is really the act of joining the dreaming self, and the waking self."


- 2. How long does it take?

I think this is true, but it takes a lot of time. I have done roughly 250 hours of the double/etheric body visualizations and currently I become lucid (DILDS) several times a week (9 times in the last 2 weeks). But I think it's also because of the other things I do, many RCs, WBTB, many alarm clocks, dream journal,.. 

I would estimate that without the visualizations I would have become lucid perhaps 1-3 out of the 9 times. But without the other things (and only the visualizations) I would perhaps have become lucid 0-1 times. So it's a mixture of both. One thing I believe is because of the visualizations, is, that I usually become lucid immediately after I have a doubt. So the mere doubting or wondering whether this is a dream or not usually makes me lucid. Whereas, before I started doing the visualizations, most of the moments I wondered whether I was dreaming didn't make me lucid. (But I think the fact that I am now a bit more experienced due to more LDs plays a role too)

Let's  say you spend 30-45minutes each day to have DILDs (RCs, dream journel, quick WBTBs,..) then that are my time frame guesses:

  • 0.2% lucidity (=0.2% of your dreams are lucid, that makes around 10 seconds each night if you have the average amount of dreams of 90 minutes). After 1-2 months of doing these basic things and without the double body visualizations 
  • 0.5% lucidity (half a minute on average daily) after 200 hours of double body visualizations (+ doing the basic stuff daily)
  • 5.5% lucidity (=5min) after 500 hours of double body visualizations 
  • 28% lucidity (=25 min) after 1000 hours of double body visualizations
  • 80+% lucidity (=70+ minutes) after 2000 hours of double body visualizations. Now it's all about how good your dream recall is.

All of that obviously largely varies,  depending on many factors like how much effective effort you put into the basics each day, natural abilities, how much time a day you do the visualizations,...

The duration of lucidity is so exponential, largely because the more experience you have of being lucid, the longer you manage to stay lucid. But of courses also because of the visualizations, that means, even if the duration of each LD wouldn't increase, the duration you are lucid each night would still increase exponentially. So 2 exponential reasons.


- 3. Time Dilation

I believe the 1000 hours mark is the big turning point. Firstly, you will probably be able to have OBEs whenever you want or at least when you are in REM (as I mentioned in previous posts), that means now you really begin to feel and enjoy the benefits of the many visualizations. Secondly, around 28% of your dreams will be lucid (DILDs) (if you also do the other DILD techniques) which makes around 25 minutes a day. And I believe this is around the minimum you should be lucid if you want to learn how to dilate time. I wrote about time dilation in the post/thread "lucid dreaming as a tool for enlightenment". There I wrote that time dilation in lucid dreams might be possible, but now I think the likelihood that it is possible is very high. So once you start working on time dilation (spending all your lucid time on time dilation) then I guess it will take 2-5 months till 25 mins are like 2 hours (factor 5). And then all happens very exponential. The more you can dilate time, the more time you spend in lucid dreams, which makes you more and more likely to get lucid and thus increases the this-world time you are lucid. And the more time you spend in LDs, the more time you have to work on time dilation. So here are two positive feedback loops. Therefore, I guess that only 1 month later, you will have omnilucidity (95-100% lucidity) and can spend as much time dreaming as you spend awake.

And if you spend that much time in lucid dreams, thus in your dream body, which is your double body ( Your dream body is usually way more vivid than your double body during visualizations, because you are in sleep paralysis.) , your double body during your normal double body visualizations should therefore also get more and more solid, which makes it more easy to have OBEs and lucid dreams during the day, which then also allows you to spend more time on working on time dilation. It's all connected and positive-feedback loopy.

Perhaps this is all fantasy or perhaps not, I don't know, but we will see :D

- 4. Some more things on getting DILDs


  • "In actuality kinesthetic visualization can be far stronger than a picture in the mind’s eye, because the certainty and the power of such feeling visualizations, is incredibly powerful." I think that the part of the visualizations where you feel your double body are the most important to having DILDs.


  • "there is a definite link between dream work and the techniques discussed in the Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy book: the more energy that you are able to acquire or not lose to the Archonic forces, the easier that your dreaming will become." So if you also do the techniques of this or his Magnum Opus book, then this will also slightly increase your chances to have DILDs

All the quotes in this post are by John Kreiter from that blog post:

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On 2/19/2020 at 11:16 PM, Bryanbrax said:

I posted this on reddit so here it is again


The book contains some interesting information. Like what she calls the second death when you discard your energy body (that happens when you become lucid after death, that means when you actually realize that you died, which most people apparently don't) and the third death when you also discard your extraphysical (=astral/etheric) body (that apparently happens when your emotionality decreases, then only your mental body remains). And what she writes about the mental dimension, which might be a great 'place' for enlightenment work.

But her techniques are basically the same as the one I called "waiting for sleep paralysis" (didn't know how else to name it), just some minor things are different. These techniques definitely work but they have some crucial disadvantages to the double body visualizations and explorers astral projection.


She writes in the benefits chapter: "[OBEs give the] opportunity to convert the one third of human life habitually wasted in sleep to conscious, productive activity" How is that possible? Can that be achieved with the techniques of the book? I didn't read every section of the book, so perhaps I missed it, but I didn't find anything that explains how. Do you or anyone else know how to have OBEs during non-REM sleep?

The book is very information-dense and contains background information that normal OBE books don't have so i can recommend it.

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I like how this page  developing i would like to add a gem that i found 



Here is the description of the product


The main topics of my book are: (1) the astral projection experience and how to accomplish it. The astral plane is examined as well as the astral projection techniques necessary to enter. (2) aura viewing. A very simple technique to view your own aura is given. I believe it will help with astral projection because you will realize part of you already is projecting. Reading my book and following the suggested techniques will change your life forever. It explains in detail how you can have exciting, unbelievable adventures to future, past and alternate lifetimes, to astral counterparts of physical objects and places, to high spiritual places called Heaven, and to see your own magnificent aura. These things are doable without sniffing glue, eating hallucinogenic mushrooms, or taking drugs. It takes no special talent to have these awesome, life-changing experiences only some time and determination. My methods involve deep breathing, calling out to God through chanting, and sacred meditation. The book is concise and basic. Here are some quotes:

Part One, Definitions: "The astral plane is a vibration of life that is highly emotional and visiting it can be a nightmare world of hell, a blissful journey to heaven, or one of many, many places in between. When we have an astral projection we are traveling in an astral body. We possess different energy bodies of all vibrations; and will, without realizing or making any effort, choose just the correct combination depending on the vibration of light needed for the journey. This astral energy can sometimes be seen and is called the aura."

Part One, Astral Travel Basics: "Don't get hung up with tedious, drawn-out methods to leave your physical body one body part at a time. You don't need to project an astral counterpart of your entire physical self. I suggest you simply project that part of you located between your eyes, that's where your true self is located anyway. The fastest and easiest way is to just be wherever it is you want to be. Don't even think about what you look like, that will just bring you back to the physical."

Part Two, Two Methods to Project to Wooded Areas: "When you are in the air and you feel like you are flying, you might not be. It took me a long time to realize that I was really located in a point in the sky. I had no body so I was not subject to gravity. However, the Earth was rotating on its axis. I just had the sensation of moving. It's like when you're in a car wash seated in your car. The big brushes come forward and you have the sensation of moving even though you are not."

Part Three, My Experiences, Holy and Wonderful: "The separation was in a whole different manner, I remained in my physical body while I felt energy projecting. I became a being of white light energized by my heart chakra." Part Three, My Experiences, Holy and Wonderful: "While meditating on a violet crystal, I asked to see my spiritual guides. Amazing spheres of brilliant colored light appeared. I saw a pink spirit and a golden-flame baby which I brought to my heart chakra. The face of a happy young man, looked Arabic, smiled at me. My tunnel rotated very fast and pointed very high."

Part Four, Aura, Etheric and Halo Viewing: "Seeing your own magnificent light will help you realize you are a holy spirit and truly a child of God.”Good luck. You CAN do it.



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On 2/25/2020 at 3:21 AM, Bryanbrax said:



@Bryanbrax Thank you!

I think the techniques of the book really are worth looking at. But I don't believe it is as easy as reading this book makes it seem. Her techniques are basically a combination of: many esoteric tricks, visualizations, the classical "waiting for sleep paralysis" approach, and help by guides.

I have a hard time believing that by just following her instructions, an average person will project. I think it would take a lot of dedication. But I can't assess how helpful the help by the guides is. If it is as helpful as she says, then her techniques are indeed powerful and easy. I have some experience with the Explorer's Astral Projection technique which also involves the help of guides and I can confirm that this can be powerful. (When I have more experience I will write in more detail about it). These guides help you to remote view (and thus make you able to explore and telepathically interact with other worlds and aliens), which can probably turn to astral-projection-like eventually. This book, however, seems to indicate that they can even help get you into sleep paralysis and to the vibrations, thus a full-blown obe. 

The techniques seem to be a combination of the OBE visualization, Explorer's  Astral Projection, and waiting for sleep paralysis techniques (plus some additions, which might make the crucial difference). That means the better you are with these techniques, the easier the techniques of this book will get. So I believe that they can be very effective, but it will be easier if you have at least some skills with the other techniques. And, if you learn the techniques of this book, the other techniques might get more easy. So it's all a bit synergizing, hopefully.

I personally will stick with the other techniques for now, but will definitely include some of her techniques in the future.

@Bryanbrax Have you tried the techniques of the book?

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RASA transmissions can enlighten you, it would be nice if there was an equally powerful transmission that activates your astral projection skill and makes you omnilucid. 

On 3/6/2020 at 7:15 AM, Bryanbrax said:

No i havent but i plan on participating on this event that will help with astral projection its bassically a ten step process that activates your " energy or phantom body " so thats it easier to astral project it normally cost around 90 but i guess he felt generous and now its 20 for a limited time il let you know if it works for me

If that 10 step process activates your energy body then that goes into the right direction. Would be interesting how effective it is.


Another similar thing might be this:

"I channeled this light language transmission of 5:55 to activate our light bodies and induce astral travel. I suggest listening to this one right before falling asleep. Being in a tired state is sure to help. This light language is infused with the intention, vibration, and galactic codes to activate your astral body and induce astral travel."

I haven't tried it yet.

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Thank you for sharing, lots of useful information here. I guess it's finally time to take my pursuit for AP and LD seriously. :)

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This week ive had the most lucid dreams and the best part is that i didnt have to do anything to induce them. 

On march 9 it was a full moon i woke up went to the bathroom and went back to bed I woke up then went to the bathroom and went back to bed First i was in a deserted places then i became lucid i started remembering what i read about becoming more stable in the dream i picked about a rock and tried squeezing to make the dream last longer i tried focusing around to everything around me it became even more vivid. I was then in a mountain side with greenerly around this video popped up in the right side it was a 25 minute video of a guy playing lucid dream ?? I tried levitating but i couldnt i picked up the rock again and kept the drean stable . I then tried flying i started going up and up the dream started fading away.

March 10 - i was in a 2d game or rather i was playing the game i then became lucid i thought of making characters appear i did this for a while then i got bored of being 2d i pulled a lever and became 3d

The second dream was obe related i was with this guy who was showing me how to project he took two steps backward so did i he kept going back until he phased through the wall with his astral body , we were now on the other side of the wall with our astral bodies there was a mission we had to do i forget what it is i remeber saying that i wanted to check my body then the dream faded


Ive read some where that march is a special month of obes and lucid dreams i also heard that full moons affect dreams coincedentally march 9 was a full moon and so was march 10 il see if il have even more dreams by the end of the week i think waking back to bed hugely increased my chances 

Peace out



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Time Dilation


"[Time dilation] has allowed me to perceive many years of dream content in a mere 2 hours of sleep. I have also had times in which I have slept for over 24 hours and dreamed for what felt like hundreds of years, to the point where I had forgotten many things from irl [=in real life]. I felt as if I could remain their indefinitely (or near indefinitely) but I always choose to come back for some reason or other. These days, since I tend to spend much more time in my dreams than the waking world, instead of keeping a dream journal I keep a sort of thisworld journal which I use to keep from forgetting important things irl. I write before bed and read upon waking to reintegrate myself into this world."- MyLynes, (2nd page, 3rd post)

I know of 2 ways to have more time in OBEs. Splitting your consciousness ( thus being able to have several OBEs at once) and actual time dilation.

(OBEs include lucid dreams (you create the dream content, consciously or unconsciously) and astral projections (you are in an 'objective' environment like this physical universe or astral realms))


- 1. Splitting your consciousness in lucid dreams

This should definitely be possible. 

In the second half of this post I quoted several people who have experienced it:


- 2. Splitting your consciousness in Astral Projections

" You have therefore, the possibility of not just experiencing here and there simultaneously, but also here and there and there and there and there; the only limit really being the inherent power of your own consciousness." John Kreiter, in his OBE book page 73

" Such journeys can also include the ability to experience life as a multidimensional gestalt of selves, each seperate and distinct. At this point the limits of the single ego-self are broken so that it is possible to experience a multitude of different identities existing within one body, each having its own ego identity and each fulfilling its purpose completely without disturbing, but actually uniting and empowering, the entirety of the gestalt that they are all part of" - John Kreiter, in his OBE book pages 181,182

I guess that both of the quotes refer to OBEs in general and not only to lucid dreams.

" Inhabit two bodies at once" - Michael Raduga, book the Phase page 58. He writes that on what to do in the phase, so again I guess that he refers to OBEs in general and not only lucid dreams.


- 3. Time Dilation in lucid dreams

"The other main tech I use, is I have 1 of my bodies meditate in the hyperbolic time chamber from dbz. This is much harder to explain but is based mostly on visualization (using HUD clocks) and feeling which I doubt I can explain better than the ear muscle explanation. This body attempts to slow down (or speed up depending on perspective) perceived time for all of my dream bodies simultaneously." - MyLynes link: (2nd page, 3rd post)

" Since time in this inner Zone is measured in intensity, not in sequential movement through space, you could have a lifetime of experience in an hour of physical time." - John Kreiter, in his OBE book page 168. But that might not be actual time dilation but rather because doing many things in a short time (which is possible in dreams) makes it seem like much time passed, idk.

"[...] So long periods spent in the mental body can strangely occur in the equivalent of mere minutes passed in the physical dimension." - Sandie Gustus, book Less Incomplete page 31. On mental projection.


- 4. Time Dilation in Astral Projections

I guess it is probably not possible to deliberately dilate time during astral projections because you are in an 'objective' world/realm. 

But time can naturally pass at a different rate: " [...] the relative rate at which time passes can be different [...] for the aliens you may visit" - David McCready, book Real Alien Worlds page 63.

"[...] might perhaps decide to live an entire life in a wholly different realm as a being that is beyond the humanity that you left behind." - John Kreiter, in his OBE book page 181. I think he refers to OBEs in general.



I think learning how to dilate time takes MUCH practice, otherwise more people would talk about it

"Good luck with time dilation guys, from my experience it has mostly been simply a case of much practice and much trial and error." -MyLynes

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Entering SLEEP PARALYSIS with the Double Body Visualizations 

Once you can get into sleep paralysis with your double body visualizations, you can have full-blown OBEs whenever you want. Once in sleep paralysis, it should be as real and vivid as a dream or a normal astral projection. So at this point, you have finally made it :)


- Energy/Attention

Sleep paralysis will only set in if you are completely focused on your double body visualization and forgot about your organic body. So it's all about your ability to focus.

"[...] it's about developing a laser-like and unwavering focus in the new location." - John Kreiter, in his OBE book page 96,97

John Kreiter's book The Magnum Opus is all about energy/attention. The book contains some powerful excercises how to absorb and re-absorb (from the past) energy and to store it. This is one of the most important books one can read because energy is fundamental to anything. Whether you want to learn for an exam in school or try OBEs, your level of energy is crucial for how successful you are. Energy can be somewhat equated with attention. Here some quotes on energy on page 115:

"Everything is fundamentally about how much extra energy you have, because the only way to perform what some would call miracles is to have enough energy to actually do it."

"[...] it is seldom mentioned that what is most important in waking up in dreams or in being able to induce trance states is personal energy."

"[...] you may be successful to some degree depending on the amount of energy at your disposal at the time, but you will never have the consistency or power that you want until you have absorbed, re-absorbed, and stored enough energy."

The more I do the double body visualizations, the more I realize how important this energy/attention is. If I had a lot of stored energy, I could probably easily enter sleep paralysis. Therfore I think that his energy techniques are very important.

So I think that a big factor determining whether you can enter sleep paralysis with the double body visualizations is your level of energy/focus.

Here are 2 other factors:


1. Vividness of your Visualization

The more vivid your visualizations, the more real this other reality becomes, the more you shift into it.

I would guess that the realness roughly depends on:

  • Seeing: 36%
  • Movement and feeling your body: 29%
  • Hearing: 17%
  • Touching: 14%
  • Smell: 4%

(I find taste to be counterproductive because it draws my attention to my organic mouth)

The more of them you can do at once, the more immersive it gets:

  • Seeing: always see something
  • Movement and feeling your body: Always try to internally feel your body and to move (limbs or the whole body) as often as possible
  • Hearing: Try to make sounds as often as possible. If you are advanced, you might be able to have a constant background sound
  • Touching: Touch things as often as possible. And be as often as possible aware of how your feet are touching the ground.
  • Smell: Try to smell something as often as possible.


2. Engaging Environment 

The less boring your environment, the easier it is to stay focused and to forget about your organic body.

I would say there are 2 places where you can do your visualizations:

  1. On earth. Upside: You can go to places which are very familiar (like your house) and therefore you have a good memory of them which ensures a constant seeing. Downside: you can't interact with it.
  2. In the Grey Zone (where dreams happen). Upside: You can interact and create engaging scenarios. Downside: you need to consciously create something which requires effort and might be distracting, thus it's easier to lose focus.

I choose the second. In order to deal with the downside, I plan to create an engaging environment (which takes many hours). Then I will have a place that is engaging and I don't need to spend any time/focus on creating more.

So the plan is to create an environment where you can be in for at least an hour without getting too bored and which is engaging.

I am creating a house with many rooms which enable things to do.

- Rooms:

  • living room, bath room, etc.
  • A shelther for many different animals
  • Terrace, balcony
  • Giant aquarium with big fish
  • Playground with a swing, sliding board, etc
  • Cellar, workshop
  • kitchen with a blender, dishwasher, toaster, microwave, mixer,...
  • Bowling alley, climbing wall, swimming pool, jumping castle, gym
  • A shop
  • garden with plants

Try to programme every room with a particular smell.


- Tasks:

  • cooking, baking
  • cleaning (washing up the dishes, sweeping,...)
  • sports (skateboard, surfing, skiing, boxing, working out, biking, tennis, basketball, paddling,....) . At my current stage, I find that when I do sports, my organic body often slightly twitches or tenses up so If you want to get into sleep paralysis then avoid stark movements.
  • making fire
  • writing (you can make use of that time by writing affirmations), painting
  • playing instruments, watching tv
  • shopping
  • gardening, growing your plants and harvesting them
  • feeding the many animals and mucking out
  • screwing, sawing
  • sword combat
  • getting dressed, showering
  • doing the laundry

For example if you want to cook something, you first need to get eggs and milk from the animals and harvest plants in your garden, thus you are engaged for some time without worrying what to do next.

But I would recommend to first make your visualizations more vivid and then work on creating an engaging environment. And then I would try not to spend to much time in that environment or it will get too boring but also not to spend too little or it will lack details.


I do almost all my visualizations while lying and usually try not to move. 


- Entering Sleep Paralysis without Double Body Visualizations

It is definitely easier and quicker to enter sleep paralysis with the normal method and WILD. But I think that after many many hours, the double body visualizations will outbeat the WILD technique. If you want to have lucid dreams and astral projections every now and then, then I would recommend you do the WILD technique and not waste your time with the double body visualizations. But if you want total control and are interested in all of the benefits of OBEs I mentioned on the last page, then I would recommend the double body visualizations (and the Explorer's Astral Projection as well, depending on what you want).

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Full Projection

Methods to Full Project

Wbtb (Wake back to bed):

This method is done in the morning (best done between 2-4am) and to do it correctly you should set your alarm and once you are awake you need to go back to sleep while grasping lucidity. This should get you to SP or a state where you can potentially hear a loud ringing noise or feel vibrations.

 *Things that usually go wrong:


Not being tired enough:

-For this, you should read a book or try to meditate until you feel tired, or lay by the side of your bed until you get sleepy again.

Falling Asleep

-For this, you will search a method for maintaining a bit of consciousness, like singing, counting, or repeating “I will AP” until you enter in SP or a hypnagogic state (I will call it “Grasp Consciousness) you can also recite a mantra or focus on your breathing.


From a waking state:

You should wake up normally and not move. Start grasping consciousness with any method of your preference.

At night:

The hardest one in my opinion. You have to combine a good consciousness grasp and breathing techniques. I would recommend doing meditation before trying this one or sleeping in abnormal intervals (Like 4 hours day and 4 at night)

Breathing technique example: Maintain a  4-5-4 rhythm; 4 seconds inhale, 5 maintain, 4 exhale.

From a Lucid Dream:

Be in a LD and create or search for a mirror and enter it with the intention of going into a full projection. Another thing would be to make a Scape Sigil and enter it or “Melt” the dream and let the objective appear.

Phasing Method:

Wake up and refrain from getting up or opening your eyes much, then simply focus on any exit technique that you know of. Some exit techniques include rolling out of your body, swimming, or just falling. The trick is to get your body to fall asleep while focusing on these techniques which will bring you into a projection. Side note, don’t worry too much about not moving or opening your eyes, just concentrate on the exit and falling asleep.

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Tips to help project:

•Camomile, Dopa Mucuna, or Mugwort tea

•If you are in a summer break, or any long break actually, you can try sleeping 4 hours, and just 4 hours

•Try not to be anxious

•Keep a strong intention

•The best position is usually sleeping on your back, it is not 100% needed but you will notice it is easier to maintain consciousness like this

•It is good to let your mind wander but not too much or you will fall asleep

•15 ml of Benadryl or any antihistamine can help greatly

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Astral projection locations - 

This are places that you can visit in the astral realm created by others.



This is one is called  Astralscape. This is the location that you can use to meet others who are on this sub reddit within the astrals. How to get to the location? The sigil is the main thing needed to get to it, you'd use it like any other astral sigil. Memorize it to a point where you're able to visualize it when you're in the astral.




This is one of the bigger locations.




This one is called astral skyrim.




This one is astral pulse island 

The objectives of the Astral Pulse, Astral Locale project include:

The creation of a unique locale in the Astral plane where people can meet and share experiences

A means by which people can learn and participate in Astral projection as a shared experience

A place where gateways to other Astral locations and the spheres of elements can be accessed.

More info



How to Use a Sigil to take you to a location - Imagine the sigil of the place you would like to go and focus on going through it. This will take you to the intended location. This method works in both full and half projection.

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Do not attempt if you are an amatuer you could become spirituality or physically injured. DO NOT DABBLE! If you enter into spiritual warfare or astral combat unprepared you could become possesed or otherwise cause serious Harm to yourself or others.

What is astral combat this refers to actually fighting evil spirits on their own plane of existence it can happen while meditating in a dream like state , while asleep or otherwise while astral projecting there are several types of astral combat while il cover.

1. Energy contest - an energy contest can happen between humans or human vs spirit it involves focusing your energy to overcome your oponent. If you can focus the energy of your own soul and aura, you can then project that energy and attempt to engulf an enemy in it. In these contests whomver has the strongest combination of energy , knowledge and force of will is most likely to win. Keep in mind since spirits live astrally 24/7 they always have greater knowledge with extremely few minor exeptions.

2. Projected weapon - this works similary to the energy contest , but the combatants form their spirit energy into weapons and weapon like forms and battle each other after the fashion of the physical world. Energy . Knowledge and force of will are again The main determining factors , but skills play a larger role than it does in a basic energy contest. Typical weapons are swords and dagger like bladed weapons.

3. Realistic battles - these appear to be normal battles as one would have in the physical realm , with some dream like qualities to it. It takes place in a pocket dimension in the spirit world that is constructed by thoughts , emotions and memories of the combatants. It could be appear to be in any time frame , but mostly common are the medieval settings. Opponets look human though they are often spirit Infact it is very rare for two human souls to battle this way. These can be so realistic , that upon awakening one might suffer physical symptoms similar those experienced during a panic attack ( rapid pulse,  irrational fear, shaking inability to speak) .

4. Supernatural battles - these can appear almost exatly the same and have the same effects as the realistic battles. The diffrence is that they are more than minor dream qualities to it , spirits may appear in their true forms one might battle against monsters. Otherworldly weapons may be involved. These can be extremely strange , scary and possibly dangerous. It is the most dangerous form of astral combat a demon , in its true form could cause lasting damage , damage that wouldnt be possible in realistic battle in human form.

You could expect to fight shadow monsters , wizards dragons or any number of other bizzare and deadly creatures here. AVOID if possible.

If you realize you are in a astral battle you can easily flee to your body just like waking up from a lucid dream.


Energy contest - they are very basic and they happen all the time ever fight off an urge to do something you would not normally do ? If so you have fought an energy contest. It helps to picture your own energy aura , then try to find the energy trying to get through it. Picture how your aura moves and try to see the opposing one if you can. You can by concentrating , control how your aura moves and focus it upon the are being attracted. 

Concentrate your aura in any weak points it will seem to become thicker and darker less likely to get anything in . Shielding will be exceptionally Useful in this battle so use it if you know how. Once you determine where the attack is coming from focus your aura in that direction sending your energy to overcome it. If the other does not give up and leave your energy will strike it causing it to weaken until its forced away. Maintaing concetration is a key factor in succeful energy contest.


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A Field Guide To Unlocking Astral Gateways, Traversing The Planes, And Reuniting With The Source Of Consciousness Itself

1. Go Transdimensional

The first step of soul travel is to transcend physicality, and awaken inter-dimensional awareness.

2. Ascend To The Godplane

Inside this supreme plane, every ounce of your consciousness is undeniably overwhelmed with the conviction that you’ve accessed the Source of Consciousness itself.

You just know you are at the summit of existence.

When there, you’ll bathe in its omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence – able to create and destroy entire universes at will – and for the duration of your stay, you are truly a Living God.

To undergo ascension to the Godplane, you’ll need to unlock specific astral gateways through the guidance of Ascended Masters.

In Mastering Soul Travel, You’ll Learn:

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How to POSSESS the physical body of a human being

Secret access into the Temples of Light on the Astral Plane

Field guide to unlocking Astral Gateways… you’ll be pitifully lost without a map

How to adeptly pilot your Spiritual Bodies, and avoid losing control of your travel

How to read the Akashic Records to view past, present and future timelines

Rituals of transdimensional shapeshifting

How to build “critical mass” on the Astral Plane to manipulate the Physical Plane

 practice for raising an entire army of Astral Entities to carry out tasks.!NH5myaDY!4zmpcS0eEpFeTJSboNPuiQ

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