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Should I Try Smoking Weed?

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4 minutes ago, Ross Labby said:

To everyone who responded, I would like to say thank you for your advice and comments!


Ever since I had made this post in September 2019

Must have been the mother of all highs! I can't stop laughing at the fact that you casually came back after 1.5 years and thanked everyone. What a legend. xD

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Honestly, I would say yes do it. I think it can be very powerful and even life changing.

I would even suggest just smoking it as a joint with just pure Marijuanna for your first time.

Smoking it in this way can feel very ceremonial in a sense, as well as tasting and smelling good it adds to the experience. 

It's definitely less strong than pure THC which I find to be a good thing because you can gradually get high as you smoke the joint as opposed to just hitting a THC vape once. 


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