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  1. Come on man this is actualized.org, Paul Joseph Watson is a joke. It is a myth that the Australian bushfires were largely caused by arsonists, it was actually a very small amount of people who had been caught starting small fires, the majority of the people charged were with very minor offences like doing an action which could cause a fire as the states called for total fire bans. The latest BBC UK report highlights this.
  2. As a young Australian I just want to let you know that in my experience mainly only the older generations denies climate change, with many of them believing that the government was just trying to find a new way to tax them. Our centre-left government introduced a carbon-tax which was then revoked by the right wing party which currently is in power. Our more left wing party the LABOR government who had a very focused climate change policy and were committed to reducing emissions were so close to being elected only a few months ago, but ended up being beaten by voters from a state of Australia which are known to commonly vote right wing. Young people are very angry as we are seeing things develop in a very backwards manner, as we still need to continue to fight to keep the right wing from dismantling our healthcare, public education funding has been cut, university fees are on the rise, environmental protection funding has been cut and climate change is still being actively denied by some members of the right wing party (luckily not all as mentioned above). I also just want to throw this out there, Australia in my experience sometimes has a culture of anti-intellectualism. If you act too smart or attempt to become successful many Australians will think you are trying to out-do them and criticise you.
  3. It's an amazing game series made from a lot of love so the developers who created it we're operating from the green paradigm
  4. All I had access too was Cannabis so I couldn't use psychedelics and I would have intense awakening experiences when smoking alone and meditating and doing self inquiry. From my understanding weed is much stronger than it used to be.
  5. Best highlighted by rich gated communities in Phillipines + South Africa and probably many more developing countries
  6. This is nuts to listen to (in a good way) thanks for sharing!
  7. I don't believe that to be the case, he has read Jed Mckenna, Eckhart Tolle, David R. Hawkins, Been to Spiral Dynamics courses. What you see on camera isn't necessarily the best portray of someone, especially since he is running a stage orange business
  8. I think RSDTyler has a legit grasp of understanding non-dual awareness. I used to read his posts on rsdnation and he said he spends time with stage green hippie type people who fully buy into new-age spirituality, but he thinks he has a better grasp of understanding Truth more than them, and he's probably right. It's a shame that he's not willing to try Ayahuasca or DMT.
  9. I am currently living in Japan, though in a smaller city & I've been travelling all across Japan this year. You'll see online articles and reports of men and women not being interested in each other and yes you'll see video's on Youtube of strange men falling in love with robots etc. But these oddities are not reflections of the whole country. If you are into tentacle porn manga or obsessing over young female singing idols at age 40 you are not considered "cool" in Japan, actually they will view you as a man child or a little bit fucked up in the head. From what I've seen, I see young people wanting the same things as in western countries. They want careers of their choosing which gives them freedom & excitement, they want to spend time in their hobbies, they want to travel abroad, they want the best partner and may or may not want to get married and have kids. I agree there is still this more traditional ideal of women being housewives and wanting to rely solely on a man, but in talking to a lot of young women they express to me issues in the fact that they are pressured to go along with everything their boyfriend's think is right and find can't express their opinions. The more conscious men I meet have very happy and healthy relationships with their partners. Actually most western self help books are translated into Japanese such as Men are from mars, women are from venus and they seem to be popular. In regards to the articles saying that men are no longer interested in women, the issue seems to be that women want to get married and have children and then rely solely on their husbands income. Since Japanese people work so many hours the man might have to work 70 hours a week just to make enough for the family to survive. I don't think it's that men literally don't want to be with women, it's the fact that they don't want to put themselves through working ridiculous amounts of hours for the next 40 years just to survive. I know men in their 40s who never decided to settle down and get married and instead just spend time on their hobbies and dating younger women. I think Japan's future would be more promising if regular citizens could earn more money in their jobs while still only working 40-50 hours a week, have a work life balance and move up to stage green a little bit faster In Osaka & Tokyo there are elements of stage green arising which is great.
  10. @Leo Gura Thank you for replying and validating this experience!
  11. Hey everyone, thanks for reading. I am just posting because I was listening to A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and he mentions "feeling into the inner emptiness where you believe the form of your body exists". Then I started to realise the outer sensations from my feet and hands are seemingly being projected into an empty field. The boundary of where I feel my "body" exists doesn't have a point I can locate, and it feels more empty and groundless than it ever had before. This is a bit strange because it almost feels like as I am writing this, I am watching my hands type and I am thinking of what to write but the sense of myself as the do-er is much less prominent. Here are some things that have helped me to reach this insight and continue to increase my consciousness - Consistent meditation each day (Do-nothing, Walking meditation), Self Inquiry, Leo's Guided Meditation (specifically the moment where he says to become reality), Leo's Mindfulness with Labelling Video (this allowed me to focus more on inner/outer feelings and catch my thoughts), Leo's How To Get Enlightened Guide, All of Leo's Self Inquiry Videos, Leo's thread with the list of consciousness exercises, Leo's Neti Neti Method Guided Inquiry video, Listening to the audios of Stillness Speaks + A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I know that I still have a long way to go because even though I can recognise this inner emptiness inside and that I can't pin point "where I am", I still have so many questions left to validate- - Why is there something at all? Why is there not nothing? - Why do we seemingly wake up each day from the same perspective of a human? - Why in this consciousness would our bodies seemingly follow us around like zombies? - What is the purpose of reality? - Why does consciousness create?
  12. Make her watch Welcome To The NHK
  13. One of my biggest fears was never being good enough to achieve what I wanted, you just persevere your skills catch up to where you want to be and you can reap the benefits financially.
  14. Learning to be independent from your parents seems like something you cannot forgo. I moved out of my Dad's home 1 year ago and its forced me to learn things like budgeting, earning more in my business and valuing time a whole lot more. There's a lot to learn by going out on your own.