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  1. The fucking nostalgia is off the charts seeing that page.
  2. Browsing the forum the other day I saw Leo say something like "only a fool wouldn't write down an insight" (paraphrasing). The idea being that if an insight is good and worthwhile, you'd be an idiot to just rely on your mind to remember it. A.k.a just make sure you write it down. Over the past few weeks I've made sure I've written down the insights I've had about life even at the most inconvenient of times- waking up at 2am to take a piss, or 6am when my child woke up crying. Every time- even when it's inconvenient I've been making sure to write that insight down. It's been very helpful. I encourage you all to not trust your brain to remember things, but remind yourself that there's only so much your mind can remember at one time. Write that shit down.
  3. Decent is underselling it. They did well. The best results in over 40 years for the democratic party
  4. This sort of validates my feelings that I've had a lot of enlightenment experiences with weed but i'm not ready to try anything stronger cause, I've always felt like Weed was potent enough to let me see reality as it is.
  5. All you people calling Leo racist here are nuts. I love diversity and think it's a net positive for most societies in general, by I too- don't want to live in an ethnic enclave. In Sydney, Australia there are quite a few suburbs that are 90% middle eastern and while I hope these people get access to good healthcare, good schools for their kids etc. YOU would be the one out of place living there. There are cultural anomalies that are weird as fuck like people walking around shouting at each other when just talking, the air smells like spices from their countries (coming from the restaurants and shops), and there's almost no english signage anywhere. I've got no hate against these people but I would not choose to live alongside them, purely for my own comfort. If it was a regular neighbourhood with only 10% of these ethnicities that's completely fine and wouldn't give me that weirded out feeling of being in another country within my own home country.
  6. I've never experienced anything like this, but it's crazy when you get to know people, how many of them have experienced some sort of molestation.
  7. It's so frustrating that one American senator can fuck up legislation which affects all of us around the world. In Australia's centre-left party (currently in government), if you cross-the floor and don't vote with the party you receive serious consequences.
  8. On the flipside, sooo many younger people are more political active, aware and engaged compared to before Trumps rise
  9. The democrats should run Gavin Newsom. He would be a strong contender against DeSantis. I can totally see DeSantis winning in 2024 unfortunately.
  10. I used to be passionate about my business that I've created, but in the last year I've had so many moments when I felt like I need to move on and do something else with my life. However, I've just had a nice short break and had that feeling of enjoying work again. I think the Covid lockdowns and sudden societal instability messed with my mental health and now I'm unsure if I actually dislike my work or if I like my work but am depressed. I was just wondering what other thoughts you other forum members may have?
  11. Lol no, there are endless subreddits for those sort of interests. In fact it makes it that much more special when somebody suggests a good song or movie in the forums as a natural consequence of having a dialogue on these topics.
  12. There is truth to what Leo is saying regarding the ugliness of right-wing/libertarian politics reveals itself and be shown to the general public. In the Australian state of Queensland, a premier (governor) wanted to mine the great barrier reef for christ sake. Safe to say he lost the next election to a moderate left wing party.
  13. I do feel bad for handicapped people though when I see a newly designed suburb and the sidewalks are not suitable for them. I think of the elderly, and all those in wheelchairs. I think being more woke about this issue won't do anything but good to society
  14. Brain drain. Even in Australia which is a 1st world country obviously, our best and brightest will zoom off to the US or UK in search of higher pay and better jobs.