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  1. I get you, they are trying to take what is actually "historically accurate" and muddy the waters.
  2. You're right. I don't want to start a stupid culture war debate. I'm studying to become a teacher in College at the moment and funnily enough am studying CRT as it relates to how we treat students. Just thought it was crazy that right as I was studying it, it gets banned in Florida.
  3. Just found an additional interesting quote -
  4. He honestly wasn't toxic at the start of his Youtube journey. He was quite inspiring actually. But he's fallen for the MAGA cult and basically made a fool of himself to his more conscious ex-viewers.
  5. Recently republicans are constantly talking about "Critical Race Theory". It's been banned from being taught in Florida schools by the Republican state government whilst the rest of fox news rail against it and demonize it. If you do a Youtube search trying to find a video explanation of what Critical Race Theory actually is, you'll likely come across dozens of Prager U and reactionary breakdown videos of CRT without actually finding a decent video explaining what it is! You can read about it more here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_race_theory In layman's terms- Critical Race Theory is a sociological theory which puts forward the idea that because modern American society was founded by white europeans as the dominant race, there is going to be an inherent biases in how society functions to favour white people. This is a deep issue as it ends up affecting how law is done (racial disparities in jail sentencing e.g.), how business is done (minorities statistically finding it harder to get bank loans e.g.) and in general minority groups being pressured into conforming to what "white" society deems as "good" and "right" (Native people discouraged from living how they choose to live and instead being forced to conform to society for example). So there's nothing new here. CRT is just an umbrella term for what a lot of people who advocate for social justice have been talking about for decades. It's also NOT about making white people feel guilty for existing, it's merely a perspectival analysis which helps us understand modern social issues better. Ahh the republican party, the good ol' party of free speech everyone!
  6. Elliott Hulse has taught me an amazing life lesson in the past few years. Never idolize anyone too much. If you do look up to somebody, learn what their shadow is. Almost every person I idolized a decade ago has let me down.
  7. It could last 4 years or so if it's a good laptop, so think about it is as 500 a year then divide that by 12 to get around 40 bucks per month? It's not too bad. I use my Laptop 10 hours a day everyday for work so that's a decent investment.
  8. Veggie burgers made of beans are much more tasty.
  9. Jesse Lee Peterson accidentally publicly liked a gay porn post on his twitter account. This is from a man who constantly spews anti-gay rhetoric. He must be massively repressed sexually
  10. Amazing example showing how Stage Green is not just always easily kicked around and can lead with power and conviction. This is Abby Martin's speech at a rally for Palestine in LA.
  11. Duncan Trussell (Would also be a lot of fun - I'm sure it would have a loving energy)
  12. I watched this documentary yesterday. It was very enlightening. I actually don't think it's one sided since if you actually watch it, yes it exposes a lot of unconscious and illegal nonsense that Israel gets up too. But Abby Martin doesn't ever state Israeli citizens should leave Israel or anything like that. I'm sure she just wants peace and and end to the settlement colonialism.
  13. Because Israel is allied with so many of the western nations us forum posters live in. The US also gives money for military aid to Israel and a lot of Americans clearly disagree with their governments decision to do so and may view it as immoral.
  14. I am aware it's one sided, and that Palestine may be at a red stage of development. But it's still a damning documentary outlining Israel even breaking the Geneva convention by sniping children. Of course not all Israelis are far right.
  15. If you want to learn more about the Israel/Palestine situation, American journalist Abby Martin has made some incredible documentaries and videos showing the extent to which Palestine is being oppressed daily.