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  1. I think an important part of growing in consciousness is becoming more and more aware of how incredible the creatures are on planet earth. Kids are fascinated by animals but it seems most adults become too caught up in their own business to stop and admire how incredible the creatures are in the world around them. I especially think sea creatures are the most overlooked for their coolness. Post your own favourite magnificent creatures below!
  2. Check out this show. I literally introduced my partner to it who has no interest in spirituality, and was able to talk about these topics after she had watched it. The last episode is a tear jerker. This show is insanely weird, whacky and incredibly creative.
  3. See this was a valid, interesting experiment. A lot of people who completely buy into The Red Pill content, take what you just said as an ideology of how evil women supposedly are.
  4. Do you think if Bernie had more awareness of Stage Yellow/Tier 2 dynamics he could have better promoted his progressive agenda? I saw Michael Brooks from The Majority Report commenting on how Bernie was still talking about his political revolution even when we was the frontrunner, when he should have shifted to trying to appeal more to the normie demorat base. What do you think?
  5. Because it's incredibly exciting to see progress Totally worth it
  6. Lol he just equated a woman who has had sex with many guys as a snotty tissue. He will probably just double down on his new regressive beliefs and believe everybody is just blinded and can't see what he sees or something. The saddest thing is Elliott's old videos helped me so damn much. He kickstarted my actualized journey. Most young men I meet who have watched his videos from 5 or 6 years ago are at Stage Green now which is cool.
  7. What an echo chamber of lefties this forum is
  8. I have a good relationship with my Dad not bringing up anything that would upset him. As long as he doesn't judge me too harshly for the decisions I make and he's kind, I feel like criticising the way he lives his life is unproductive and ultimately not very compassionate.
  9. Yeah, these are very powerful ideas but I don't think David Deida has ever said as a man you must cut yourself off from your feminine nature.
  10. Elliott Hulse truly did inspire a lot of young men at one moment in time, but he truly has doubled down on the whole bro-sphere, anti-political correctness & right-wing conservatism. I think he's an interesting case study of some one who was almost getting to a solidly green level of Spiral Dynamics (see his hippie phase) but has regressed back to some stage blue + stage orange ideals.
  11. Over 120K views now- I hope this does not get out of hand.
  12. Yeah I mean a few poorly written articles talking about "the dangers of Youtube cults" with Actualized.org as the central story could be incredibly inconvenient for Leo. Leo's response in the past on this forum has been "I don't do cults" then went on to say if you create a cult out of Actualized.org it is your own mind's doing, which is a good response but I don't think most people would fully understand what he means by "your mind is what is creating the cult".
  13. Yeah this was a good listen/watch.
  14. As said above, two wrongs do not make a right.
  15. It's incredible how powerful the mainstream media is in shaping the general public's views of candidates and positions. I feel that if every American understood that Bernie Sanders is trying to provide a single payer-health care system and that they wouldn't have to spend so much on private health insurance they would realize that Sanders is on their side. The same thing happens in Australia, the conservative government tries to privatize trade schools, increase university fees and weaken the countries already existing medicare and the working class votes the party in! Literally voting against their own interests due to misrepresentation of ideas and fear mongering that the economy will somehow crash under left-wing governance.