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  1. I think he gets them off Shutterstock. I was browsing the website and saw some of them there.
  2. I can't answer this question in particular but as a man who went back to college to finish my Bachelor's degree I never completed with online classes during Covid, In my experience college classes can be really good and it can be amazing to learn from very intelligent professors. I'm interested in sociology for example because of Actualized.org and I'm taking a sociology class this semester and i'm forced to read academic papers and learn about the subject way more deeply than I would just watching Youtube videos or even reading a book off amazon. I do agree that college is overpriced (but if you solved that issue like they have in Scandinavia) I seriously wouldn't agree society would be better off without people going to college. Sure it has dogma etc but there's a reason why it is capitalist Stage Orange business owners who say "DON'T GO TO COLLEGE" to motivational music on Youtube. You don't need a college degree to earn good money in 2021. But college is not necessarily all about being prepared for the job market as it is, to spend a few years studying and writing about subjects deeply. This is just an antidote but, even if it's not a complete education, most men I know who have a college degree (especially from good schools) are more intelligent than people who just finished high school and started working. A lot of my male high school friends work blue collar jobs while listening to Joe Rogan and then spout right-wing and anti-vax non-sense. My college educated friends do-not.
  3. Congrats. There's a medicare for all bill being pushed in Cali that would be cool if it could get pushed through. Maybe having medicare for all in one state first would be a good catalyst for other states to follow suit.
  4. Same as Sydney, Australia. It's a great city but if you have no inherited wealth, even if you do everything "right" and earn upwards of 100K a year, you're still gonna be paying upwards of 1.2 million for a 3 bedroom house. Seems the same as Vancouver, Toronto, LA, London etc.
  5. Lol true! My self-bias was thinking about my own bank account which is salary in, salary out lol
  6. If this video is to be trusted, more than 98% of all bitcoin held is for pure speculation and not to use as a real currency.
  7. Just trying to get popular with the so called "free-thinkers" and "anti-establishment" types online.
  8. He is one of these eloquent conservative types. He'll try to persuade you with his jokes and british charm, but underneath that it's the same old grift.
  9. Isn't it just to help evacuate some people then leave again?
  10. A lot of old passwords keep getting exposed (and flagged by google) by data breaches. We need to be careful that we don't use the same password for every account because if someone gets hold of that one password obviously it could impact you severly. There is software which helps you get around this like 1password or Nordpass.
  11. Oh yes, that's true and we should be grateful for all the funding that went into researching and developing MRNA vaccines. I am more commenting on just how shocking it is that people don't want to get the vaccine, while some parts of the world literally can't (even some first world countries). We already saw the Delta variant be created in India back in Dec 2020. It's really concerning that if we don't focus on this as a global issue, the virus could keep mutating.
  12. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02109-1 This highlights the selfish and idiocy of vaccine hesitancy for Covid-19. Rich developed nations like the USA are able to get an oversupply (even ordering enough for 3rd booster shots) and the general population is able to get it for free quickly and easily. All while a continent like Africa has a 2% vaccination rate, can get ravaged by Covid and of course has no where near the level of medical facilities we do in the developed world.
  13. It will happen one day but yeah not in a our lifetimes. We sorta have this in more developed countries who are allied already. As an Aussie I can live in Canada, UK, New Zealand somewhat easily.
  14. Unfortunately they are effective. Even in Australia "CRT" was recently banned from the nation's school curriculum (thank you right-wing US talk show hosts). But what the heck does that even mean? How will that affect the teaching of european settlers and native aborigines?
  15. From the web developers I've met, you can go the more traditional route which is going to college and getting a degree (might be a good option for a directionless 18 year old) but I know people who managed to do very well working for massive silicon valley companies just by building a good portfolio like Leo suggested.