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Who wants Truth? [ Part 2 ]

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23 minutes ago, Angelite said:


@khalifa btw, did you even read the verses I posted, there are many things you can learn from it, why are you focusing on my words? 

I'm not into that btw, it's a third ,fourth or fifth point perspective. I might as well read the Quran directly, or by an enstablished scholars or something. That's one. Two, just the fact that you're recommending something which you yourself think is lousy , why would I waste my time on it?

@AngeliteYes i did, it's just mundane quranic verses interpreted in different ways and thoughts and has a lot of contradictions between various muslim scholars, it's not new to me i've been muslim since i was born, left islam thanks to placebo effect realization. at late teens. Hell if i were to show the verses you have had to a local shiekh at the mosq at my country or any of the g.c.c countries some of them would argue against you no joke.


If you really think a factory printed quran book holds the answers, instead of directly looking within yourself then that's alright that's just what's maktoob for you and is calling you, i don't think what your doing is wrong or lousy, and neither what i am doing, what we are doing is just what's maktoob for us, we role play here, we are still the same essence timeless beings from allah/source, I realize neither you or I is not separate from Allah so i do have that acceptance and i welcome any feeling that arises and honor it with thoughts that mind makes up. Sometimes i do cherry pick sometimes i don't but that's just me roleplaying in the end of the day as the khalifa character with the knowledge graph that the brain holds, although i do miss peaceful days of meditating, these days i'm not really at my best, i am suffering but i am well aware it's only a phase and more is to come, and i'll welcome it all, all the good and bad it's pleasant at the end of the day when you aren't too attached to any point of view, just trust in your unfolding, blessings to you

again as for the lousy part, i am not above you nor below you we are pretty much the same as everything else around us, all divine ma5loogeeyn min allah ;) same essence for a reason, a role to play nothing more or less, enjoy it's unfolding, that's the best card to play why fight it and make it miserable? unless if that's the role that's again maktoob, this is my opinion, i do sometimes tend around thinking role playing is meaningless but that's ok as well, i try to accept what is, am i stable? who knows are you? check your direct experience it can be a lying bastard you have to be vigilant if you really care that much, it doesn't take long to find god in ones heart if they look within even with a broken knowledge graph, contradicting again that is duality's beauty yet it's married itself as one always one blend subhan allah ;)

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