Meditation Practices and Sleep

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For those of you who meditate on a consistent basis, have you noticed any changes in your sleeping habits? Back when I meditated consistently, I noticed that I was able to fall as sleep with relative ease. I didn't have the constant monkey mind that I have now. Currently I am dealing with insomnia and it takes me at least an hour to ease my mind into sleep. I just started meditating consistently again but I am not able to regain the mental clarity that I once had that allowed me to ease my mind into sleep. I know it will take time since I have to retrain my mind all over again. 


What has been your experience with sleep and meditation?


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I use this hour before sleep as méditation

Drawing is my way for sleeping

Draw a bit while listening audio and good night everyone

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Hi, meditation really helped my insomnia. Getting off to sleep has always been my problem. Once I'm asleep I'm usually okay. However my view of insomnia is that it is a day time condition manifesting at night (unless you work nights!).

So what I mean is that for me, insomnia tells me I am not handling my day time shit well enough. For me it doesn't matter if I practice good habits the one hour or two hours before bed (well it's better than nothing I suppose). What helps me is the dipping in and out of meditation during the day and evening. 

This could be as simple as 5mins four or five times a day but preferably 10mins four or five times a day. This could include things like mindful walking, mindful cleaning and mindfulness in the bath or shower. The more little stretches in the day the better i usually sleep. I found it all adds up to helping to control monkey mind. For me, multiple small meditations have a greater benefit than say one or two longer sessions.

Hope this makes sense. 

I also consider deep contemplation as a form of meditation. Also reading selected lines of inspirational text with high concentration is a form of meditation for me. Sometimes we need to clarify what we mean by meditation. 

I never actually practice do-nothing meditation. I always have one focus I give my attention. Sounds is a good one or the texture of something. 

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Maybe it's worth experimenting with different techniques, especially at night to find one which helps you to get back the mental clarity. I tend to meditate formally late at night, just before sleep, due to having a busy life and fitting meditation into the remaining available time slots. Usually a variant on the do-nothing / choiceless awareness technique; It helps me to sleep at the expense of having a drowsy sitting.


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