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Hi everyone, I thought this forum would be the best to ask my question regarding page 139 and 140 in The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.

Articulating your unique ability

"If you reflect on your unique ability, you'll probably find that it made its appearance early in your life. You used it, probably without being aware of it, to cope with stressful situations and optimize your ability to thrive".. (page 139)

- Then on page 140 he says

"That's the payoff I'd like you to get. To do that, I recommend that you deconstruct the set of Russian dolls until you uncover the one that contains your unique ability. Begin with a fundamental statement like this: I'm at my best when I'm ______________________


On page 139 he says that the unique ability is something that is often used as a coping mechanism to thrive better, but that doesn't necessarily mean that that is when I feel I'm at my best, as he says on page 140..


I'm a very empathic person and very creative.

So what does he really mean here, what does he want me to write? I wrote this: I'm at my best when I'm in the mindset of knowing what other people need (empathy), then I came up with a new idea for this statement, and over that sentence I underlined I wrote I'm at my best when I'm creating/innovating

Personally I feel best when I am innovating and creating new things or planning for the future (life/business plans etc.) But I might be best at being empathic?

How do you interpret these pages?

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WHats the question again

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empathic people can still act toxic (unconscious empaths )

delete this

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Hi there @korbes i just finished listening the audio-book and I found it great. I understood this as finding the difference where you can be excellent and genius. I guess, this is something that one has to contemplate for a while in order to truly find where your genius is. For me for example, i have found out that i can excel at being an engineer on a 9-5 job and it allows me to cover most of my survival needs and some more. But I find my zone of genius is researching and creating new stuff, something I can do with a lot of passion and where I feel time does not exists when I am doing it. But then again, after reading the book I now see that I have to really contemplate and find out where my genius is.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  Journal - Through the Self

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