Why the addiction for power over others?

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I have noticed this behaviour time and again and the shadow certain people have of needing to control other people.

Certain parents exhibit these mannerisms of being overcontrolling of their children. It goes beyond healthy parenting ("dont touch the fire or youll get burned") and seems to be ego stroking.

And many bosses at my work have this and even in meetup groups. Neurotic obsessive desire to be in control of what other people say or do if its not in line with the status quo or someone elses status quo.

My question is, where does the controlling behvaiour-the need for power over others- come from and what does it feed?

And how does one go about purifying oneself of all this type of shadowy behaviour?

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I think it comes from not being able to control yourself so controling others gives you the illusion you are controling everything...

To purify i think you have to be satisfied with yourself then controling others wont be necessary...

There has to be healthy control meaning you are not the order of the system is going well....

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Ego isn't exactly a good answer, because there are different types of ego and how they express themselves. This type of ego mostly comes from people being either :

1. Being overly passive most of the time, and so releasing all their anger into one or a smaller group of people.

2. Being overly aggressive, to make up for not having power when they were younger or in another vulnerable place.

3. Controlling others because they secretly want themselves to be hated to punish themselves.

It can be one or all really.

The Enneagram Anger Triad focuses on this though -- Type 9 -- The Mediator, Type 8 -- the Challenger and Type 1 -- The Perfectionist. 

I'm guessing you're asking or reading this thread because someone else is like this in your life? Or is my intuition wrong?

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“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” 
― Socrates

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Because the dormant uses kundalini unconsciouslly directed into the head, and in consequence one feels in the interior as the almighty.

So this will be the root cause in the dormant.

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