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@Arcangelo I've had panic attacks in the past but not really anymore. I had my first one when I and my ex wife were going through some rocky times and I was under a lot of stress from other issues. I've had lots of traumatic experiences in my life that probably lead to me being an anxious person, but I've come to terms with it and accepted who I am and it's a relief. I look at anxiety as a friend that visits from time to time and life is great with him and without. The following has helped me keep company with my friend.




Brazilian Jujitsu 

Punching the heavy bag



Riding the wave ( visualization)

Hugging people 

Talking about it

Getting good sleep 

Eating right

Going out

Being responsible with weed, caffeine and alchohol 


I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting 

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You are having panic attacks because you are afraid of dying.


Learn how to die.


Then come back and practice meditation so you don't take your mind so seriously.

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