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  1. Don't mistake feeling nothing as not feeling anything! Your moments of passion only have meaning when you have these important moments of emptiness. Embrace the void.
  2. Fasting. Tao image meditation. If you have done DMT it's easier to do this. You close your eyes and look through your eyelids into the geometric shapes. Look through your eyes when they are closed as if you are looking off the bow of a ship into the pitch black water and look for the shapes. If you can't do this now, do it at night right before you fall asleep. Lay down in bed and close your eyes and look for your dreams through the back of your closed eyelids. You have to relax and let the images come. If you can't do this, then you can try sleep deprivation. *Edit* My lawyer tells me that you should not attempt either fasting or sleep deprivation without the supervision of an expert.
  3. Sorry that I misunderstood you. What did you mean with your post?
  4. I personally think there's nothing wrong with any of this. Primates do this all of the time. What I would worry about is if this is a compulsion or not. If it's something you cannot stop doing, then I would seek some help. All human beings have tics, biting tongues, smelling their fingers, ect. I worry more about cleanliness and dealing with your social life on how people react to you. The part to worry about is obsessive compulsive disorder, and serious meditation is one technique to treat that. I would also do what is said and find a psychoanalyst, but be careful. Bad help can be worse than no help at all. And remember, I am not a DR.
  5. Yang's strongest suit is his understanding of automation and business. UBI is just one strategy.
  6. I'm here cause I like Leo. I admire his work, and more importantly. The Truth! Sure. If you INSIST, I'll invoke the daemon of dominatrix cock slapping.
  7. Yeah cause telling people to not vote and do nothing is so much more productive.
  8. Yet it's also not just a game. Cannot appreciate the paradox or the karma they produce. It is why people complain why all the videogames suck nowadays. Figure that out.
  9. nu uh im more woke than you nu uh. Im the wokest of the woke. I am the most woke. I will make America Woke again. I love this place. You're still doing God's work Leo. <3
  10. America. *Applause* Is Great *Cheers* I smoke DMT everyday. It's the best. We have the best DMT. Our DMT is stronger and tougher than any other DMT. I smoke it constantly. I talk to god every day. He says "You're awesome". I say "I know". *Gunshots*