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7 ways to tie your heart to your husband

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To protect the husband from being unfaithful Freak out Your wife must study How to tie your heart to your husband Defeat the brave butler Apply these suggestions To suit yourself and your family Love life will be happy. Longevity

1. Always serve to blow Vee's husband.
Whether women or men Would like to have a normal person But must admit that Women like us Some people work both outdoors and in the house. Or even being a housewife raising children every day is tiring Where is the time to serve the husband!

Before being frustrated Try to adjust your attitude and see that It is done for the people we love, taking care of small things each day, such as giving water to the husband when returning home. Or massage the husband as a pamper Is something that creates moisture to the heart When this lovely wife The husband did not go to find someone to serve outside the house, of course.

 2. Attract
This era, today, anyone can buy rice to eat at home. Or go out to eat out of the house Causing neglect, which is really important for life, not losing other things When the wife makes a delicious meal, the husband will come back to eat regularly.

Even if the wife learns the secret formula of the husband's house too The more the husband is attached to the house Because when we grow Often think of food, mother's hand, right? If your wife is cooking The taste is similar to the mother-in-law. Will definitely make her husband love her husband Do not forget to bring your husband back to eat at the husband's house. Or meet with the husband's family frequently Besides letting the husband love us The husband's family will certainly be able to support this daughter-in-law.

3. Female Marauders, hundreds of carts
Do not rely on black magic or black magic. Just wake up the woman Try to think back. What makes a husband fall in love with you, such as loneliness, smiles or caring? And then compare that now Are you still doing that cute habit regularly?

If the fatigue deprived of those things Do not forget to go back to being cute. Go back to the same person. The husband falls in love! Don't forget to add charm frequently. Plead with her husband to be sweet, sweet and sweet, put together or touch her husband frequently Let him know that you love and care. What do you do? The husband does not like it. When the mood cools down (Not a fight) The most important thing is to talk to adjust understanding.

 4. Always fill your love life.
Pay attention to activities on the bed In order to wake up the love fire Even if you have children, you should not ignore it. May start by helping the husband to bathe and then slowly move the feelings towards the rhythmic activities

Do not be shy about having a baby, but your mother must always be happy. Try to find beautiful lingerie. Or thin pajamas To wake up the father's mood Along with studying the style of love to tie the heart of the husband Transform into a fairy on the bed move to a new enviroment Change location Or opening a movie at the same time will help make the sex that has never been boring anymore

5. Take care of yourself and be beautiful.
The husband is often unfaithful to the Hottie or the children, making the wife feel more confident Both your values Who can't compare! Wake up your self-confidence. Maintain a healthy body Don't let yourself be shabby. Keep makeup eyes Dress to be beautiful

You yourself are better than anyone else. Must always remind myself When you take care of yourself until beautiful Confidence will certainly follow.

6. Sneak often to date with a husband.
Find a special opportunity to date with a couple of husbands privately. During that time, let the family or mentor Help take care of the baby While you are dating

Try changing the look to be bright. Whether haircut or new hair color Bright colors The perfume carpet gives a pleasant smell to the body. Then grab the beautiful dress that you wear and be confident Go on a trip with a husband May be a dinner in a good atmosphere Candlelight dinner Or watching a movie late at night

7. Honor the husband, admire and support
Encouragement for husbands Pushing the husband to succeed Or a shelter for the husband Is a duty that a woman cannot do for his wife

Many times Men go out to find their homes. Because staying at home is not happy Being blessed by his wife every day, being sarcastic and not wanting to go home Then go out to find the area that is already comfortable Which is most worrying The husband always has a mistress. Because of what the husband finds Should be in the wife's body But he had to find another woman

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Awww how cute , ill go buy a cute apron and heels. 

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Where's the intimacy at, if you're just going to play a fantasy role the entire time? Not to mention a fantasy role that's seemingly meant to cater to the sensibilities and proclivities of a 19th century gentleman. I think the desire to always fit into this role would eventually come to grate on a modern man's nerves, even if he appreciates the attention and care.

This feels very steeped in the insecurity that a man will leave and the idea of FOREVER... which as an idea, ruins the beauty of a relationship. Relationships should not be polluted with the idea of eternity, as it destroys all present moments. And if a woman is clinging onto a man hard enough to sublimate herself into the idea of a fantasy woman, then the man will naturally be repelled and seek intimacy with a woman who can be real with him.

Both partners should give each other love, intimacy, support, and care in the ways that they are best able to give and receive it. And in doing so they will feed eachother and the relationship, and the relationship will be worth keeping alive because everyone's needs are being met. And these bits of advice may or may not work to make a man feel loved, Maybe some men feel loved by a woman cooking for him. Maybe some men don't really feel loved through acts of service such as that. Maybe he would appreciate more if the woman took a vested interest in his passions. And finding out these unique ways to love your partner is the key to longevity if longevity is what you want.

And I'm all for treating a man very well in a relationship and appreciating what he contributes, and even spoiling him a bit from time to time ;). But this entire post feels like a very surreal bit of advice to give to contemporary woman-folk. It feels like some old 1950s ad that's really meant to sell some kind of product to desperate housewives.

Check out my YouTube channel: 

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@Emerald I think you are talking about finding the right balance between each other.

What if after some time in a relationship, u feel your partner is not the right person for you aka your specific needs are not being met, then what to do? I think then breaking up will be a good solution. But the problem is, when you start rltnship thinking it as 'eternal', and after 1-2 years you discover that it is not working the way you want it to work, that creates a conflict in your mind. So my question is, what is the best mindset to have about rltnship?

Another thing is, in initial attraction phase, man and woman seems to forget other aspects like compatibility and go with the flow of attraction. Then after a period of time when they discover that they are not compatible, a lot of time got wasted. So how to choose the right partner in initial phase of attraction, when moon seems bigger and days seem brighter?

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