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Just graduated and will begin traveling around the world full-time soon. What might be some actions to take to get girls/start a relationship with someone in a new country?

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Hi, quiet a broad one this and I've been out the dating game for many years but there must be a dating app which shows people in the area you are right now.

Also theres a book call how to be a 3% man by Corey Wayne which has some great advise on how to pick up, date and understand woman amongst other things. You can read it for free if you register on the website

Sounds like a great adventure ahead of you.

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Spirals 4 step guide to making a great first impression. You focus on these in this order.

Be fun, she doesn’t need to laugh but a smile goes a long way. Something I like to do is to hit the girl with my hip assuming we are standing side to side. Catching her of guard although it’s great if she sees you coming.

Get her trust, a hand shake while you introduce yourself works fine.

Get her respect, by expressing what’s important to you, can do this using the regular small talk questions. I would think about how you best reply to “where are you from”.  Your values are more important than the city etc.

Lastly show interest yourself.

Bonus point don’t stay longer than you need to if the convo is dead, leave. Ask her for her number or talk to her later. It’s ok to leave the conversation yourself.

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Maybe consider that it would be best to wait for a relationship. Leaving someone and then trying to keep up while you are traveling the world can be stressful, heartbreaking, and why would you want to with an opportunity to meet so many other girls. I think you should be asking what a good way to get a Girl in a foreign country is. Go and have some independent fun, enjoy being like the wind, and don't just focus on getting one girl friend around the world, especially if you can't even physically be there for her. 

Build Friendships. Find a beautiful Friend on each Continent. Love and be Loved. Share yourself with the World, and when the whole Traveling Job is done for you, settle down with the one you Love the deepest. Enjoy the Journey. 

Is all that we see or seem

But a dream within a dream?

- Edgar Allen Poe 

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