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I have been avoiding updating my fitness YT channel on some things... I have put it off for 3 days now lol. 

Ugh... I don't feel resistance I just keep skipping over it and doing other things.

I feel clear that half assing it is so lame-- like a passionless relationship or a soggy handshake.

Being honest is my only choice noticing this because there is nothing worse than a half assed, soggy handshake.

Needing to study the art of living consciously a little this weekend and get complete around my wellness resort research. 

Getting bk to asking for all the things too--I felt resistance asking for stuff today.

Also some mindfulness research.



I deleted a video by mistake today (noooo?) so that linda messes up my streak. So bummed. It was a cray cray one too...

I get super annoyed with how easily people throw around the term "crazy" because sanity is not defined.

So I made a video about it lol.

I do want to know where do we get the distinction for "sanity" for real?


It's this over used word that has lost all meaning amd I am not sure it had meaning to begin with.


We know that obese is a BMI over 25-- this is clear even though inaccurate for different body types. However, how can we define this mis-used and abused term sanity?

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Yesterday's vlournel... Yesterday was weird.

I taught my classes... Came home gor an hour and cleaned a little bit. 

Went to my friend's aerial yoga class... Came home dizzy.

Today I feel a under weather but trying to wipe it out before it gets to be anything. 

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Since doing the video I feel better. Lots of sleep helped. Yay.

Still feeling a bit weird and kinda drained, so I'll be eating more healing foods and expressing as much as possible-- that's where I've been slacking the most.

Tuning in a lot also and listening to my soul/ inner knowing.


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@Karla Good articulation and presence. 

Hope you can catch some rest and get to feeling better. ??

"To have a free mind is to be a universal heretic." - A.H. Almaas

"We have to bless the living crap out of everyone." - Matt Kahn

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Real ass connection with humans is so grrrreat. 

I fell of my sentence completion game so many times that I almost considered giving up but it's just so freakin' good I cannot do that at this time.

Quitting is lame. Lol.

Some good insights today around judgement of self/others. Cuz come onnnn-- it is one in the same damn thing he he.

*You can only understand others and their actions at the level you understand yourself* was kinda right on time for me today.

Ooh. Starting from day 1 might have to happen.


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Going IN on my sentence completion and just keeping things super plain and straight forward for awhile gahhh. 

Til I feel into the habit without having to think thennnn. I will venture out again. 


MUST HAVE the structure piece for this-- sentence completion for today... It's kind of Ebonics-ish because I type fast!

If I look at how I spend my time

I gotta use mindfulness

I spend too much time on SM

I can get better with discipline

I prefer to focus on a structured schedule and set alarms ahead of time

I see that I get easily distracted

I could be way more effective

Setting up a structure that is aligned is important, between 5 a.m. and 9:00 pm.


When I refleect on the level of awareness I bring to my work life-- I need to make a plan

I have slipped here into hypnosis

I am ready for bigger, more creative including writing, blogging, and showing up authentically

I know that I have outgrown many things

I can choose to live in the end

I am ready for increased responsibility and learning

I know I just need to focus on daily activities

I need more awareness moment to moment


If I think about how I set my priorities

I don't do this 

I start good then fade

I need reminders that feel like potent reminders

I could use a meditation or mindfulness strong points each hour or at least 2 hrs

I must do this every morning right after waking


If I think about how I invest my time

I invest it in the wrong thing

I am not clear other than work

I feel this needs a great deal of focus

I am finding a plan today that gets me in alignment here

I feel good about it just doing this but not enough to heal it

this has always been an issue== invest more important stuff


If I want to keep a customer for life

I have varied options

I talk connected and present with them

I can treat them like family not just a custormer

I can be real with them to ensure a fit

I know that I have to care about their future and life

I want to know about them and starts with knowing about myself


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Video for 57/365


This morning I am present to how my automated thinking is in the way of kicking off the day with my new habits.

Kinda feel bleh today and not so excited. I kinda know why argh. Diving into my sentence completion and vision now then off to teach class.

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If I look at how I spend my time 

I need a schedule to follow daily that allows me to feel free also 

I would like to improve on this, so I spend less time on social media

I love to focus on my life priorities: writing & learning and improving my speaking/story telling

I am happy most of the time but mortified when I think I should be progressing faster

I can be more aligned with my bigger vision most of the time

Shot meditations in the morning for awareness and mindfulness could be a good idea

I have improved a little but this could be even better

When I reflect on my level of awareness I bring to my work life

I am more aware than ever thanks to this and my mentors but I want to be fully focused on alignment, wellness and authenticity

I don’t like that I am still running around quite a bit and dependent on my part-time income

I wish to be more aware moment to moment and tuned in deeply

I have a mission but sometimes I forget/ fall unconscious and when I connect back I feel like a huge slacker and judge myself but I can be more conscious and more focused

I need to train my focus and mindfulness for greater effectiveness in my work

I desire to be legit looking in my SM and online presence— more together in line with my messaging


If I think about how I set my priorities

I set them well but as the day goes on I get pulled into distraction mode

I could be clearer and more committed 

I have not been honest with myself in regards to what I really want and desire to prioritize

I only want to prioritize my soul purpose and wellness and the most fun things 

I know for me to really get it done fun has to be a priority but I have not done this well

I am not consistently good at prioritizing the things I truly go crazy for

I can heal this disconnect


If I think about how I invest my time

I get carried away with learning or day dreaming or not being real Often

I invest my best energy in class but afterwards I don’t focus well

I am uncomfortable to admit that I do poorly with this

I want to invest my time only into writing, learning, enjoying people I adore, deepening my consciousness and being more connected to soul

I want to be reading good stuff that wakes me up

I want to invest as much energy in myself that I do in my work for others


IF I want to keep a customer for life

I desire to know who they are deeply an understand what she needs to propel her forward 

I have to be my best and know myself well and bring the necessary energy every time

I have to wake up more

I share more authentically and don’t sugar coat what she needs to hear

I must grow my speaking, story telling and connection abilities

I gotta just keep it the most real, real realll



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The Reflection vid for yesterdayyyy 58/365


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If I look at how I spend my time

I am cleaning it up so it’s improving daily with my scheduel structure

I remember when I would waste time/life scrolling SM thinking negative thoughts and being hard on myself for mistakes

I do time like a boss who knows that time is infinite but not as Karla LusterI 

I stay woke moment to moment and practice focus every day after my sentence completion and reflections

My priorities (Purpose, Health & Legacy) are my time pillars


When I reflect on the level of awareness I bring to my work life

I have improved this in the last week or so

I still have my head in the sand but I am done with that

I was following methods that did not align with my highest values and deep knowing

It’s all connected even if it’s not work for me— I have to know why I am doing everything I am doing

I must practice speaking every day (maybe do my own speaking group without the extra stuff)

Incorporating more honesty and listening to some GC could help with getting potent actions done early in the day


If I think about how I set my priorities


They are Consciousness work (this & focus), Speaking/Storytelling, writing and learning and whole healthy lifestyle

Getting real in ever moment- mindfulness

I love that I get to set my own priorities and not the schizophrenic outer world

My priorities bring me home and I have to start the day with them (also mid & end)

THis has improved and humans love progress 

I have spent too much time not being honest with myself about priorities but I learned how that feels

I spend time every morning and night getting clear on higher and immediate priorities


If I think about how I invest my time


I take a long time to eat food 

I could spend less on SM and fake communication that is boring

I spend too much time day dreaming off

I desire to be a boss about time and focus like crazy

I want to be accomplishing more in the area of my priorities... 

Mindfulness is a new priority I can accomplish more if I focus

Too much worry about things not going myway



If I want to keep a customer for lifE

I love them as I love myself

I get deep with them into their truth so they come to see it more easily 

I see their best even when they are lost in conditioning

I am clear for them— not muddled in my own shit

I see their vision as I see my own

I grow myself so I can help them grow

I keep it real as can be because that has always been the beacon of clarity in my own leaders


Reflection video


Edited by Karla
Reflection video added

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Yesterday the book I referenced is called Super Human By Habit by Tynan. I also referenced an Alan Watts quote:

“A holy person is someone who is whole, who has, as it were, reconciled his opposites.”

This morning I had to take my car for oil change and inspection so my a.m. structure is a bit thrown off but still digging in to sentence stems now inor dear to stay complete with my plans for today. It’s imperfect but done and that feels grreeeat.

I was talking to my mom earlier, she picked me up during my oil change and she was complaining about my niece. I am present to how it’s easier sometimes it’s easier to give in to judging others, gossiping, smoking weed, drinking, over eating, social media scrolling, unhealthy relationships and time wasting rather than to face the ugly under belly that manifests as our “problems” in order to go HAM for our highest potential and dreams.

I am not perfect and fall into laziness and social media scrolling just like the people I love —I just wish to be as clear as possible knowing what I am up against and knowing that I choose this over more of my same results.

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If I look at how I spend my time

I am getting better and want to schedule all the things because it works!

I feel so grateful and great to be working around a time structure that keeps me on track

I have reminders set to just do what I need to do when it’s time.

I can clean things up next week but this week just sticking to the freakin plan

I am more collected and calm because I know when and what to do what I need to do 

I am more productive and happy But must stick to the plan/ new habits until they are a part of me


When I reflect on the level of awareness I bring to my work life

I remember when I would just eat a snack, scroll SM and zone out instead of taking action

I am in the consciousness of being a leader of ground breaking wellness

I want to study Dr. Sebi’s work and incorporate it because something is there I am missing

I am in the awareness of being all of me, disciplined for soul work and clear and sparkly

I can focus more being free and just letting my metaphysical side hang out

My work can blend into my wellness, my full expression, wholly self love and connection

I know that everything that has happened to me up to now has brought me here to be a boss not a victim


If I think about how I set my priorities


I prioritize soul and I remember when I was a pawn and how that feels so I know that is not how I want to live

I prioritize ground breaking wellness, increasing consciousness and being wholly

I prioritize my structure to create new habits now

I prioritize my sentence completion writing and not SM

I prioritize getting complete so I can clear mental space and energy for my highest potential

Every day dying empty is a priority before bed

Sleep is a priority


If I think about how I invest my time

I invest quite a bit with wellness, reading and also staring off into space

I want to tighten up my time and allow for unstructured staringoff into they sky or nothing at all

I need to make sure inspiration and yummy soul stuff happen early in the day as well as taking a break to get reconnected to my highest priorities

I can spend less time SM scrolling

I can get my SM streamlined for mor inspiration

I need to spend more time improving my financial awareness and systems

I have room for improvement for sure

My whole wellness for women day needs to be included in my daily promotion

Ooh also included in my reading needs to scanning my google alerts for pertinent new info/ idea sparks and fun content creation


If I want to keep a customer for life

I am clear about them and who they are/want to be

I develop my self to be a life long contributor to the people I love the most

I live into my highest potential every single day, moment to moment

I learn my blocks and see my way over them and communicate that authentically because those are also similar to her hurdles

I am real with myself moment to moment

I don’t hold onto that which is meant to pass through and increase my awareness

I read and absorb the good stuff I am called to research then share. Along my transparent journey all of it... what am I holding back now?


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The reflection video from 60/365




Sentence Stem Completion

If I look how I spend my time

I can be more mindful thoughout the day to quit scrolling and schedule time for SM

I want to feel more productive

I do like my new morning goals but now need to be refined so I can share more authentically vs. mechanically

I feel empowered to make my time work towards my highest potential

I desire time to set aside for more winding down with stretching and meditation at night before bed


WHen I reflect on the level of awareness I bring to my work life 

I could be more aware moment to moment 

This is improving and it feels good I just have to continue

I am making this habit

I can choose not to get carried away with thoughts

I can be way more aware with what work I want to be focusing on— primarily writing and sharing vulnerably THEN speaking THEN helping others

I would like to do less teaching, I do not like paperwork and administrative stuff but I can do it without too much over-thinking

When I feel on purpose it is all rewarding


If I think about how I set my priorities 

I need to prioritize writing and then reading and then sharing

I my vibe and feeling connected is the first priority

Increasing money flow is a priority

I want to start the day with a priority check in and connect deeply

I am improving this and can improve more each day with awareness

I have to set priorities based on my not the outer world


If I think about how I invest my time

I still can do better with this and less stuck in day dreaming

I am experiencing the results of not investing my time wisely for too long

I am hired to work more diligently for work I feel good about

I can go back to the 1 hour focused 30 minutes off then repeat that has worked for me in the past

Reminders help me and planning in detail what I am doing so I can just do it

Structure is my last thing that really needs to be tightened up so I am aware of 

Discpline and getting my priorities complete feels amazing

I crave more time for writing and unstructured expression


If Iwant to keep a client for life

We have to be a good fit

I have to speak authentically and stay clear

I am there for them

I share my own journey because it’s possibly similar to theirs

I am honest 

I see them as family

I transcend self/selfishness/self safety

I see them as their highest self and mirror back to them their highest desires for life


Today I am present to focusing myself to growing my self discipline muscles and making my habits a part of me with much gratitude to be aware of my areas that just need extra attention and expression.

Love these audiobooks with binaural beats channel I found. Today I am listening to this book, Neuropsychology of self discipline:


So in love with the binaural beats in the back... I kinda am on the fence with those voices though. Feels like someone is talking in my head which is weird AF. I love the book so far (listening to it now) and will listen to it through out the day while driving, working, cleaning. 

Note: I keep having these adult tentram tantrums (in writing)— last night was an example where I feel like I am not surrendering enough but then I go away back to life and the goals I have and I am working on (speaking, story telling & writing) seem to be fine. I am just going to continue but put writing first on the priority list with storytelling and speaking as a secondary with less forcing it into wellness or anything else. Feels risky but I feel as long as I am consistent where it feels most aligned, the rest will fall into place.



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last night's vid anddd 

Feel like I can definitely tell a difference in my day to day clarity when I am on my sentemce sompletion. It just feels like my eyes are peeled wide open. So good!

Kinda boring to just paste these but the behind the scenes of a perfect flower in bloom seems boring until it's not he he. 

New sentence stems Friday!!! Yay.

If I look at how I spend my time 

I am doing way better with mornings but afternoons need a buckle down

Before sleep needs needs halp 

Better with SM 

I can spend more structured time practicing my talk 

I want more time finishing my book/workbook

I can focus on learning growing my speaking niche and watching my faves talk

Needs more structure around bed time/ pre bed time


When I reflect on the level of awareness I bring to my work life

I am doing better with this but needs more practice

I just got distracted from this which is how I do work 

I know focus is the only way I can win

I am excited to finally be aware of some precious blind spots and wondering if there are lots more 

I am clearer every day how to focus so that I don't feel fucked over at the end of the day

awareness here is my priority and clearing my mental space to do so


If I think about how I set my priorities

My soul is the leader unless I am asleep

I can be focused here always and make better use of my busy tasks to make more room for my life's work

I love when I feel accomplished with my new habits

setting priorities is easy but following through I sometimes fail

I finally feel like my head is on straight I can't keep slipping

I can make it so that I feel like i am winning every day


If I think about how I invest my time

I invest it willy nilly

I can do better but already improvin with my structure

I am happy to be more aware here but so much time has been wasted not focusing here

I am grateful to be on the path to greater self discipline

I am invested in finishing my book and getting my women wellness workshops poppin

I finally feel much more in control here and that feels amazing


If I want to keep a customer for life

I am real with them and don't need to keep anything I see from them

I see their future when I see them

I communicate what others are afraid to communicate to them

I would rather offend than mislead her

I have to continue to get over my own shit

I want to see clearly over conditioning for both of us

I know that it has to be legacy focused even in her daily life


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Yesterday's video reflection:


Sentence Completion


If I look at how I spend my time

I am getting more aware so I have less mind wandering into thought and over thinking

I am finally getting better and can do a task and move on rather than get stuck in whether it was good enough or bad or embarassing or whatever

Less over caring is a time saver basically and must increase this

I want to just be productive without trying so hard so keeping my habits in check will naturally lead to this

Authentic habits not mechanical "should have" conforming habits are a priority

Yesterday still had some SM binges that could have been reduced

over progression here but plenty of room to grow in terms of focus and sticking to structure while expressing more


When I reflect on the level of awareness I bring to my work life

I am enjoying an increase and looking at ways that would automatically force me to be more aware like talking about my own mindfulness issues and growth

I have been working on habits daily that lock me into higher levels of awareness

This is a priority for me moment to moment

My biggest mistakees here are comparison and over thinking in terms of how well or bad I am doing past tense

Need more NOW presence here

This activity is helping and just need it to be a bit more of an obsession so I stay connected with it as a daily process

Self esteem is improving because of this-- awareness of what is real is so yum



If I think about how I set my priorities

Priority is awareness and in the moment, in my body, in my enjoyment of the now

mindfulness practicing and discipline development as a habit 

I want to replace priorities that are negatively impacting my growth such as too much self judgement

I want to get back to better food choices (super foods are super feel good foods)

Getting a priority list daily is something to do but I don't always do this

I can do better with going to bed and waking up and getting up and at em in the morning

in the past getting everything prepared the night before or for the whole week feels really good and taken care of


If I think about how I invest my time

More time can be used wisely for meal prep

I can do better planning my video content & getting more writing done

I want to get back to writing an hour a day or at least 30 minutes early in the day

I have improved but plenty more room for growth here

I think focus is needed for more growth anywhere else

I have improved my awanress around my time usage



If I want to keep a customer for life

Keeping a customer for life is somethng that should come natural if I really care

This is not up to me to keep people for life, I actually like to encourage my clients to learn their own way and go off on their own

I think I would share my journey as a possibility

I am as open and transparent as possible

I have to grow myself and get out of the way of my most natural way of being

I can continue to study my role models and embody traits that are applicable and feel aligned


Today's thoughts and ramblings/insight:

Exploring the concept that it takes all forms of exercise to fully strengthen and increase the body's fitness and progression therefore the same is true for soul and mind. Food also eating a varied diet is important!


Variation is key, why? how can I incorporate that into my entire life and whole person experience of life lived most authentically, in the moment without stories.

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Yesterday's reflection:

I got lazy with the titles lol.


I wasn't going to post my swntence stems but I attempted to believe I wouldn't so I could be honest he he.


I was also slightly worried it was too much to post but "too much" is a comparison and I am trying to give that addiction up?

The new stems are so fresh and new gahh

Day 65/365

sentence stem


*If I were to commit myself to achieving greater financial success:

I would get my tech stuff-- sales page and the opt in sheet done and get out into the world

I would sell my workshops unapologetically

I am focusing on selling my soul work every day

Contacting more places for speaking gigs on the daily

I would get the calendar offer out on FOTB channel, for clothes and my book and the workshop there as well

I would stop worrying about why I can't and just do the work I am here for and only that

I would sell my offers and make money every day 

pay my debts and get my ish together with tracking money every single day


*If I were willing to work using everything I know:

I would live every day as my best life and live every day like for real

I would not give any fucks and just sell and have fun too

I would never question my worthiness to sell and be fully all of me

say whatever I want

Id have to shut the f up and just do the things and continue to test my knowledge without hesitation

I can stop constant learning and start using my knowledge

Dig in and let 'er rip

honestly there is a lot I could be doing but I always get muddled in worrying about stuff that doesn't matter


*If I reflect on what it means to take full responsibility for my standard of living:

I have not done this consistently and sometimes feel like I don't have the power

I blame my lack of organization and my discipline

I am just rooted in things that are not true

I can take full responsibility now

my daily habits must include this and taking action

I feel empowered to shine a light of awareness in creating financial wealth

I can learn more here and increase my financial acumen


*If I reflect on how it might feel to commit myself fully to financial success:

I desire to commit to this daily in my habits 

I can track my spending and earning better and make a difference in my financial security

I am able to do this and empowered to see myself in this light

I am going to use the energy either way I might as well use it for financial success

I am grateful to know that I can be powerful here

I think about my birth number and why I am so inconsistent here but doesn't have to be that way

I know money is a symbol for value and doesn't have to come with baggage


*A really innovative approach to my work might include:

Seeing myself as an Osho or Rumi poet that has products with my quotes on them 

I want to be Clarissa Pinkola Estes and deconstruct stories from my life and those I admire

Incorporate fairy tales and story lines from folklore to share spiritual truths that can help people feel empowered

More vulnerability and expression every damn day-- the feeling of oops I said too much tmi

peel back all the fake ass layers we learn and laugh at them as comedy relief

Include it all --whole person wellness workshops and retreats 

I could let it be messy and unpolished most of the time AND actually not care that it is


Day 65/365 Reflection Videooo


Edited by Karla

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Sentence Completion

If I were to commit myself to achieving greater financial success

I could feel confident about my money management

I might enjoy this expansion and expression

I could test my limits here 

I might feel a bit greedy 

I honestly feel like this is just another form of expression and growth

I am down for the ride and the play in doing this 

This is now a daily habit soon to be easy and a part of who I am

This could be a fun thing that becomes easy and in flow


If I were willing to work using everything I know

I love this and then it requires all of me to expand here

I am willing and it could take a lot of uncomfortable growth in the beginning

I feel this is necessary for self actualization 

Higher levels of expression would become a reality

This is not so foreign and doesn’t have to be struggle

It would have to be for soul work at this point or not at all

my biz knowledge, my fitness knowledge, my hr knowledge and leadership knowledge and all of my life experience 

So inspiring and a bit scary to play with this thought


If I reflect on what it means to take full responbsibility for my standard of living

I have fallen short here and allowed others to take care of me but I can do this for myself

I want to fully experience all of the pieces of fully living into my fullest expression

I desire to do this well and have fun in the process

This is empowering af

We all have a birth right to be expressed and use all of who we are to support that and expand

This on the daily could seem ugly but I just have to master the pieces

I desire to live well and travel when I want and travel with my workshops


If I reflect on how it might feel to commit myself fully to financial success

This feels exciting but I know it sometimes might feel like work

I must commit to this daily and take actions in that direction 

this requires learning and I enjoy growing my knowledge

It’s not just about me and that feels empowering to accept

I have learned some things that I just need to practice more consistently here

I commit to learning, listening and incorporating a habit here daily

I am excited to begin today and commit to a book I can soak up here daily for 30 minutes

I am excited to do this and feel more confident in living financially free

I can commit to a budget that allows me to pay debt, increase earnings and invest


A really innovative approach to my work might entail

A book tour and workshop to my favorite cities before my book is even launched he he

a game to my workouts and for my fairytale

Might be fun to add some family tree stuff, see where old, passed down patterns can be broken and properly aligned/ utilized for max expression & healing

Creating interactive calendars for. My clients with ideas stolen from passion planner

Working on my books behind the scenes

Introverts guide to full expression —incorporate some speaking/comm knowledge

Make my wellness tree into a calendar or useful workbook component

Add a magical makeover upgrade to my workshop and “sprinkle some fairy dust” themed, just googled & already exists in amazon— ? 


Feeling super excited after the sentence stems today andddd watching Leo’s duality video upload— The more I feel good inside the more expressed I am. The more expressed I feel, the more I just feel a part of everything and less in my head space. SOmetimes I like being in my head space but mostly just out: Favorite things for getting out atm:

Sentence completion <3

FUN exercise


being transparent/ vulnerable even when it seems irrelevant like who cares

Creating things— outfit combinations, meals, workouts for FOTB 

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60 day summary--

I realize I am still delaying quite a bit of action:

1. Evolving my YT channel with more wellness vids and offerring a wellness calendar

2. I am not actively seeking speaking opportinities and applying

Mainly because my self image is still largely stuck in an old version that is a mismatch with these goals.

Ain't nothing to it but to do it. Especially anything that seems scary.

Creating new habits is going well and it's obvious that I need to sentence stems in order to evolve.

Quote from Ernest C. Wilson, Soul Power



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Video reflection from yesterday... almost not shared since I look a hot mess but it’s a good ego flog to just post anyways.


Day 67/365

4/14 Sentence Stem... For the record I did this earlier but just posting now lol. On that new habit flex. 

If I were to commit myself to achieving greater financial success

I would be more productive daily

I would have a daily, weekly , monthly and annual income goal to focus on and commit to

I would allow it to be easy, aligned with soul and fun

I am committed to achieving greater financial success so that I can be even more expressed

I would not make it personal, 

I would make sure I could feel good about it and really providing some good ish

I have to elevate my conception of self as a habit and allow it to be easy


If I were willining to work using everything I know

I would incorporate it into a holistic wellness offering 

Make it local first and on my YT 

the wellness calendar comes to mind which i would actually enjoy

I would have to think bigger and in terms of lifetime accomplishment

My self image would need a makeover

I can have a lot of fun with this and feeling fully engaged

I can make sure my surrounding support me including my own wellness alignment


If I reflect on what it means to take full responsibility for my standard of living

This puts in offense not defense

 I get ideas in droves but I only need one or two to feel committed and dig in

I feel empowered to act now

I have to be more disciplined and in touch with the healthiest of habits— whole person

I have to focus a lot more and get my time management in check

I would create something new instead of doing the old stuff that I always fall back into

I can wake up earlier and just get grounded in a reality where this is an easy result

I am aligned with my birth number, abundance and power


If I reflect on how it might full to commit myself fully to financial success

It has to be in soul and full expression, no more half assing life or anything that I require

I am required to be all of me without hiding

Alignment is required

Really fun and allowing no holding on

Open and free and full on

Alternating between workshop/ retreat and intense writing/ creation 


A really innovative approach to my work might be

Behind the scenes of book completion

A play in real life party where we get to come dressed as our higher selves— workshop

Coming full circle would include something in Philly maybe the Franklin institute or in Costa Rica

A personal development series —whole person expression story book series — hard though

Vulnerability guide 

allowing the lines to blur in all things so the fitness end, the soul stuff and the body confidence offering into one workshop


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