Is visualization method really work?

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There are several authors that mention the effectiveness of visualization, i have tried that but i'm not sure if it really works for me.

1. The author of Psycho Cybernatics mention that visualization is very important to create positive self-image (which helps success, fix limiting belief)

2. That guy from mindvalley said his acne problem was cured because of his routine visualization (he regularly visualize that his acne is cured and his skin is as smooth as a silk, like 3 times brief visualization a day for 5 months)

So what do you guys think about it, do visualization really work? Or is it just wishful thinking method?

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It can work, but of course the more open you are to it working, the better it works. The deeper it reaches, the better it works 

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It does work, but there's nuance to it. It's not the same as wishful thinking.

First off, if you just visualize and take no action, you're doing it wrong.

You generally should be taking so much action that you look at other people and it's like they're moving in slow motion. Especially if you're prone to overthinking like probably most of us on this forum.

The second piece is that it needs to be detailed. The more detailed and specific, the more you can "lock on" on that goal. What do you hear? What do you see? What do you feel?

The third piece is you need to inject positive emotion. The better you feel about the goal, the more you're going to move towards it.

My name is Austin Kourakin. Life Coach with a passion for personal development.

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@thematrixyz it will only work if you fully believe it will work. This cannot be faked. Of course, this will seem like a catch-22 for you, because you want the "proof" before you start... 

Well, take a little leap of faith of a little time investment. The proof is in the work itself. What's the worst that could happen? 

"The greatest illusion of all is the illusion of separation." - Guru Pathik

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