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No accumulation. A consistent all day awareness of all activity of self. Seems like few are dedicated to that. Very special fosho dude. 

Cool vid @Faceless?

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Thank you for sharing this. It really coincided at a good time. One where I make that commitment to die by giving up the parts for the whole for no particular reason. It's beyond all reason, the mind is cut from its roots. 

Nothing remains.

 “Within me there was a steady flow of undiluted bliss.” 
~ Ramakrishna

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Feel your hearts embrace of this moment of existence, and your love will awaken in everything you perceive ❤️ 

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“Spirituality”...advancement, progress, results???


Those who are serious about the significance of spirituality, will you be willing to enter deep into the horror, the beauty, and the silence, without hesitation, aversion? 

It is only in this conditioned field of time that we seek results and resist the dynamic uncertainty of what-is. 

Is there not any difference between chasing spiritual/mystical experiences and chasing psychological-spiritual results, as both are a movement of time. 

We can spend years, decades, our entire life developing/advancing(resisting), or we can step out of that current of disorder now. 

To die to the past means to die to the future. To die to the self-TIME, which is love. 

To live means the willingness to die. No resistance, no attachment, freedom without the restraints of fear. 


Can we see that when it comes to spirituality, that advancement, progress, and looking for results, is actually one unitary movement of fear/resistance/the i? 

Can there be a stepping out of the field of time? 

Can we cease this time bound resistance? 

Can we willingly give up that which we mechanically think we have to rely on, {Time-thought}, which is resistance in essence? 

Or shall we spend what little time we have swimming in the muddled sea of  psychological strife-conflict?

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11 hours ago, Jack River said:

No accumulation


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