Contemplating the side effects of being a coder

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7 hours ago, Outer said:

It's possible to retire in 10-20 years if you invest a majority of your income and spend little. Someone living at their parent's house can retire in like 5-7 years if they don't pay any bills. Search for FIRE (financial independence retire early)

Better than early retirement is to have adequate income result from the work that you would do if you were retired. 

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@Bluebird I wasn't saying working for a big company was more important than a small one, I was saying it was a likely choice one might need to make. I know with my business we need the 30 people just to stay in the game. Nice idea with the side project. Might see if that is a possibility.

I think I need to concentrate on when a good exit would be so I can run self-employed again. Whatever comes out of the change would likely be less productive, but that could be ok.

Aim for that beautiful life. This would include spending a lot of time contemplating.


Ok, so answering my question with the help of all of you… how about this?

"Contemplating the side effects of being a coder" should be "Contemplating the side effects of being a full time something". With the answer of:

Full time employment is a survival game, of which one should try to minimise if one is needing the time to search for Truth!

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