How to heal resistance in yellow and blue chakras ?

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During my last meditation session I had an insight about the resistance that's holding me back in my spiritual evolution and growth.

By focusing my attention on the third eye (6th chakra), I was able to use it's power to analyse my energy blockages and locate resistance. I found out that the solar plexus (yellow chakra) and the throat chakra (blue) are filled with resistance. 

My interpretation is the following : my heart chakra (the green one, just in between the yellow and the blue one) wants to express and I resist to it by blocking communication (blue chakra) and actions (yellow chakra).

I opened this topic ta ask if anyone has an idea about how I could proceed to heal this resistance.

Thanks for sharing any insight, knowledge, book names or any kind of content that could help me in this process.

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@iPurpl3x The healing IS, and we devilish idiots add shit to it. Resistance can not be healed, it is what is being added to what is perfectly aligned and needs no healing.  So just stop adding shit - whatever shit is being added through or from your mouth (throat), smoking, drugs, alchohol, vaping, pill popping, saying too much, not saying what you want to say - etc. 

Pull from you heart, TODAY, and bring that to the solar & throat. Write 3 thank you cards for people you never thanked. Tell 3 more people you freakin love them and you would not be who you are without them. 

The only catch or secret is, you must do it today. Today is the only day there is. 

Do so, and “tomorrow becomes today”, “today becomes tomorrow”, all chakras opened, loving, thriving, excelling, in the wonder and of infinite love and majesty, forever. 

Today though, don’t forget that part. Today. If you say “tomorrow”, that is more of that “shit” you’re adding to what is. There’s no such thing as tomorrow. Don’t add that to today. Lol.  

Also, it doesn’t matter, really, if you do this alone, for you, or if you involve other people. As in, you could say what you need to say, scream what you want to scream, in a room, or in the woods, alone, and it will still “work” (unblock & align your chakras) 

Or go get Reiki. (3 times at least) Just lay there and let go while someone pulls it out for ya. 

The wild, wild thing, is you’re effortlessly creating the universe, so all you need to do, is anything. But be sure to do something. 



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@Nahm Thank you for your answer and compassion.

I will definitely do something TODAY and I already planned on getting Reiki sessions when it'll be the right moment. 

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You need to open first Muladhara with Swadistana and Manipura. 

Only after, you manage your attention in 4 places at once you can use Manipura to open Vishuda. 


But you have to experience insanity to escape those blockages and come back. 



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