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  1. In An Advanced Explanation Of God-Realization Leo talks about a new chemical that he has been trying out that my be more potent than 5meo. I was wondering if someone could guess what he's referring to or if there is a new video where he talks about it (I didn't had so much time this summer so I still have to watch a few to be up to date...)
  2. I was looking at the video called "Comprehending the Magnitude Of Reality". Leo says that it all runs perfectly and that there is not a single glitch, not a single frame-drop. In my personal experience with psychedelics, the most shocking things I remember were actually frame-drop, complete glitches and ridiculously easily spotted imperfections. This all had to do with non-linear time flow. I cannot explain it in words actually. I just wanted to know if there was anyone else who had such experiences.
  3. @Nahm Thank you for your answer and compassion. I will definitely do something TODAY and I already planned on getting Reiki sessions when it'll be the right moment.
  4. In my opinion, to say "I am OF God" or "I AM God" is exactly the same thing from a non-dual point of view (a point of view where the illusion of separation is transcended). Do you see what I mean here ? To talk about the existence of "soul", I also like to believe in it, and use this concept when I talk. But I am aware that at the end the soul is nothing else then a psychological construct. I think that there's nothing "actual" to it.
  5. During my last meditation session I had an insight about the resistance that's holding me back in my spiritual evolution and growth. By focusing my attention on the third eye (6th chakra), I was able to use it's power to analyse my energy blockages and locate resistance. I found out that the solar plexus (yellow chakra) and the throat chakra (blue) are filled with resistance. My interpretation is the following : my heart chakra (the green one, just in between the yellow and the blue one) wants to express and I resist to it by blocking communication (blue chakra) and actions (yellow chakra). I opened this topic ta ask if anyone has an idea about how I could proceed to heal this resistance. Thanks for sharing any insight, knowledge, book names or any kind of content that could help me in this process.
  6. Do you know a little bit about the kundalini energy ? As I understood it, it's your inner life force that is sleeping at your root chakra, waiting to be awakened. What I ment by "waking up" is the awakening of this energy, producing an up-flow through your spine, until it reaches your last and seventh chakra.
  7. You're waking up ! Do you know the Kundalini meditation technique ? It's a Dynamic Meditation technique devised by Osho. It includes 15 min of dancing. If you want to try it it's quite simple : - Shake your body for 15 minutes, listening to very fast drum music. Feel shaken, don't do the shaking. - Dance for 15 minutes and let the awakens energy express itself. Play some enchanting and dancing music. - Sit or stand completely still for 15 minutes. Play some very relaxing music. - Lay down and let yourself relax completely for 15 minutes. If you try it, let me know if you like it !
  8. During my last trip on psychedelics, I had a strange insight about the purpose of the physical body. It's very hard to explain, but I am going to try. Also I wanted to post the this here, to see if there is someone else who had some similar insight or experience. So to set the context, I was laying in my hammock, eyes closed and legs crossed. I don't know what brought me there but at some point, I felt that my consciousness had expanded and was looking for THE answer to life. There was no thought there, just pure awareness. I kind of went full circle inside of myself and then I had this amazing insight : What if the physical body is here to retain a portion of the infinite consciousness inside of a "life experience"? What if this life experience can only take place at the meeting point of the cosmic dualities? And finally what if the purpose of having this solid feeling of physical matter is simply to hold those dualities together? Because if the energy would be free it would just go back to the Source and stay there in complete stillness, eternal nothingness. I know this sounds all a little bit confusing, but I couldn't find any better words to describe what I think I discovered about myself. Finally I felt like there was a non-dual center in-between the cosmic dualities and that I was afraid to get there. To get there would have meant to let loose all those energy knots that I had build up to stay alive. I then realized how much I was identified to all these knots and how wrong I was about my identity. I then discovered my true nature, or at least a glimpse of it. I really cannot talk about because it is far beyond words ! What do you think ? Am I delusional or did I really discover something here ?