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for the sake of argument, imagine for a moment you had been involved in a catastrophic accident, in which you had lost all connection to the known reality through your bodily senses. you are been taken to a hospital, there you are been taken care of, for all your phisical needs.

at first you will feel frightened and disoriented. after a while you will start to feel relaxed and then calm down, and start to re-live your life from your memory. your awake and sleep cycles will be merge into a timeless awareness. in the process, your sense of self will be disintegrated, all sense of time will be lost, past and future as separated concepts will be gone. all that there is, is awareness, and it is not yours.

now, suppose your body is miraculously healed and all your senses comes on-line anew. whats now? how would you refer to the perceived reality? to anything?

i invite you to meditate using the same "state of mind" described above, and see what happens.

some may experience a psychedelic free mini-trip, that its intensity depends on their intent intensity.

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Wow! What a scary scenario to think about. But I totally understand what you are saying :) 


Thank you!

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So we should paralyze ourselves? :P

brb, getting into a car accident 

But in seriousness, it's quite amazing what are sensors does... But it just shows that the sensors that are not causing the delusions, but ourselves? Who says we have to follow our senses? 

I guess if we did cut off our body, our awareness would skyrocket, for we would not attach ourselves with the body. So if our bodies were healed, we would have to make the decision of attachment or still be detachment. that's a scary decision.

Thank you for this

You're not human, you're the universe

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