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@Natasha Thank you dear!! :x:x Many many hugs to you too!! ^_^

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Where I am and where I'm going

I've been wanting to stop and reflect about this for a while. I finally kinda started the process last week, at the beach, while on holiday in Croatia. Answering directly to that question felt a bit too much at the moment so I chose to answer to the "21 most important questions of your life" by Darius Foroux (all but the ones about one's own business).

Here's the result: 


The to do list / take home messages I can take from those questions are:

  1. Crossfit, Crossfit, Crossfit!!
  2. Restart meditating, 10 minutes per day would be already a great achievement.
  3. Sticking to doing the Five Minute Journal morning and evening every day.
  4. 1 hour of studying every day.
  5. To dedicate the whole Sunday to preparing the week.
  6. Doing my best to gain time.
  7. Being true to myself (telling the truth and being it).

So yeah, in spite of the mess (I have a huge list of things to do before the end of my holidays and there's also some work I left unfinished before leaving - a week and a half ago-...), I am going places. A family friend said that I'm going to be famous, but that's just her opinion.. xD

I'm glad I have more clarity about where I'm going right now. In the midst of the craziness of this new beginning sometimes I felt very very lost. Now I "know" that I want to excel in my work and I want a loving and fulfilling love relationship and a great social life (friends who share the desire to grow and become more). All things I already knew somehow, I just needed a reminder. So, as always, thank you Universe!! :x

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Posted (edited)

I should be working but...

I'll take a few minutes to state some facts so that I hopefully won't forget them:

  • I am VERY VERY lucky!!! I don't know if I'm the luckiest person on earth but I must be near that. I had some difficulties today managing a patient and I had a super rebound of impostor syndromeness.. But "luckily" everything worked out fine in the end and most of all there was one of my colleagues who were there to catch up with her work and helped me so much, she encouraged me and gave me a lot of of strenght with her words!!
  • Life is a challenge but I'm given only challenges I am able to solve!!
  • Worrying is totally unnecessary,as I once said: worry is a thief!! 
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Leveling Up 

This title was inspired by Ciara's song "Level UP". It came out in a spotify playlist I was listening to a week or so ago and it couldn't be more on time and specific to my current situation!!

I've been working in Switzerland for three months now and I'm starting to get used to it: I do things quite on time, I take lunch and coffe breaks and manage to go back home at a reasonable time. I'll even have a wifi connection at home soon. Things are so good I can't believe it. So I panicked!  I didn't literally panic but I did start kinda self sabotaging with things like binge watching (I do have to acknowledge that I did learn something from watching the first and half of the second season of Suits.. It depicts very well the position I am in right now as a junior doctor, my work is actually important to make my senior's one better. I already knew it but repetita always iuvant..) and eating junk food.

Fortunately at the moment I am also listening to Psycho-cybernetics. Among other quotes this one really stroke me "New roles require new self images". To live the kind of life I want to live I need to change my identity and let go of the bagages that keep me where I am now. Thanks to that book I re-discovered the importance and the power of visualisation. In particular this morning I took the time to do these two guided visualisations:

In this one you basically meet yourself in five years and are asked to see exactly how he/she is. It was an incredible experience!! My five years from now self is a beautiful, smiling, calming and reassuring woman. She's dresses in a chic-ethnic way and plenty of ethic jewels (gold? Apparently I'll finally succumb to the charm of gold...). She also smells "chic-ethnic". She's confidently poised, and her smile.. Have I already mentioned it?? :x And, of course she speaks perfectly French, and is ultra competent il her work. She has an amazing husband and apparently a little girl growing up to be an amazing woman like herself. And I am that woman!!! :x:x:x

This one simply broke me to tears.. The more I go on in this journey and the more I learn the importance of being humble and compassionate. Things like giving credit to an obese patient telling me that he/she wants to lose weight even if my first instinct would be to think that it's impossible watching his/her current situation. Now I see other people reflected in my life: I had many and many second chances and people believing in me even after I had done something wrong so why would I refuse that to the people around me??


Talking about leveling up, another video that came right on time was this one from Shan Boody:

This is what I learned from her:

  • Step out of your estimate (be the 3000 dollars worth cup looking like a 3 dollars worth cup to a casual observer).
  • Step in your essence: you are there because you belong there = be undeniable. Aka study study study and prepare prepare prepare in my case.


In short, as David Goggins says "Everything in life is a mind game!". So level up!! ^_^


P.S. In the lyrics at a certain point she says "Thank God I never settled, This view is so much better".. I took this picture in amazement yesterday..


Not bad uh?! :) Yeah, Sardinia was great too but stil.. :x

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