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13 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

I agree with this.  Or to sound less clingy and belief-oriented -- I should say that this resonates with me.  It resonates very much with how I think about these matters too.  The Ego is a belief and most likely false.  Knowing how our ideas have ferreted out on many matters -- it wouldn't surprise me that our cultural beliefs are wrong.  The Egoic Paradigm is simply a philosophy, a belief system, a cultural construction, not different from any other creation like Rock and Roll or Kung Pao Chicken.  Is Kung Pao Chicken objectively better than Beef and Broccoli, well?  Yeah!  No.  It's funny that we think like that with our other paradigms and don't even realize it.  That's why Enlightenment is the eradication of ignorance -- the deepest eradication of ignorance.

Yeah we don’t see that measurer is the measured. 

Thats why i try to identify by attention all forms of measure throughout the day. Very subtle forms of measure take place. Like the pleasure in gratification to become enlightened for example. If we see that every movement of demand from the center is a movment of measure we see that we must attend to thought diligently. It’s so sneaky man.

To see what’s really happening, the danger of somthing becomes its own action away from it. Just the attention alone. Like the intelligence of jumping out of the way of a moving truck. There’s no thought, that would take to long. There’s just perception which acts instantly. This is the action of perception/intelligence. 

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