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[book] Feeling Is The Secret by Neville Goddard

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This is an old book written by Neville back in 1944.

I'll summarize it here as i review.

The book is very short as it covers 4 chapters.

It's quite practical, the first chapter covers law of attraction which tells you to how you could manifest what you want by visualizing and knowing what you want. Whatever you focus on grows. Your intent/vision is crucial.

2nd chapter is about your subconscious mind before sleep, tells you take good care of it by going to sleep with positive thoughts.

3rd chapter is about prayer, believe that your wishes are granted so you feel content and at ease as you go through life.

4th is about feeling. faith is feeling, as it's your emotional response what various situations in life is what controls your overall results in life.

It's a typical self help book but with a different touch as it points out that you are the god of your life, I enjoyed going through it's content, basics are always good to review from time to time. It's all about action in the end of getting results. Personally i tend to keep things simple as they are very efficient instead of complicating things.

Always remember you are the god of your life and you create it at every moment. Be wise or neglect it, it's up to you, the results will eventually show,  whether it's a neglected dream or a polished dream. After all you have more than unlimited time as a timeless being so it's all good anyway don't sweat it.

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@Aquarius  i'm always getting results that are back and forth, my main difficulty in life is enough sleep, but i believe i'll be healed soon from bad sleep patterns

i've been suffering from tinnitus for quite a while i finally feel that this is the year where i'll be cured and be healthy once again

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