Why Emphasize Entrepreneurship?

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So many in the self help field want me to stay my own business. Why is that?

My business, my business, mine, mine, mine.  Seems egoic...

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In order to get rid of your ego, you first need to grow your ego. As long as you haven't worked on your identity, your ego will remain too weak and will show too much resistance to be thrown away.

Creating your own business (or more generally following your life purpose) may be a good way to maximise your ego and really understand that true fullfilement comes from elsewhere.

Business can be good, as long as it just constitutes a step in your evolution (and not an end point).

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I think it's based around two things.


People want to work for someone else because they feel it's harder to run their own business, therefore they go down the safe route of working for someone else. Also since it's the well worn path, because most people work for someone else, therefore their parents probably did as well.

It's also to do with spiral dynamics. Since having autonomy, working for yourself, (orange stage) is closer to the truth (turquoise stage) compared to conforming to higher authorities, working for someone else (blue stage).


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@Splion You're welcome to work in a factory. Let's see how egoic that turns out.

You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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@Splion It involves creation which connects you more to your source.

it's a much bigger challenge than getting a job.

It is more rewarding.

You can delegate and replace yourself and grow a company while not even working there.

You could then start another company based on a newer interest.

You get to hire people you want to work with.

You can really see what you're made of in this regard. 

You can place the business wherever you want.

You can have a unique sense of progress and accomplishment, not to mention self reliance and personal accountability.

You can help your employees with their PD simply by supporting the idea in your workplace, if nothing else. 

There's a million more reasons.



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