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  1. OK, it's somewhat reassuring 10g of dried shrooms would have been equivalent to 10-20 times more psylocibin than your 10g fresh truffle trip!
  2. 10 grams of dried mushrooms is kind of an insane dose... ! Not saying you didn't eat 10g, but it surprises me that a store would advice anyone to buy a full 10g for 1 person (this could lead to a traumatizing trip if the person is not ready/experienced enough). Now, if the mushrooms were fresh instead, this 10g package was equivalent to a 0.8-1g dried dose (which is closer to the "regular" 1-2g dose/person). Did they look like this Or like that
  3. @Leo Gura Do you mean that the net "amount" of consciouness in the universe can change? Is a planet full of rocks somehow less conscious than a planet full of humans? If everything is made out of consciousnes, how can this consciousness "grow"? How can nothingness expand?
  4. @Leo Gura Do you find it important to remain still during self-inquiry? For sure, stillness helps to acquire some focus - but it also feels like the self-inquiry then turns into some SDS meditation
  5. In order to get rid of your ego, you first need to grow your ego. As long as you haven't worked on your identity, your ego will remain too weak and will show too much resistance to be thrown away. Creating your own business (or more generally following your life purpose) may be a good way to maximise your ego and really understand that true fullfilement comes from elsewhere. Business can be good, as long as it just constitutes a step in your evolution (and not an end point).
  6. I think that the "accent" in your name (the letter "ă") makes it look very cool (because it's unusual in many languages). You may want to keep it. For example, I'd go with something like Dan Adarnă (which mixes your second and last names). The alliterations of the sounds "A" and "D" (which are also, incidentally, the name of musical notes) make it sound quite musical and harmonious, like a melody (this alliteration technique is also present in brand names such as "Coca Cola", with repetitions of "A", "O" and "C"). Also notice the "Dan Ad-" palindrom in the first two syllabs (a pattern which can be mirrored), which adds some style to the name. Overall, it would be a good balance between english and "foreign" language (your first name would sound common and friendly ; and your last name would sound more mysterious and exotic). I wouldn't choose a fully "americanised" or "westernised" name like "Dan Smith" or "Dan Aaron". "Arnaud" is actually a common french first name (and sounds very french as a last name too). PS: I can tell, because i'm french
  7. @Beyond Words Non-duality could probably be a domain of mastery if you actually mastered it (but is it the case?). I think that Leo's "domain of mastery" concept concerns things you're already comfortable with right now (but correct me if I'm wrong). I'm also puzzled by this question of facilitating the access to spirituality via (bio)technology. As of today, maybe communication (videos, movies, games...) is more important than pure technology in order to spread the taste for enlightment, and make it eventually trendy. In some previous post, I believe that you mentioned that you wanted to pursue a scientific career. I now see that you also have created a business! Awesome! What is it about? Do you still plan to follow an academic path?