How To Stop Creating Physical Pain?

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7 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

@kieranperez Christian monks famously wore hairshirts -- shirts made out of coarse, itchy, irritating animal hair -- as a means of self-inflicted suffering for purpose of spiritual purification.

The reason spiritual traditions all over the world use suffering as spiritual practice is because it awakens the mind, while pleasure and comfort usually dulls the mind into unconsciousness.

Same idea as cold showers.

Of course this is often done is a dysfunction, pathological, moralistic manner, which is the opposite of consciousness.

@Leo Gura do you practice cold showers? I have found the Wim Hof Method to be an effective tool in my personal development over the past couple of months.

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Ralston talking about his story of understanding pain while having his nerve in his mouth drilled for root canal:

”What I found was that not onl was I able to experience the whole procedure without pain, I had the opportunity to play around a bit. As I say there I noticed that I felt I had to remain serious and control my mind. It occurred to me to ask myself: why? If I can keep myself from creating pain, why do u have to be serious about controlling it? I can also stop creating the distinctions “serious” or “controlling.” So I dropped that disposition, relaxed, and began flirting with the nurse. Still no pain

Im literally laughing my ass off at this level of mastery. 

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