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  1. I've noticed that most people here seem to pinpoint themselves and others in one value system. Saying things like I moved out of blue,orange,green,... This is simply not the way Spiral dynamics is intended to be used. Stage theory is a holarchy, not a hierarchy. This means the each stage INCLUDES and Transcends the previous. Just like your hand includes and transcends your fingers. This doesn't mean your fingers disappear when you think on the level of your hand. The same goes with the value systems. Each stage has to be present in a healthy way or the stage above will crumble and stage development will be arrested. Spiral dynamics as developed by Graves and Don Beck points out the stages develop due to changing life conditions, not personal development. So ask yourself how healthy is your Spiral for each stage? -Beige: food, safety,sex,... -Purple: family situation, friends, belonging,... -Red: Drive, will power, sense of self - Blue: structure, morals , rules, security - Orange: personal goals and development, knowledge based - Green: equality, shared decisions, emotion focust -Yellow: comfortable with paradox, complexity and systems Note: you also can't base peoples value system on the actions they take.
  2. Stage Yellow view(and using spiral dynamics) on the Russian and Ukraine conflict.
  3. @Danioover9000 You're welcome! I've got a different view now on spiral dynamics and its use in our world. The real focus of spiral dynamics(as developed by Don Beck) is value systems in combination with life conditions. Different life conditions demand different Vmemes or value systems. Spiral dynamics as a personal development tool(as popularised by Ken Wilber) has its merrits but the general population is simply not aware(too reactive) enough to use it that way.
  4. Hi everyone, I wanted to post a lecture/analysis on the Russian and Ukraine conflict using Spiral dynamics. The lecturer is Auke Van Nimwegen, who has been working closely with Don Beck. He's been using spiral dynamics for many years and has developed questionnaires for companies to use spiral dynamics in change management. The amount of nuance he has and his knowledge about spiral dynamics is simply phenomenal. I have followed his Spiral dynamics level 2 course and was amazed, by how wrongly most people use spiral dynamics. Enjoy this presentation from a Spiral wizard.
  5. I personally had the most success with body focussed therapies. So maybe also look into Dramatherapie as well?
  6. God must have had a field day when he created McAfee. *let's see how far I can stretch myself with this one*
  7. So a little update since I started taking the CBD. I've taken 90 dosages of 40mg, one each day sometimes 1 each 12hours. It did not really lower my anxiety and sleep wasn't all that better, maybe just a little but nothing significant. But I think I have found the source of the anxiety: ADHD-I. I'm now taking methylphenidate and feel very relaxed and can finally be focused. For the first time in a very long time, I feel happy and have the feeling I have somewhat control over my mind and my life in general. I still feel like me when I take it. What changed is that now I have access to everything I've learned over the years: mindfulness, emotional control, focus,... Even my nervous ticks: nail-biting, pulling hair, leg twitching,... just stopped right after taking the medication. I know the medication has a bad rep but for the first time, I have the feeling I can breathe.
  8. @Leo Gura It seems he's turning around(spirally wise) instead of moving forward. The other guy seemed more developed and mature than JP. The other one talks about deification and being godlike. Jordan on the other hand seems completely crushed. I wonder what happened to him that collapsed his view of the objective and narrative world.
  9. @Rilles I don't know, was he Christian before?
  10. At around 22min in, Jordan starts crying when he's talking about Jesus. It seems he has had some mystical experiences while being sick but it seems it completely tore him apart. I've seen a lot of Christian channels talking about it the past few days. The guy he's talking to is a Christain and has a high level of development which is nice to see for a change. What are your thoughts on this?
  11. I'm looking to get some cbd oil or pills for my anxiety and to improove my sleep. Does anyone have some experience with it? What is the best dose? Or is it not recommended as a nootropic?
  12. @Corpus You're writing style is incredible. I loved reading your description.
  13. @freeman194673 Maybe you could start with meditating on some questions about your addiction. Start with why questions: Why do I do this to my self? Why can't I allow myself to have a fulfilled life? ( Maybe you got the believe from your parents that life sucks) ... Then see what answers your mind comes up with. Next ask yourself how you do it and for what reason: 1) to punish yourself 2) protect yourself 3) to get attention Also try to find limiting beliefs when answering these questions and when you find one you could use the "the work" from katie Byron to lessen it's grip on you. Ex: my life sucks Ask the next questions in a meditative state. 1) ask if the believe you have is true? 2) if you answer yes: ask again Am I 100% sure it's true? Without a shadow of a doubt!!! 3) how do I act or what do I do if I believe this believe? 4) how would I act or what would I do if I don't believe it and perhaps that the opposite is true? Then turn the the believe around and find examples in your memory when the turnaround was true: - my life is great( find examples for when your life was great or just good) - ...( Sometimes you can make more turn arounds) A vision board as @Nahm mentioned will also be very helpfull to create some direction in your life. Good luck!
  14. @clouffy I'm a product developer and we use both convergent and divergent thinking in generating ideas and products. What we do is first do a brainstorm and generate as many ideas as possible(divergent thinking). Then we combine ideas to concepts or we cherry-pick the best ideas(convergent thinking). With the output of the convergent phase, we do another divergent phase but focussed on the ideas from the convergent phase. Keep repeating this sequence and you'll get more and more focused but you keep your creativity. Hope this helps.
  15. @capriciousduck Check youtube there are loads of videos about the law of attraction. But I would advise you to just do some more basic personal development. These esoteric concepts like law of attraction of auras will only hold you back. Just know they exist and leave it at that.