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  1. @Corpus You're writing style is incredible. I loved reading your description.
  2. @freeman194673 Maybe you could start with meditating on some questions about your addiction. Start with why questions: Why do I do this to my self? Why can't I allow myself to have a fulfilled life? ( Maybe you got the believe from your parents that life sucks) ... Then see what answers your mind comes up with. Next ask yourself how you do it and for what reason: 1) to punish yourself 2) protect yourself 3) to get attention Also try to find limiting beliefs when answering these questions and when you find one you could use the "the work" from katie Byron to lessen it's grip on you. Ex: my life sucks Ask the next questions in a meditative state. 1) ask if the believe you have is true? 2) if you answer yes: ask again Am I 100% sure it's true? Without a shadow of a doubt!!! 3) how do I act or what do I do if I believe this believe? 4) how would I act or what would I do if I don't believe it and perhaps that the opposite is true? Then turn the the believe around and find examples in your memory when the turnaround was true: - my life is great( find examples for when your life was great or just good) - ...( Sometimes you can make more turn arounds) A vision board as @Nahm mentioned will also be very helpfull to create some direction in your life. Good luck!
  3. @clouffy I'm a product developer and we use both convergent and divergent thinking in generating ideas and products. What we do is first do a brainstorm and generate as many ideas as possible(divergent thinking). Then we combine ideas to concepts or we cherry-pick the best ideas(convergent thinking). With the output of the convergent phase, we do another divergent phase but focussed on the ideas from the convergent phase. Keep repeating this sequence and you'll get more and more focused but you keep your creativity. Hope this helps.
  4. @capriciousduck Check youtube there are loads of videos about the law of attraction. But I would advise you to just do some more basic personal development. These esoteric concepts like law of attraction of auras will only hold you back. Just know they exist and leave it at that.
  5. You attract in life who you are. If you're a no-life than you'll attract no life friends. That's why they say that for the law of attraction to work you have to become what you want to attract. That being said don't bother with how others are around you, focus on yourself and the right people will come and the wrong ones will fade out of your life(not necessarily easy)
  6. We get influences by our environment and at the same time, we also influence our environment. IMO free will depends on where you want to stand in that system(human-environment). But really what does it matter? Would you turn into a vegetable if there were no free will? What would you do differently if you would know the answer?
  7. Maybe you should keep writing about it? In what you wrote I already see some limiting believes. You could write about them and question their validity. I would use " the work" from Katie Byron on the next believes:
  8. Communes is a stage green activity. The best you can find i guess is a stage green commune with a stage turquois leader. Stage yellow loves the variety of all the stage below them (sees the necessity of each individual stage). So why would they pull away from that? IMO a stage yellow commune would have all other stages in them as well.
  9. I've brands which say pharma gaba and brands which just say gaba? Is there a difference?
  10. Look up how to make a system map. A system map does what is says it maps out the system and all the components in them and how they interrelate. When you've made you're system map try to find intervention or leverage points in them. These points are nodes that influence a lot of the system. This way you can use system thinking with the problem you're trying to solve.
  11. Randomness is a construct of the mind when it fails to see the interrelatedness of things.
  12. @Harikrishnan As long as you need to. Until it's no longer an issue for you
  13. "Something you gather can you yours but it can never be you" Sadhguru
  14. @Conscious life I think you have a too romantic view about who the samurai were. The way of the samurai is of no use in the current society! Maybe you should ask yourself why feminity is so threatening? Why are you so afraid to be seen as weak? Why does it bother you? I think there's a lot to contemplate here.
  15. I don't see what your problem is. You say you don't like being perceived and feeling your feminine side yet you quote Osho where he says that a truly spiritual person is both. Feminine and masculine, the lamp and the sword, the monk and the warrior. Eliot focusses too much on the warrior archetype. He forgets the magician, lover and king.