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  1. We get influences by our environment and at the same time, we also influence our environment. IMO free will depends on where you want to stand in that system(human-environment). But really what does it matter? Would you turn into a vegetable if there were no free will? What would you do differently if you would know the answer?
  2. Maybe you should keep writing about it? In what you wrote I already see some limiting believes. You could write about them and question their validity. I would use " the work" from Katie Byron on the next believes:
  3. Communes is a stage green activity. The best you can find i guess is a stage green commune with a stage turquois leader. Stage yellow loves the variety of all the stage below them (sees the necessity of each individual stage). So why would they pull away from that? IMO a stage yellow commune would have all other stages in them as well.
  4. I've brands which say pharma gaba and brands which just say gaba? Is there a difference?
  5. Look up how to make a system map. A system map does what is says it maps out the system and all the components in them and how they interrelate. When you've made you're system map try to find intervention or leverage points in them. These points are nodes that influence a lot of the system. This way you can use system thinking with the problem you're trying to solve.
  6. Randomness is a construct of the mind when it fails to see the interrelatedness of things.
  7. @Harikrishnan As long as you need to. Until it's no longer an issue for you
  8. "Something you gather can you yours but it can never be you" Sadhguru
  9. @Conscious life I think you have a too romantic view about who the samurai were. The way of the samurai is of no use in the current society! Maybe you should ask yourself why feminity is so threatening? Why are you so afraid to be seen as weak? Why does it bother you? I think there's a lot to contemplate here.
  10. I don't see what your problem is. You say you don't like being perceived and feeling your feminine side yet you quote Osho where he says that a truly spiritual person is both. Feminine and masculine, the lamp and the sword, the monk and the warrior. Eliot focusses too much on the warrior archetype. He forgets the magician, lover and king.
  11. Coaches have got a bad rep because of all the charlatans amongst them. Some of them just did one course and believe they do a better job than a well-educated psychologist, which is not the case. I think coaches dwell more in the new age stuff so orange and blue people will definitely react more negative to them because of it
  12. Blue being threatened by green or yellow spirituality. Good way to look at all the nit-picking going on (from the bible), on both sides. This made me laugh though.
  13. If you look at single-cell organisms that group together to form low-level lifeforms and further started creating nervous systems, you can now see that humans(single-cell) are starting to create an interconnected system (the internet) to form a new kind of nervous system which connects us all. The earth is becoming more and more a life and more intelligent. In the future maybe the earth will create a nervous system with other planets who knows. Will this mean that there will be a utopia, I don't think so! If all the cells in our body made a truce with eachother we would die. I think on a higher level this is true as well.
  14. Don't know what happened to my post. Can't seem to fix it