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  1. @onacloudynight Demonic energy is illusion. The devil is the master of illusions (Mara). This illusion is perpetuated by ignorance, And can be overcome by Truth. Important disclaimer: Do not EVER disrespect a demon you will get your ass kicked.
  2. @Nexeternity Thank you so much for sharing! You have opened a new possibility in my mind Have a great day! Daniel.
  3. @tuku747 This is just amazing it was a joy to read. I feel light coming from inside after reading this post. Reality is amazing, have an extraordinary and fulfilling life! (Made with your infinite hands of course )
  4. @Bruins8000 Reality is the formless showing itself in form. So god wants to represent itself in form. That is why I think when he creates his avatars he gives them a body. Have an awesome day
  5. Being alone is the best. I have gotten into a relationship only to realize that I like being alone more. I know its not the kind of alone you are talking about but its a beginning. I can see how it hurts not accepting the nature of god and seeing him as a cruel masochist since there is no way to escape him as you yourself stated. The way it is in my view is that god explores himself to the extreme having no boundaries and no one to tell him 'no'. So yes it involves pain, and sometimes lots of it. I even wrote on a wall somewhere (in hebrew): God is a son of a *&^% Ill end on a happy note: The hindu tradition believes that Brahman (God) is going through cycles of exploring himself. This being the third and last one. In this cycle - so they say - the pain and the horrible are 'winning' and its the darkest. But after this one ends there will be an ocean of bliss and basking in his own beauty and magnificence.
  6. Love & Beauty Ill make my mind see only Beauty And feel only Love.(Although it is in the heart department)
  7. @onacloudynight I was once disgusted with this reality and hated everything about it. From my experience it can be because of flawed assumptions about reality which come about from personal interpretation of events which can be removed from the Truth. Another thing might be past experiences which color our perception of reality. Here I think therapy could help. There are no monsters , each of us is somehow broken, some in less socially acceptable ways. For example I have a tendency to go into psychosis and when its to severe i.e. I act too socially unacceptable , They need to hospitalize me. Hope it helped even if just a bit. Have a great day! Daniel
  8. Hello, I've had a very gradual awakening (over 8 years) and after my last "Aha" moment I've entered a reality which feels amazing(feels is not the right word but it comes close) yet it also feels to me like there is nothing more to realize. The last insight was along the lines of: "Be the truth instead of trying to find it" And to "Be" it you need to realize that it is already the case. If you are using the mind you are already too late. I'll elaborate: My thinking has gone down to like 10% of what it was, i feel utter peace profound peace like I've been living my whole life not knowing what true peace is. And what's weird to me and the point of this post is that when i sit to self enquire no more realizations are coming. Its new to me because just a few days earlier insights where coming one after the other. What to do next? It feels pointless to self inquire but as Leo said ( and i believe it myself ) There is no end to how much enlightened you can get. As doing this work is my passion I'm interested in what to do next and maybe someone here had a similar experience. Thank you Daniel.
  9. @tuku747 Thank you your answer resonated with me have a great day God
  10. @onacloudynight metta meditation might help with that. Channeling love to others and at the end - to yourself. (ill add a link to a guided metta meditation which I liked) Also you can imagine yourself as a kid and all the way till now and love each step of your journey. There is a zen dialogue which comes to mind: Disciple: I have no peace of mind , master please pacify my mind! Master: Show your mind before me and ill pacify it. Disciple: When I look for it I cant find it! Master: Here it is pacified .
  11. @ActualizedDavid It is a very good question , and ill try my best to answer: God exists and there is only one of him, inside god there are perception 'bubbles' each having a unique and 'separated' reality. I don't know how many bubbles there are, and the way I prove myself the existence of 'other' bubbles such as mine is not through the use of mind but instead here i chose to listen to my heart. And my heart tells me there are other sentient beings. Why do we 'dream up' a common reality and how come bubbles can interact with other bubbles? My best attempt at answering this one is: Through God. God is our common ground and because at the root we are all god we can interact with each other. Also reality is God exploring and representing itself in form so we must experience a common reality as it is the description of the same thing i.e. God. Have a great day! Daniel.
  12. Hi, from my experience the no-self is not an appearance it is a realization , and a realization which shows you your true self which dose not appear also. Every appearance comes and goes, and The True Self is the only thing which is constant. I agree with you axiom, enlightenment is not a magic cure for all our psychological shortcomings , it can leave a person unchanged. The change of personality must come manually through working on yourself. Hi and thank you for the answer. The reason I want to self inquire more and why i was asking what is next is because I have the idea that you can always deepen your realization of reality. Maybe the idea itself is flawed and needs to be re-examined. And also to be fair I am afraid of being arrogant and thinking I'm enlightened when I'm not, since i had it before when i was thinking "This is it!" and I was just deluded. Leo would you say that when you raise your consciousness new realizations become available for "download"? A note to all who wrote on this post: I enjoy reading your comments so much it is interesting how the thread "evolved" so thank you for your contribution you are all amazing players and i hope your path leads you to interesting places. Be well! Daniel.
  13. My experience is: There is direct experience . There is god. Consciousness is a word pointing to nothing. It is not "made" out of nothing or "is" nothing. Its nothing because its not a part of reality. Have a peaceful evening. Daniel.
  14. @Leo Gura I think i got that sorted in my mind: God is. There is an experience in god. The experience is made of consciousness. Here i want to note that i do not yet have a direct experience of experience being made of consciousness i just get it intellectually. Is that correct in your experience? Thank you for your answer and have an awesome day Daniel.
  15. @Hanna Luna I know it can seem heartless but at the end its all god putting on different masks and experiencing different content. Why would god want to experience extreme suffering? Let me tell you first hand: I am diagnosed with schizophrenia and had a psychosis occur 3 times which is a very traumatic experience, as well as having severe depression that could last to a year and a suicide attempt. Why am i saying all that? The suffering in my path only helped me progress that much faster in my development. Maybe god gives himself a "shock treatment" all with the goal of awakening you in mind. Anyway those where my thoughts. Have a nice day Daniel
  16. From my experience what I am is god. And what god exists as in my direct experience is Nothingness. Why call direct experience Consciousness and not Direct experience?
  17. @UnbornTao Hi and thank you for the answer. I don't just feel good I feel like I have become the truth myself instead of knowing it. I know that the closest I can be to realizing what the nothingness of god is is simply not to use the mind. I feel like there is no difference between the unenlightened state and the enlightened state all that has changed is that now its pure experience without a 'me'. Of course I don't know all there is to know its impossible ill rather say i'm in a state of complete not knowing. I did not transform completely I am just as i was before my insights : i still smoke i still enjoy the company of good friends I think that after enlightenment there needs to happen a period of hard work on your character and habits. I wont say I mastered life yet but i am damn good at enjoying it right now. And instead of mastering mind I've escaped it. @axiom What you wrote is so damn good it resonated with me so much It is definitely a play of hide and seek Found ya!
  18. @Something Funny Hi, I have been eaten from inside by the need to "maximize" the effect I would have on other beings, it drove me crazy and i was feeling not enough all the time. As I've come to realize now if you save just one being you saved an entire universe. I wrote in my notebook that if you lived your entire life and all you did was make another being smile you have not lived in vain. So don't put pressure on yourself. The mere fact that you want to be selfless shows that you are on the right path. The fun thing about reality is that there is a variety of beings all having their unique path. If your path is programming go for it, someone else's path might lead him to pick up your garbage and in so we can live together while each of us plays his role. I think that if you go with your passion you will help the world in your way. Selflessness is selfishness taken to its extreme. When you Really think only about you ,you will see that you don't want to be hated - and will behave with others. You will see that you don't like to see other beings suffer - and you will -naturally- help them. Have a great day Daniel.
  19. @Moksha Thank you very mush for your answer I still do meditation daily so I will keep on doing it. @Leo Gura For my reasons I wont use psychedelics to awaken anymore. I have used acid to explore awakening through psychedelics in the past and I do not like the fact that the experiences do not stick. Also it might be a trap for the psychedelic makes you believe you can keep taking it forever and have endless insight being satisfied never. I have taken dmt as well and what amazed me is that not like lsd it felt like a realm of pure truth. Have not taken 5 meo so I wont know the difference. Have an awesome day Daniel.
  20. The only thing interrupting my "state" is the fear of going back to having an ego. If I let go of this fear ill have pure peace . I want to add here that my girlfriend came today and I still could feel love which surprised me suddenly the peace was "interrupted" and a feeling which cant be put into words came over me. Today I became conscious of creation through imagination. So there are more insights for sure Do you have any advice on how to not fall back? Thank you and have a good day Daniel.
  21. If you have never experienced it how do you know what do you seek? There has to be a mental image of the thing you seek. And what is meant by "Consciousness of the things" is direct experience and by "Leave things alone." I think he means that no mental process should occur. Have an amazing day Daniel .
  22. I have learned from Leo to have a radically open mind. It helps a lot in this work.
  23. That's a good direction thank you! Currently I'm playing with a kitten all day Yes all I want to do now is help others on that path if they will need it. But the way I see it there is no rush. There is infinite time for the one to awaken to itself and its not a game of who gets there faster or who helps more sentient beings get their attainment. It feels like there is nothing to talk about so I have no idea what I can teach. I want to share that the method that worked the best for me is just sitting on a couch with no goal in mind meditation and self inquiry where a natural occurrence which was a result of my curiosity. Is it a must or can the next realizations be reached through "traditional" means? And Leo I absolutely loved your description of the "No needle " my realization about Nothingness was absolutely like that Thank you and have a nice day. Daniel.
  24. Thank you very much it a very interesting and new "state" to me.