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  1. @Megan Alecia i never said it was easy and it's most definitely not but attainable with persistence. the idea is not to have regrets or as little as possible before that last moment. think about it like this, regrets signify lack of clarity and appreciation. if we're truly happy with who we are at this point, we can't regret the steps we took to get here.
  2. @NK13 it's all about self disciple and control. we can't control situations but we can always control how or if those situations affect us. it's mainly about learning lessons and about parts of ourselves we never knew existed.
  3. @Seed i think I understand how you're feeling. it seems being viewed that way reinforces a feeling of inequality and disconnect. it may have to do with what you're putting out for them to see. if we don't allow people to see our pain or struggles it's hard to be relatable. do you try to always be happy, positive, and bubbly?
  4. @afy355 dm me, maybe I can help. I have experience with psychedelics and am curious as to what you experienced and what your current awareness level is.
  5. I understand this all too well, the thing is you're understanding that you can relate but might have doubt because people don't want to relate especially when it comes to the darkness living in each of us. once we get past our own deception, we'll be able to see through others deception as well which will make things a little easier.
  6. the hope for change is within yourself, chances are you fell in love with the image and expectation of him rather than him. all this speaks of your personal value and self worth and mainly what you feel you deserve. its important to recognize your needs vs wants because it's hard to truly appreciate what you can't live without. it'll eventually turn to resentment on both parts because of inauthenticity.
  7. @lmfao i think you might be looking for validation from people like this which represent a part of you and your past. so it's not so much what people did or said to you that matters but how that made you feel and believe about yourself. so getting another person to admit something isn't actually going to prevent it from happening again with someone else. it's what we choose to allow based on what we show people (what we already believe about ourselves) which generates certain responses.
  8. I believe the answer is yes and no since God can be infinite and finite much like all of us all at the same time. existence is a strange paradox...
  9. it's an infinite loop of heaven and hell at the same time because they're 2 sides of the same coin. it all depends on which we choose to focus on but either or is still only 50% true. ultimately we can't escape ourselves, only temporarily. collectively we created all of it for a reason and it'll be part of human existence till it becomes obsolete and we collectively decide to stop creating it.
  10. death is a fact of existence but not exactly how we imagine it. we think it's the end because we are experiencing it from a creation perspective rather than creator perspective. from the creator perspective it's actually constant cycles of death and rebirth which is infinite. the best example of this is reflecting on how much our perspectives changed from childhood to adulthood, through experience. maturing is essentially a part of us dying only for another part to be born because the old version is no longer useful to our experience.
  11. for the most part, awakening and accepting truth is merely changing the glasses we look at the world/reality through. things happen for us rather than to us which means it's not as personal as we initially thought. the reason I say for the most part is the fact that if we're alive, we still have a purpose and more work to do. once we stop learning and become obsolete, we cease to exist in the physical world. the feeling of disgust is an emotion which is coming from the physical/ material brain rather than mind. it's basically us not seeing the full equation so don't understand why whatever it is that disgusts us is necessary. we can disagree with what doesn't resonate with us but that just means we don't need to do what others do. the moment we start judging and trying to change or shape others in our imagined image we start to hit dead ends and stray further away from our true selves and ultimate purpose.
  12. @rnd the reason it's hard for us to find answers to questions like this is because we like to externalize rather than internalize and relate. to answer questions like this we have to think about what it's like to be isolated and why we even interact with others in our reality, meaning what's the value of our own experience. this is how you find answers to the big questions by first being aware of ourselves and the roles we play and why we play them. without knowing our experience, we can't accurately know anyone else's much less God's which is the sum of all those experiences.
  13. @Bill W that's almost accurate and I understand what you're trying to say but how you described 1/10 is actually more like 5/10. the easiest way to explain that is 10/10 is extremely extroverted and 1/10 is extremely introverted. we want to be in the middle or find ourselves the proper threshold and our most balanced point.
  14. @Leo Gura I'm very interested in this topic and am happy to join to conversation. feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss some of this directly, I'll be looking forward to it.
  15. @Shadowraix the problem isnt in the projection as we all do it for necessary feedback purposes. the problem is humans reluctance to reflect and go beyond the surface where they can think without automatically reacting or responding. it's because most of us haven't learned to relate properly nor value another's perspective, we mainly only see and focus on our own which is only half of reality at best.