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  1. good luck im excited for you! this is an inspiration to do something your passionate about and taking a leap of faith!
  2. if it was truly your last day would you really be taking psychedelics? wouldnt you rather spend the time with the family you love? or do something you always wanted to? if it was your last day you would be with truth when you die anyway!
  3. have you asked why you actually want sex? keep doing shadow work to find out why the real reason is. what do you get out of sex, what need is sex filling? what thoughts come to your mind when you think about never having sex? like what would you do? can you even comprehend not having sex?
  4. today i ate something unhealthy in my eyes view, it was dairy with bread. the interesting thing was that i had a choice to not eat it but i was denying myself that i had a choice to begin with when in reality i always have a choice with what i want to do. you are probabaly going unconscious to deny that you have a choice and responsibility with your actions your making. so become consciously aware that you have a choice and exercise it. the first step is to become aware that you have a choice and actually contemplate it and entertain it. then you will start making choices that will support you and actions to a better life.
  5. No you don’t need to suffer, but there will be pain. We’ve been condition to suffer instead of live in joy so in order to live in peace or happiness we need to go through the suffering and pain it yields. Sacrifices your making everyday. The amount of suffering you make everyday is enormous we just don’t realise it. Just look at where your life is and now think about what you sacrificed the opposite is what you have sacrificed, why? Because you have choosen the temporary pleasure and fear instead of love and peace or you might have choosen peace and love and long term fulfilment instead.
  6. There are many kinds of renunciation, of which physical monastic renunciation is the least important. The important kinds of renunciation are the renunciation of the concern with the results with one's actions and the renunciations of the desire for things to be different than what they are. Renouncing such concern with results/desires, one can be a renunciant even while being active in the world. Conversely, without that kind of renunciation, even in the forest all by yourself you will still be a non-renouncer. i like that.
  7. when does a thought become a opinion? a thought becomes an opinion an opinion held long enough becomes a belief what is an opinion? is when you like or dislike something. are opinion just a feeling does a feeling come before a thought or does thought come before a feeling, do we have a feeling then a thought came, in the beginning as children did we experience a feeling from other peoples opinion then come to conclusion that we should be afraid of other peoples opinion? was there a hidden assumption that other peoples opinion can really hurt us? or were we hurt by not meeting our own opinions of yourself? let's say you have a positive opinion of yourself such as I'm good looking then someone says your bad looking then this opinion will hurt you or create certain feeling in you that will lead you to being afraid to hear bad opinion of about yourself. the three affect of opinion are negative, neutral or positive. when you have a positive opinion of yourself and someone says a negative opinion about you then it will likely create a hurt feeling in you because thoughts, believes and opinion are artificial and fragile. where as if someone says positive thing and it meets your own opinion of yourself then you will be happy because you will believe that opinion which is a thought the same as you believing your own thought/opinion. neutral is when you don't have an opinion about yourself or something and then someone else's opinion can't hurt you. so you're afraid of other peoples opinion it's because you have an assumption that says other people opinion is valuable and can hurt me. do you believe other peoples opinion can hurt you or offer you an values?. the only thing opinions do is build the self image if its positive or bring down the self image if its negative.
  8. The reason medication isn’t for me is because the medication is literally changing my identity as a person from being wholistic right brain to left brain divided and seeing the world from us vs them mentality. Since the kundalini awakening I can feel which part of my brain I’m using as dominant currently, I can literally change perception by focusing my energy on either side of the brain or in the middle.i have a constant head pressure which gets worse I focus on things and actually use it and at night time won’t be able to sleep this puts me in a rut. It’s suppresing my emotions and not lettting me get to the root problem of the situation. How I see it is either suffer slowly until I die or suffer big time and evolve and transcend it. the result being becoming more wholistic being. There’s a website dedicated to holistic understanding of mental health called beyond meds which you could check out if your interested in mental health. The website also contains stories of how people recovered after coming of medication and the battles they Went through to recover and become fully integrated being. I’m literally doing nothing with my life right now and would like to face my deep dark fears and transcend it. The head pressure won’t grt better unless I do something about it. What I’m experiencing is kundalini awakening and not schizophrenia.
  9. hi guys, im planning on getting of medication and in order to do what i need a safe place or that...does anyone know where i can go. i have enough money to move out of home into a shared home....i just don't know if its going to be safe enough and don't want them reacting as my family was when i reduced my medication or was going through the process. is an ashram the right place? if so where can i find this place? or should i just move into a shared house and give it a go? if i do my plan will be to disclose that im diagnosed with schizophrenia and what my plan is to them and if they agree to leave me be and let me heal i will move in with them. how does that sound? thanks for giving your time to read this! much appreciated! if you want a detailed reason as to why medication isnt the path for me let me know and ill write a detailed info!
  10. i remember seen this online website where it had a bunch of online correct me if im wrong but it was affiliate programs you can buy. does anyone know a good website for online courses?
  11. @shaun maybe your consciously having positive outlook but your beliefs and subconscious mind is negative. even if your outer state doesnt change if your beliefs and subconscious mind change then you will see it as being different and positive.
  12. I have a superstitious world view. Are the superstitious world view in any way real or true or are they just relative truth? Mmmmm in the right circumstance I would be a shaman
  13. @Leo Gura how would you suggest someone learn how to self-help themselves? where can they go to learn how to really question and introspect? im questioning my beliefs and want to be more effective with changing my perspective. will i get better with more time at asking better questions? what you do is appreciated and will also appreciate your decision to move forward in your journey!
  14. super high quality! if you suffer from anxiety watch the following videos and also list your own resource on how to combat anxiety! i'm starting to do research on how to handle and get rid of anxiety for good and completely change your life around!
  15. When I was in 10th grade I had a little thought that said drop out. Now I see how it could of saved me a lot of hustle and struggle if I dropped out. Really consider if you want to stay at school or not. School is leading you to a 9-5 job lifestyle. Is that what you want or do you want more freedom? I would also suggest saving money and getting the life purpose course which will help you most definitely. Start questioning and inquiring now about the future.
  16. i dont have much to say but keep it up. you can also work by questioning your beliefs heres a link: questioning your beliefs
  17. @winterknight can you still become enlightened while on anti-psychotics?
  18. my reaction was "WHAAATTTT"
  19. hey guys, i recently got into drop-shipping shopify, and how i got into it was really smooth and happened with out any effort. i saw an ad on Instagram and started doing some research for it. i also feel like i was making some progress on my psychological development. in the back of my mind im questioning weather this is distraction. what do you guys think. i have passive income coming in from something else and i live with my parents, should i pursue the business fully for a short time until i make a certain income or should i just stop? it feels good to be doing shopify and its kind of efforless compare to doing meditation or something psychological. i enjoy the research that goes into it and the back and fort that happens. have you guys found business to be a distraction?
  20. I don’t know men, I think we should let them suffer until they realise the reason they suffer is because of their own doing . We should minimise their physical pain even that will only make them stronger in the long run. I’m not saying pain is necessarily in some case pain and suffering are definitely necessarily. I mean your basically choosing to learn through pain and suffering instead of love and compassion because your at low level of consciousness. Your experience is eye opening. When it’s the right time god will take your live away until then learn the lessons you need to learn.
  21. alright ill check it out
  22. what do you guys think of hypnotist?
  23. i basically feel what his describing, i feel like when i think something it happens and i caused it. it basically feels like there no separation between me and the surrounding area around me like people, places, basically earth. so is my development level low because theirs not that feeling of separation. i feel like a doer thats doing something. basically scared of my thoughts coming true when i perceive them as unfashionable. the core issue might be being scared of being different. as i was writing this post i did something and my brother gasped like "uhho" or "wow" and i interpreted the thing i did to be a bad thing. where is my development level.background information when i was on low medication i became aware of the duality we experience. like i became direct aware of duality, you know how people become aware of non duality well i became aware of non duality. it made sense but there was a lot of anxiety. it was almost like culture shock. have any of have or had direct awareness of duality?
  24. i was hesitant to read this, but i read it! pleasant reading this!