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  1. Hello everyone. Now I have some very big problems with wanting to change my life around.I have been trying to do it for about a month or so now and it has been all wishy-washy, up and down,but yet still I do not have the right answer of what I should do yet. I'm a 16 year old, well I'm going to be 17 on the 14th of this month hooray,and I have been pretty much overweight my entire life since my childhood.I have been working it lately and I managed to lose about 17-18 kg in about 3 months time or so. I've dropped from 117 kg down to 100-99 kg.Which is, I guess, quite the success.I'm still trying to keep it up,even though its unstable,but I sure as hell will not give up.I have been doing the no sugar,no flour food diet and it's going decently,I don't really mind it,though I find it hard sometimes to resit and sometimes I do fail to but I try to get back it. I'm also trying to make some sort of "studying habit", I really never had one, yet surprisingly enough I have managed to keep a quite the decent grades, but as I move through the stages of education, cramming doesn't really work anymore.Even though it's late in the semester,I will try to work it as best I can,but it gave me a pretty good lesson on what I should do in the next one and what not,with all the "do it tomorrow" and similar excuses. And lastly my biggest enemy (or so my ego is making me believe) ever since I was about 7 years old I was hooked on video games.I would spend day in day out literally doing nothing, other than the necessary daily things such as eat and go the bathroom even that sometimes was postponed, for about 8,9,10 hours of just staring at that god forsaken screen.I'm literally amazed I am completely functioning and still have my eye sight right now.Even now on weekends,and even on school days I do that for way longer than I should.It got to the point where I am really disgusted and disappointed in myself so much so that I hate looking myself in the mirror sometimes. I do realize the problems is not within the video games themselves,but it is in my own bloody head.The monkey chatter that happens inside my heard is just unreal.It wants me to do the same thing over and over again and I know it's completely useless and not worth my attention,but whatever I want to do in the place of that thing it gives me a hundred reasons not to. I've seen on Leos videos that meditation would be a decent thing to help with this,so I'm trying to get in the habit of doing it, I've tried in the past to keep it habit but it's been up and down.I will look into making it a habit as best and fast as I can possibly can.But what I think would be really nice for me is that if I could just say NO to all of it and be done with it.Not to be dealing with all of those disgusting and emotional thoughts.I personally despise emotions, I do not like to have any to be honest.If I could be neutral about it all, at any point in time, that would be heaven for me. And lastly one of my also deadly enemies is insecurity.Not with myself but rather with my "schedule",am I doing the right thing here and the right thing there,should this be here or not.Is it good to make the meditation habit in the morning, should I mix in walks with my exercises, how much should I sleep, when should I go to bed etc.It may seem like something so basic and really easy to figure out but to me its really hard.I have managed to come up with a "to do" daily schedule before, but it just falls apart way too quickly,either I do not get enough sleep,I can't manage to make the habits on the specific time I wanted, or my lower self just punches me right back where I was at the start...and oohhh it's just a nightmare. So that would be the main aspects of my life that I want to sort out.If you have any sort of advice regarding any part of this please be ever so kind and help me out, it is greatly appreciated on many levels. Thank you for taking your time and reading this.
  2. @Pinocchio You've said some very wise words sir,thank you for that.I will keep that in mind.
  3. @MelanieWalker Yea very unique indeed Hope we can be growing together on this site.
  4. Hello there Daniel. You have been into personal development way longer than I have,I barely started at around late November of 2015. Being a 16 year old who was only looking for simple tips on how to get rid of procrastination or just how to put good habits into place and trying to find some tips on weight loss,discovering Leos channel was a big big eye opener for me. I was pretty much overweight my whole life,over time I just got horribly sick of it and decided to change completely.I changed pretty much my whole diet, dropping sugar and flour products completely and also exercising everyday.It was a hard move to make but I pushed trough and made it and dropped 10 kg in about 2 months because of my determination,still going with the diet and exercise routine and I don't think I will be dropping it. Then came the part of being,not really depressed,but rather aimless.I did not know where I should go with my life at all.I sort of knew that languages were the thing for me since I seem to pick up words rather easily and I try to work it as much as I can each day. I wasn't a bad student neither I am,I just lacked focus and could not find the point of why am I studying the thing that I am studying (that being medicine,slightly different school systems here than in most places.). I will probably be going for something else language related after I finish this medicine high school. For now I try to limit myself down to a few things that I should change in my life such as studies and such,not such a huge fan of the relationships,yet anyway.The biggest thing I struggle with right now is focus,which I'm trying to sort of with meditation,but of course any tips I can find are greatly appreciated. I still don't know where this path will take me,but I will keep going,It will work out (confidence). Of course you being the more experienced one I have big respect for what you have accomplished and I wish you all the best on your journey. Kind regards.
  5. Hey everyone I hope you are all having a wonderful day. This is a problem that I struggle too much with and that is pleasing other people and not trying to argue. As a child I got used to not arguing with people,being a goodie goodie,and always trying to say yes to others.Now, I realize this can be good at times,not always wanting something in return from others,but it's came to the point where I neglect myself for other people. For some reason I find it very hard to say no,I guess because "it hurts my personal image" and because they won't respect me as much anymore. And the other part of my problem is arguing with people,and by that I don't mean going into full on mad mode,barely stopping yourself from fighting with them,but the other type where you are calm and relaxed and try to take the insights of the other person while still trying to make your valid. And to be honest,I am sort of sick of constantly "keeping my head" down and just letting myself continue like this. If any of you have faced or are facing this problem, any sort of tips are very welcome and are appreciated greatly. Thank you for reading this. Kind regards.
  6. Hello everyone,I hope you are having a wonderful day. My problem is that I'm having some rather large issues with soft addictions,specifically two,the internet and video games.It's really a big issue for me because it completely drains my energy and time that I could be spending in way better places. I already found one solution for the problem and that is meditation,which I've heard helps to deal with addictions. But the problem is I just started doing it again (I was doing it for about a week and fell of track,and I'm pretty sure this won't happen again) so if someone has overcome his soft addictions such as these ones,any sort of advice is very very welcome no matter how small. Thank you for taking your time and reading this. Kind regards.
  7. Jajce,Bosnia and Herzegovina
  8. Hey Samuel. I myself haven't told my family anything,because I feel they just would not understand whatsoever.I would be probably called an outcast,because nobody,that I know of,aren't doing the things I am trying to do.And in any case I don't really like having deep and meaningful conversations,in real life,with other people,so I guess this is also where I need to work on,now that I think about it.If you feel like it is going to have a meaningful impact then go for it. Kind regards.
  9. Hello all. So in my experience this was a very hard thing to overcome.First of all what I realized in all of it is that,in most case,you will never ever feel like changing.So you sort of have to plow through it sometimes,when you don't have the motivation.It is scientifically proven that willpower is just like a muscle.You can not keep using it forever.You use it to set the habits in place and then you work it.Or also you can find some sort of external motivation that will ALWAYS remind you of what you want to do.For example if you want to lose a couple pounds what I did,and am doing is that I keep a picture of a really hot girl on my phone and I imagine she is watching me as I'm about to eat that junk that provides me 5 seconds of pleasure.It has done me good lost about 10kg,have slightly fallen of track lately,but I'm getting back on it.And if you fall off track don't beat yourself over it.The more you beat yourself up,the less confident you will fell getting back into it. I hope this helped you in any way,best of luck. Kind regards.
  10. Hello veqsms. Alright so you want to get some sort of motivation out of this?I have some of my goals that I am working on right now: *Drop 30kg-40kg (done 10kg in about 2 months now) *Stop my addiction on video games (still working on it) *Start meditation in the mornings (20 minutes for now) *Do my exercise routine each day (50 squats,50 push-ups,50sit ups in the morning one set,and another same one later in the day) *Stop procrastinating (big one here) *Stop being a people pleaser Those would be my main ones for now,the rest are imaginations or still yet to worked on. Hopefully this answer is on point. Kind regards.
  11. Hey JaroslavtotheT. That is quite the interesting topic you got there.In my opinion from what I've seen,it's not that your "entire you" is the enemy.Just like Leo said,there are 2 parts of you.The little kid who doesn't want to listen to anything and your "higher self". The brat is completely neglecting the higher self wanting to do whatever it pleases while the higher self is disappointed.And I have found that it is very true,in most life situations.Also "The past has value only if you give it value". So the further back in the past you go the "more bad" the version of yourself becomes.So if you keep coming back to it,it may stop you from improving,"I'm no good I did this thing here,and this here,and oh my god this...". Just screwing yourself over.Not sure if I was on point but,these are some of my insights that I found being to the point and very accurate. Kind regards.
  12. Hey there Nina. From what I see you got quite a situation there.In my opinion you should probably cut her out of your life."Toxic people" (aka depressive,negative and such)do not deserve a place in your life.I think you have done the right thing trying to lead her on the right path but it seems like it didn't work whatsoever.Now I don't know your friend in person but from what I see she doesn't even want to improve herself.So if you ask me,you should probably sit down with her,have a "final" talk,"You know I think this and this is bad for you and myself so I think you should change."And if this doesn't work then you should cut her out of your life.You have done what you could don't beat yourself over it. Kind regards.
  13. Hello there everyone,I hope you are having a wonderful day. So as you can see from the title,my problem is that I can't differentiate between Judgement and Opinion.Now,I watched Leos video on Judgement,and I realize that judging positive or negative can backfire on you in various different ways.First comes judgement of a certain thing or person then comes opinion,right?.And lately I tried to do the exercise where I try to notice myself judging and now I came to the point in which I ask myself what is an opinion.I realize that I should just experience things not as good or bad,but rather just that they are.Doesn't opinion come out of judgement?These are the question that make my wonder and because of which I can't move on out of this judgement part. Thank you for taking your time and reading this,kind regards