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  1. On my 2nd breakthrough, I became very scared. I realized all the mistakes I had done over the course of this life. For about the next 10 sessions, it felt like a knot was in my stomach. Incredibly (psychologically) painful. I was scared of it every time. Then, the session that broke through all of that. Before hitting my pipe, I said to myself “at least have the fucking bravery to face this shit head-on, man” and I went in feeling genuinely brave, while knowing I could be destroyed. I come in with that mantra of bravery every time now. No problems since then. Some uncomfortable realizations, sure, but I face each and every one of them bravely.
  2. For suffering to die, its inverse must also die. How can bliss exist without an opposite?
  3. I’ve almost completely turned my life around in 2 weeks thanks to N,N. There’s something about having reality completely shattered in 15 seconds that’s so awe inspiring. Instant communication with the godhead about what I can change in me here and now to be the kind of person / live the life that I want to. I had a purge/puke episode after accidentally sucking some of the ash sandwich through my pipe, and it was the most cathartic release to ever accompany a breakthrough I’ve had. I had my mouth open over the toilet after puking and could hear a million voices laughing and cheering me on for overcoming the fear of the purge.
  4. My experience is that I was afraid of the purge, which kept me hanging onto the gut knot. Letting it all spew out freed me.
  5. No offense but most of this advice is useless for someone at certain levels of overall development in terms of developing discipline. Discipline is like a muscle, it has to be trained and cultivated. It’s about developing a sense of accountability in every action that ‘you’ take. It’s about you showing up to your own shit and taking action every single day. Go with the recommendation of Goggins, for starters. Dig deep enough and you’ll find your well is limitless.
  6. If you add hormones your body is supposed to produce naturally, you’re gonna have a bad time and further trash your body’s ability to produce on its own.
  7. Psilohuasca: mushrooms with a harmala / MAO inhibitor. Usually Syrian rue seeds. You can do the US heartland native prairiehuasca with Illinois bundle flower (theoretically) and Syrian rue. Also pharmahuasca (extracted DMT and a prescription MAOI). Working with MAOI’s is dangerous. Have to be careful with your diet, as certain amino acids in foods could cause cardiac episodes.
  8. We believe, so we're misled We assume, so we're played We confide, so we're deceived We trust, so we're betrayed
  9. Sadhguru’s wife allegedly did when their daughter was very young. I believe he was planning on it, as well, before a divine intervention.
  10. I’m sure most of us have seen this already, many have probably had a laugh over it. What I’m wondering is, what do you think of the chances of this guy realizing such profoundness that he decided to leave the body consciously?
  11. What is there to get out of?
  12. One finds the Sublime not through Rome, but Nowell
  13. This is either a troll or one way ticket to self-destruction...and not in a good way.