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  1. I was on a good meditation streak for 3-4 months. I was making progress and really enjoying meditation until one day I had a minor panic attack (I wasn't even stressed so I have no clue why that happened) which has never happened before. It hasn't happened since and I have never had any problems with that type of stuff. Now whenever I try to meditate I cant make it through even a 20 minute sit, and if I somehow do manage to sit for 20 minutes I don't even feel the slightest bit relaxed after. Sometimes I feel sleepy after meditating lately... I try every day but it feels like I am making zero progress. Are there any different types of meditation I can try to maybe get back in the groove? I miss being able to sit for an hour plus each day and be almost stress free...
  2. @Xin If you havent already, try strong determination sitting. It has shown me great progress. Leo has a good video about it.
  3. @Truth It's fairly easy to get psychedelics (or seeds/ingredients/analogues) online legally. If you do some research you can figure it out. Just make sure where you buy from has a good rep because there are scammers out there. Good luck!
  4. I've been doing strong determination sitting for almost a month now and I can finally get to 50 minutes. Do any of you guys practice enlightenment exercises (who am I?, who is the perceiver, etc) while strong determination sitting? Should I combine the two practices or should they be separate? I find strong determination sitting very boring so self inquiry seems like it would be something to do while sitting. What do you guys do while SDS?
  5. I was reading about chakras and "inner energy" and I came across a post on some forum website explaining how to control your inner energy (Chi?). I'm pretty skeptical but I was wondering if anybody has heard of this, or if it's just something that someone made up for attention. Right now I'm going through Leo's meditation videos and learning from him, but I found this a little interesting. Here is what the person posted. "Sit comfortably and put your palms up, resting on your knees. Imagine a waterfall flowing down into your crown, then flowing down into a large pool at your navel. Next imagine two streams flowing out and pooling into your hands. Try to feel it while visualizing, it should feel like heat, almost like an electrical current, but flowing more calmly." What do you guys think about this?
  6. Yeah, even after reading all of these replies I still don't really understand it haha
  7. How true is this? I don't remember where I first heard this but I don't really understand it.
  8. I've finally got back around to meditating consistently and something that I find a bit odd is happening. I meditate for around 20-25 mins early in the morning and around the 15 minute mark when my mind begins to quite I hear a high pitched frequency type noise. The more I focus on this noise the louder it becomes (and higher pitched). I actually stopped meditating a few times because it became so loud. I do not have tinnitus. What could this be? Has anybody else experience this? I have done some searching online but haven't been able to figure it out. Thanks
  9. @egoless Is it okay to use guided meditations everyday? Is it not "better" to learn how to meditate on my own?
  10. @Adam M Thanks. It's just really frustrating when I am trying to meditate and I realize ive been lost in thoughts for 5 minutes or so. It feels like I waste the little time I have for meditation when that happens.
  11. Hi everyone! So I recently watched Leo's video called "Guided Meditation - The next level of meditation" and I found it pretty amazing. In the video he says to let go of everything. Now it is sort of easy to do when I am listening to him telling me what to do but how would I do this on my own? When I try to "let go" isn't me trying to let go me not really letting go, if that makes any sense? For example, Leo says to let go of letting go. Maybe I am overthinking things but when I try to let go I find that I am so focused on trying to let go that I can't, and then eventually I lose track and go on long trains for though and it is really frustrating. Do I just continually keep telling my mind to let go when thoughts/sensations arise? Am I doing something wrong, or will it just become easier over time? I'm very new to meditation so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!