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  1. @Eternal Unity I give you my login info when it happens dude, no biggy. You can even put your ass face as my profile pic.
  2. Jocko has the same hair color as leo
  3. YES never date 10/10 (exemption: Shes pregnant with your twins)
  4. Just listened to JRE #1933 with JPB. Your nitty gritty "ah but 48 years ago he said that" is a nightmare for human debate and progress. Is he perfect ? No anon, no one is perfect or and will ever say just what you think too and never be without flaw or bias. So what is it about? -> ACTIONS. What are the people actually doing? What are they actually on a day to day are doing good for the world, what are they working towards? Look at the actions of a person, not the social media "talktalk". Youre blinded. Picking at other people instead of contributing to a useful way forward should really be below your standards, anon.
  5. Exactly. Love how you put it. Medication so you get breathing room to work on your traumas. Dont fall for perma-medication if its not absolutely necessary.
  6. Your lung health is not a mathematical formula where the "rate of healing" is a linear graph over time dude. Stop smoking and never smoke again, your lungs get enough barrage through environmental pollution. If you smoke, smoke once a month or so at a special occasion and never let it become a habit. Also, its not just your lungs. The alveoles in your lungs diffuse all the stuff tiny enough into your blood circulation where it systemically affects your body. Cant separate the body into parts. On the other hand its enough for one "part" of the body to fail you for you to die. Lungs gone? Well your perfectly healthy heart and liver are useless for you. Heres a good rule: How you do one thing is how you do everything.
  7. @Leo Gura 5meo buttplugs
  8. @Richard Purdy Depends on your skills. If you ask this forum what to do dude, take 15k and travel for 6 months in asia. come back with some ideas.
  9. @Mormegil Sure I totally get you, you done it right. Thats the way to sustainably live healthy. OP asked for ways to lose weight in a certain period of time, where your method doesnt do it. What you did is a total lifestyle change, which is what many people cant succeed in @IDressMyDog Of course I am. I should note that I mean 1kg, not one week its 5kg then its +2kg and at the end you lost "some weight", thats not a method.
  10. @Mormegil Youre just preaching. Im coaching people for 3+ years know on health edu and behavior change and what you say is just theory. Make a video documenting everyday what you do and eat and then how you lose 1kg each week over a month and I pay you to write the method on paper and make a book out of it. And please dont start with "caloric deficit"
  11. @eTorro Sure Im just sharing knowledge. I eat garlic. They also dont eat onions I eat onions Maybe thats why my energy is so multidirectional pew pew Monks are respectable however, worth more because they actually practice. Typing in a forum or watching youtube videos and sitting at home on a cushion is a mere poor replica of a ancient lifestyle. SHooting 5meo up your anus canal in a bath tub in las vegas is not what I would assume modern spirituality is. Even if it "gets you there" quickest. Well maybe its about enjoying the journey not skipping to the end? So eat your garlic guys and girls and eat pussy too. Amen.
  12. @eTorro Yeaa so no miracle but triggers anti oxidant glutathione production by the body like 10000 other things Im yet to find a plant compound that does something else than trigger Glutathione. You can trigger glutathione in a gazillion ways, Still garlic rocks but then korean monks dont use it as it disturbs the chi just saying
  13. No it does not. Thats what 90% of people try and fail with. Water fasting really is the best way. That being said there are a gazillion factors to think about. For example fat tissue stored xenoestrogens, heavy metals and other toxins --> will all come out because you burn fat for fuel. --> Antioxidants needed!! Just water? WHICH water? Minerals? YES Potatssium and salt.
  14. @mac99 Its the best method, snake juice diet, BUT dont do it on a wim, read, educate, plan it.
  15. @Emrie No you didnt lol. Youre probably overtraining
  16. "Recent supportive evidences indicate that garlic contain compounds capable of detoxifying lead, cadmium, methlymercury, phenylmercury and arsenic" Which studies? What is this dubious commentary? dafuuuq
  17. @flowboy Resveratrol is debunked
  18. I´d say Narcissist not neurotic
  19. @Leo Gura That would be two dicks in one video then
  20. @Something Funny Please dont be the mood killer saying "one water please" Order someting or do the green tea whiskey trick. Nothing screams "snowflake" as much as "one water pleaaaasee"