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  1. which in turn is good so there you go, more road ahead. Btw you need to transcendent nihilism next. Soo there you go, a road and a road sign for you
  2. @infinitelovegodetc If you ask that question hate to break it to you but youre not awake
  3. What are you doing here? GO!
  4. awakening spoils the game, suffering is (a very real) ego perspective
  5. This. And you need to supplement with O3 oil, etc. When I study for heavy med exams I take o3, hyperzine a, ltheanine, codliveroil, ashwaganda, lionsmane, coffee --> super genius mode + You neeeeeed 8+hours of good sleep!
  6. @soos_mite_ah Without knowing you much, the most likely answer is that you simply do not eat enough carbohydrates Your body needs carbs to digest proteins. So there is a reason you crave carbs, your body wants to fix your meal composition. Brown rice and all that new age fancydancy stuff is also very digestive energy intensive. Try working out (running, skipping rope, etc.) and eat 30min later and see if that changes your appetite
  7. Haha mostly. Get a good massage & accupuncture instead. Rapid movements rarely heal anything. The knickknack fast twisting is dangerous. How can a chiro know your biomechanic? Because he read a textbook2? lol.
  8. Welcome to life where anyone is responsible for his/her own decisions - you judge death as something horrible, which is your self bias. Right this second a random stranger has died, you don´t even notice. If your mom died you´d cry for days. Exactly this is self bias.
  9. HRV is best measured over night to give you a overview about your recovery status. HRV is a quant for parasympathetic dominance, so use it to time your intensity workouts etc. Great tool imo
  10. @Giancarlo When you have low thyroid levels, your body draws energy in to preserve --> vasoconstriction of extremities --> cold hands & cold feet (I made a video about it)
  11. First thing Youre talking about modern commercial booze made from cheap gmo shvt and pisswater. Traditional hard liquor has a purpose in culture , same as traditional organic tobacco has. The modern versions of that stuff are the devil tho. --> Why are they legal? Because they make billions of $$
  12. @Vision Can you give a little more infos about yourself? (you can also dm me if its to private) weight age lifestyle meds? prior diet exercise habits intolerances / allergies ever had surgery? other health conditions? whats your blood glucose? above 180 g/dl ? >> Im typing this because youre at a critical spot now, good for you you want to reverse onset insulin resistance, but dont screw yourself up now!! This is delicate
  13. love is not purpose in itself as this would make love selfish, you understand? love for loves sake is ego love for ? = unity Can you solve for "?" ?
  14. @NOTintoxicated No Salmon is fatty and full of heavy metal and sh*t. If you want to eat good, then its not what you eat so much, its more what is the quality of this food
  15. @Barbara 1) You´re evolving out of your cirlce 2) The more you know the less you speak 3) Find balance between being authentic and not rubbing your personality in everyones face (90% of people cant handle that form of openness) 4) Find your passion and let it consume you, being socially accepted by your friends is very overrated, esp. when you chase higher things
  16. @StateOfMind I dont think true yellow can happen without the study of systems theory and self discipline
  17. Enlightenment only happens while realizing the now - so already saying I am X is wrong. Speaking it is duality.
  18. I dont know how you feel about this, probably will depend upon the level of consciousness youre in right now but think about how life is the ultimate gift, the incredible intelligent design of interdependency between humans, animals, plants, nature, physics, the stars etc. Everything set up perfectly for ultimate love and harmony through interdependent community and synergistic collaboration. And the first 100000 years of it god has to endure slaughter, rapes, lies, exploitation, greed, killing over and over and over and over again. Its like a mother who set up this perfect playground with all her heart and when she lets the kids and looks, the drown each other in the sandpit.
  19. You know how happy that parasite is that he can raise his kids in your brainstem? He´s loving life