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  1. @MrDmitriiV This is my understanind of how yoga started and why it is good. My kundalini energy (prana, chi...) is active and when i surrender my body i go in this yoga positions not by me doing it but the energy itself doing it, i also do all kinds of breaths (something close to breath fo fire). So im guessing that all this breath work and yoga started from somebody experiencing kundalini energy and getting in to poses and then just teaching that to others. So if im doing it not by hearing it from somebody or doing it by my self but by reality doing it to me it must be something that is not created by ego.
  2. @Torkys im just asking how do i achieve peace of not needing something when in the moment i need it. Real growth would be to achieve not needing it. How do i get form place of need to no need. for example what you said about fear of being with the problems is a problem, and fake growth there is trying to fix that problem by fixing all the problems you have and real growth is not needing to fix the problems. But how do i come from that place to no need place?
  3. In the end there isn't a simple 1 path way, do it all and over time you will learn.
  4. @Consept so your just saying that i need deep awareness of why i need it and it will go away by itself?
  5. @see_on_see I understand all that, but how is issue being adressed at the root. For example i need a girl in this moment. I dont fix that by going out i need to fix my need for that, okay. So what do i do? Do i just ask myself questions, do i just need to be aware of the need... what is the process to finally not needing it? what is that real work. Will meditation yoga... fix that or is there something else i can do. @Widdle Puppy Its possible 100%, look at all the people that changed their lives. just keep going @Serotoninluv And how do i do that :P, if i have this need in the moment i cant just realize that i need to get rid of that need.
  6. In his fake vs real growth video he said that if you want to be confident you achieve that not by trying to be this confident guy but by not caring about being confident. But in his video how to be confident he said that to be confident you need to imagine how would confident guy act and act like that so which is it. How are those deep issues resolved. For example i'm needy for a girlfriend, how do i let go of that need?
  7. @Osmthank you
  8. what it is, how to develop it...
  9. What should i do when im in integration process. All i want to do is rest. Leo in 1 of his videos said that when you feel like that you should doubledown meaning push trough it and do the work. And some say i should just rest and do nothing, let my body do its work and if i do things im just prologing the process. I know i should do things when i dont feel like it but i have the energy. And is integration process the same as ego backlash?
  10. @Pernani the whole points is that you get into higher vibration. It will go away over time but more you do it more it sticks until you embody it. just stick with it. You can do 1 at a time if you really need it for example confidence or just general things to raise your vibration.
  11. Its all about the emotion you feel, you need ti feel better when saying them and not just saying them for no reason. For example you can say im confident but dont feel it its no use for you, its better for example to say i getting more confident every day, thats easier for your ego to accept and feel it. its the same for visualisation too. And also its very immportant to let go of it during the day and not keep thinking am i getting more confident... when you say that you are keeping the image of not being it. So do it get the emmotional state let go during the day.
  12. @Serotoninluv Could you explain why you say that, or give examples. Im just curious
  13. Im interested in any action you do that makes your day better small or big. I want to implement more things. It can be from being aware more of the time, questioning beliefs, waking up at 8 and going for a run...
  14. @Shin whats an intj, and i didnt understand what you mean by your whole 3th sentance, why is that a weakness and what do you mean it should be way easier for me. Sorry sometimes i just cant understand what somedody means.
  15. @Shin So your saying i just need to if i see my self judging just surrender and let it be whit out judging it more. Will if i start judging my self for being dumb stop after i see it and move attention many times or i need to look deeply at why? And if yes to second question what do i do when i find the why? For example i judge other people for being dumb and then when i see my self being dumb i feel bad. How do i stop thinking that being dumb is a bad thing? Is it always just enough to be mindfull 24-7 and always come back to no mind.how can i be ok whit being dumb and other people being dumb? @Emptystickfigure I mean judging is not the problem but the thing it does is. For example i judge other people for being dumb and then when i see my self being dumb i feel bad. How do i stop thinking that being dumb is a bad thing? what are the action steps