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  1. You are right, but after some ages that doesn't help a lot...
  2. Nice tips bro!
  3. That is a reason why many people (especially older) should avoid using of viagra...
  4. You can find so-called backup partner bro
  5. Those are great resources, I would add 2 more that are also very detailed: One Night Stand Guide and How to Catch a Women. They actually talk about the same thing and the point is the same but has a bit different approaches so it can be useful to read all 3 resources...
  6. Well you are right Cialis and Viagra have the instant and best effect, but also have small problems: they are not healthy, especially for hart, I know few people (older) who died on Viagra and Cialis.
  7. You can try: 1st, with some natural supplements for male enhancement , that would take some time, few weeks or months, but in case there is no results then you should visit a doctor. In my case supplements and training do the job very well.
  8. Consider using sites and apps for getting laid, or if that don't provide any results consider escorts as the getting laidsolution...
  9. Yap, nothing especial to be honest.
  10. @Ampresus, just try to use your imagination you will do that easily without watching porn, just practice.
  11. Both have pros and cons. Someone is better on "online" things, other are better in "classic approach". If you ask me, I like both methods, since the game is the same online or "offline", at least to me...
  12. Op, take a look here , very nice collection of vides, so I am sure that you will get a lot of interesting ideas from those educational videos So have fun, experiment and enjoy each other!