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  1. You can try: 1st, with some natural supplements for male enhancement , that would take some time, few weeks or months, but in case there is no results then you should visit a doctor. In my case supplements and training do the job very well.
  2. Consider using sites and apps for getting laid, or if that don't provide any results consider escorts as the getting laidsolution...
  3. Yap, nothing especial to be honest.
  4. @Ampresus, just try to use your imagination you will do that easily without watching porn, just practice.
  5. Both have pros and cons. Someone is better on "online" things, other are better in "classic approach". If you ask me, I like both methods, since the game is the same online or "offline", at least to me...
  6. Op, take a look here , very nice collection of vides, so I am sure that you will get a lot of interesting ideas from those educational videos So have fun, experiment and enjoy each other!
  7. Well, you are right according to my experience...
  8. OP, try reading how to get girl guide, I think that explains exactly what you asked for. I think that will be useful for you, to make "next step"
  9. Well, I am sharing your opinion 101%.
  10. Nice list. I would ad this nice guide about getting girl . I read a lot of tutorial, and watched a lot of videos from various "seduction teacher" but very few of them are useful. Those are just my 2 cents, off course...
  11. I understand what you are talking about, as I said you may try with hookup sites or mainstream dating sites like
  12. Until 20s vibes are important more than money, after 20s it is opposite.
  13. Also, I forgot and now sow this post again, I also tried classifieds and in that case, I have the best success.