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  1. Somebody gotta make a montage of this man's journey with Actualized.org. Make an epic montage, please.
  2. Let's start with the first dimension. A dimensional plane is only defined by what objects is capable to exist within it, so let's start calling all the 1D objects Strings. Properties: • The first dimension is Lenght. Lenght is the only property a String has • A string infinitely thin, so it won't interact with any other string in any way, but with infinite amounts of them, they can volumize. • If its "infinitely" thin, it cant be "finite" in any way • A string can be in any length it desires, this will not affect higher dimensions because higher dimensions are only determined by the fact that the number of stings is infinite or finite. For it to be finite in thinness, indicates that it's not infinitely thin. • It cannot bend because bending it creates "height". • The string has no shape because shapes are only existent in higher dimensions. If it would have a shape, it would be either 2D or 3D. • A sting can never be found because finding it means that you have found its "Width", and thus it's not a string, its a rectangle or some other object. • This means that Strings are groundless, they are space, they are Nothingness. If you have an infinite number of stings, "space" is formed. • Space is the infinite number of strings floating around in any way. They are allowed to do this because they can never interact with each other due to their infinite thinness. • This "space" has nothing excluded because if it would have, it would not be able to be (possible). If you take away one sting from "space", it's not infinite, thus not a possible building block for higher dimensions. • Space has to be infinite, while it has to be nothingness. You will understand more as we move on. Now things get more complicated. Let's raise the number of dimensions. 2D comes into existence only when you draw boundaries in the constant "space", which is required for a boundary of "Width" to be formed. Let's say that an infinite amount of strings (stacked upon each other) is required to form a square, but this needs to happen in "space" because "space" is the only thing possible. And because space is composed of an infinite number of strings, it cannot be any shape or form. So to define the square within space you need to draw a boundary within the "space". This makes 2D an illusion. And the fact that 3D could be perceived as 2D (by changing perspective, by mere mentioning that our eyes only receives 2D images), proves to us that 3D is a total illusion as well. Now, if space is truly not-finite, it has to include the art of forming boundaries to be complete, and boundaries can only exist within it (There is no "Within" or "Without", just my vocabulary trying to give the best explanation). What about 4D? The fourth dimension is where 3D objects have to behave just as stings to transcend to the next dimension. This is the basic (very fragile) scientific explanation: • 1D is a thin line with only the property of "Length". • 2D is a shape that is formed when an infinite amount of thin lines are stacked upon each other, to form a shape like a square or a circle. • 3D is when infinite numbers of shapes that are stacked upon each other to form a 3D shape that now has the property of "Depth". • 4D must go with the same rule, so its an infinite amount of 3D shapes stacked with each other to form…? Time? Or is it called a tesseract? Let me "tell" you the truth. You are space, you are nothing else. You are the space drawing boundaries upon itself A boundary is required for "space" to disassociate itself from itself. 1D (space) is absolute infinity, and you are it. 2D Is when the ego is born, (and its passion is to draw boundaries) 3D is when the ego forgets that it has drawn 2D and goes ahead and further draws (By conceptualizing) 3D. 4D is "Achieved" When we become open-minded enough to realize that 3D is a complete illusion, and then we further realize that 2D is as well. This is how we connect to space, this is how 4D is enlightenment. Notice that the boundaries have to exist, and by that, you must beautifully travel full circle through the dimensions, only to realize that reality is a strange loop. Summary: You are absolute infinity that has to be reborn with an ego, in order to create boundaries to make itself complete. This is how and why God blasted a shotgun in his face, and why the ego needs to be killed in order for you to go full circle upon yourself. This is only my belief, and I hope you liked my usage of dimensions and string theory in order to conceptualize truth. I truly am not a master of string theory and dimensions. This idea occurred to me, and I contemplated it further with help of the conceptualization of reality that Leo has provied trough his videos.
  3. Wim Hoff breathing method + Push ups + meditation. Or just doing the dishes with warm water, I love that too.
  4. @Fuse Hey man. The spiritual side of depression was a lucky occurrence for me a while ago. Very rapidly, I have changed my lifestyle, ditched some addictions, created new habits, and changed my diet. But in this foreign realm of discomfort from lack of homeostasis, I experienced spiritual depression. From my depressed standpoint, looking at anything that would give me joy (thinking about it) only filtered out the negative sides of it, "it will be over anyway", "joy? you're never gonna get happy", "nothing matters". These thought all rooted from the emotion in my chest. As an experienced meditator, I let my monkey mind go and kinda "felt away" the emotion. Now, at being back at baseline, but my monkey mind in the depressive cycle, I just peacefully meditated it away. From the peace came positive thoughts. My goals started arising, my excitement for the day, everything that didn't and couldn't exist within the realm of depression/anxiety. Your thoughts are reflections of your emotions, your negative emotions are there because you have not taken the time to bother enduring them, looking into them and purify them. If you sweep them under the rug, you are just delaying them, but resolving them is the way to go. Also, pre-trip anxiety is durable, but mixing thought patterns into it, makes it not-durable. Not mixing in thought into reality = mindfulness. Mindfulness is meditation. You can never think your way out of depression because your thoughts in the depressive state are making up the depression, you cant get out of it like that. Just get mindful of the fact, at least, try it yourself. A very pleasant way to meditate is the Wim Hoff breathing method + Leos no-manipulation method (Guided meditation). And if you really want proof of the mindfulness thing, take a cold shower. You become mindful to endure the situation, it's a survival mechanic. If you take a cold shower and imagine that you are sinking with titanic of something, you are more likely to suffer and panic, right? Hope this was worth your time.
  5. I want to recommend a book (its all about the business side of things) How to get lots of money for anything fast, by Stuart Lichtman. Search up for PDF on google, and you'll find it. Don't get me wrong, judging by the title, you might say "Show me the money, and ill read the book", but im reading it, and I find it legit. I am also on the path of entrepreneurship combined with spirituality and self-development, but this book really helps me carry on with the money making. At first, I thought that combining a business lifestyle with spirituality would disturb my visions, and get me lost and guilty, but I managed to find a way for meditation to benefit entrepreneurship, and to include the spirituality in the visualization as well. It's perfectly fine to think this way, it takes only some time to settle in. But please keep your habits, only time will tell.
  6. Im reading; How to get lots of money for anything fast, by Stuart Lichtman, and the book is very good! Do not get lost in the title, it's actually legit. At first, you would say: "Show me the money, and ill read the book", but give it a shot. You can get access to a PDF file of this book if you search it up on google. I strongly recommend!
  7. This helped me a lot! I woke up from having my mouth taped up, best sleep in weeks!
  8. Before bed, form a habit of exercise or light yoga (yoga for the back is the best choice for better sleep), maybe some meditation as well. If you are up late with screens, consider f.lux, it dims the blue light from your screen, so that melatonin production in the brain can occur naturally. Best sleeping hours are between 10 pm and 2 am. Try to sleep in fetal position, it tends to be the natural choice for the body to sleep in. The only lights you shall have before sleeping while doing the chores mentioned above is a candle. Even consider turning off all lights if that does not hinder you, your eyes will adjust anyway. I just had my best sleep in days! If you are breathing through your mouth while sleeping, it WILL give you a lower quality sleep. When breathing trough your month in general, you lightly trigger the fight or flight response. You do not want to be in constant fight or flight while sleeping. There are many more reasons why you should breathe through your nose, but ill leave them to you. Try taping your mouth shut before going to sleep, it helps a lot with the sleep quality.
  9. 4-ACO-MET gets you to do the contemplation. I micro-dosed this substance today. This is what I got from CONTEMPLATING: Curiousness is not an emotion or a sense, it's not either something excluded from absolute infinity. Its an art, it MUST be. Contemplation gives all answers, Mindfulness overcomes anything. You are depressed cause your mindset sucks!! It's true! I changed my mindset, and now im happy again. Thoughts are linked to emotions, sights or senses are too. Depression is an emotion, so by changing your mindset, your thought stream, you become happy again! What makes you happy?! Serotonin? Get some serotonin! Light? Turn on the lights! Game of Thrones? Does it really make you happy? The answers are results of the questions. Ask yourself! HAPPINESS LIES WITHIN YOURSELF! You just gotta turn inwards! Ask YOURSELF! A mirror is a tool for growth. Ask yourself something, the answer is there, the answer is everywhere. A great habit: A great tool for contemplation? The mirror. Ask yourself, in a much more joyful way. ASK. Curiousness has no "to-do" list. You might as well ASK why there is a "to-do" list in the first place. A reason to connect to NOW? It makes you happy. Who am I? You do not know that answer, that's why you ask. You would NEVER ask if you would know the answer. There is no answer, an answer is not YOU. With time, an answer comes. You just gotta ask. Keep asking, your essential purpose is to explore. Cold showers bring you to the NOW = Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a mechanism which supports you to endure any situation. You are never mindful of homeostasis, that's why It can be so deadly. Knowing is evolutions tool of changing behavior for greater good. Learning=Knowing=Behavior change. After you remove all your cravings, in any way, you feel satisfied, you can finally connect with yourself. But relise that it is not the removal of the cravings that make you satisfied, It is the connection of self. Just being. Lessons are learned, I gotta form a habit out of this !
  10. Hello, I am 16 years old and I live in Sweden. Self-actualization and spirituality have sparked my interest ever since I started exploring that part of youtube, and here, I feel very comfortable. Everything I've learned since the beginning of this journey has always taken me steps away from school. During the summer break, I stumbled upon Leos channel, and he really took the cake, thus boosting my awareness and wisdom. High-school is voluntary in Sweden, and with open eyes, I got a clear picture of how unnecessary it would be for me to be a part of this education system. Now that there are no laws I have to face, the only thing to face is a choice for three years spare time, or heavy interferences with the path of spirituality and my daily lifestyle of self-actualization. All I will miss, that books and internet lectures will not give me is the diploma. Three years is a lot of time to for self-actualization and inquiry, but after these years I will have minimized chances of being hired to work for somebody. I plan to develop some online business that would save me time and energy for the precious money I will need in the future. I will grow tired of working 9-5 at some point anyway. Should I pursue my goals, or should I go for that diploma? Thank you !
  11. There is not much more context for me to necessarily add to this topic, so thank you all for posting here, I am highly delighted to have such supportive and proper feedback ! I am utmost grateful !
  12. @Elisabeth It is not possible in Sweden to enter university without a high school degree. And to enter a good university requires the highest grades as well. I am against the fact that I will have to invest a lot of my time in high school to enter a good university, and only then, access the juicy stuff. But still, I gotta spend some time in the university to get some results. If I would not be supported financially over the three years, I would probably not be thinking about doing any of this. Habits are some big problems for me, I managed to delete all my video games without much problem, and that was the first step of this journey. I do believe that I could achieve the best version of myself gradually, as I gradually remove the bad habits. People on the internet such as Leo is very good at making you distinguish between the good and the bad. Taking action is not very hard for me to do at this point, but I need to take action on very certain things for this to work. Maybe I will get some better idea in the future, but every fiber of my body says that going to high school is not a good idea, at least not now. But the problem is indeed that my desition may be irreversible, but in terms of gathering knowledge, I may easily make up for it. Things like The Great Courses Plus really opened my mind to the possibility. The whole point with this topic was to get some feedback from the right people, which is what I lack nowadays, it may stab me in the back later on. Edit: Thanks for posting !
  13. @cosmicrays @Captain Flint Thanks for posting ! In either case, I will have to suffer through a lot of the unnecessary stuff before I could even dream of pouring time into these indeed juicy opportunities. But since Im taking the path of spirituality, thus minimalism; do I really need to attend a good university to satisfy the need of 1000$ every month (with spare time included to a large extent)?
  14. Thanks again for the post ! I have been growing up alongside the internet for a very long time. Besides school, this would be my only source of knowledge. Of course, as a young child, I did tend to recognize video games as the prime activity that would conquer the majority of my spare time, but the internet would be a reliable gateway. With time I got to explore the platforms of the internet, mainly Youtube, and with further time, explore the content within it as well. To be honest, Tai Lopez' videos were the ones that started to open my eyes to question the education system, before that, I was too blind to even think about criticizing such an obvious, obligatory thing as school, even though I learned a lot from Educational videos on Youtube daily. For me to see the education system in such a way as I mentioned earlier, and therefore not attend school, requires some mindful thinking with a lot of contexts, such as making up for all that is lost when I don't go to school. In other words, Im sacrificing school for something, pursuing my dreams. But I need to build a strong foundation for my plans, which Is composed of the knowledge I get from the internet. I find the internet way more efficient than school when it comes to acquiring knowledge, and besides from that, school has not much more to give. The internet could transform any kid from scratch to a billionaire, but the kid gotta be able to value entrepreneurship more than some damn video games.
  15. Thank you for the post ! I will be aiming to earn a practical sum of money that in any way, would give me the most amount of spare time in the future. I guess I would be able to survive with having 1000$ in my pockets every month, but how would I get to that point without working a day job? I would not sacrifice the time and effort to pursue a diploma or bachelors degree if that would only give me a better payment for a career that still requires a lot of my time. I want to draw a line between money and my time, but not ending up homeless by doing so. I'm aiming for a practical minimalistic lifestyle, as we all know that enlightenment comes not externally. This is a short-term plan because if I use my time wisely, the financial situation might improve at my own phase. My passions will always be pursued, and I would indeed be happy to find a way to make the money out of it. A problem persists in that almost everybody that stands close to me dislikes my choice, the reason being that I'm missing out on the many things that school has to offer, and rationally, that I could pursue my dreams while attending the senior high school. Is this a valid reason in the context of my plans? Thank you !