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  1. Anyone else feel like the better you start to feel on your streak, also the harder it becomes?
  2. Yea probably going to meditate more on this later today. Just got that insight while meditating this morning. Kinda crazy that i've only just found out about it.
  3. Yoo.. I'm seriously starting to think i've conditioned myself to feeling bad about being horny.
  4. Damn that's crazy. I wouldn't be able to function normally.
  5. How do you have time to meditate 10 hours a day .
  6. Ahhh.. It's this time in my streak again where all i can think about is lady parts
  7. Hello, Lately i'm having a lot of issues with my mother revolving around her overbearing and clingy attitude towards me. This is having a lot of influence on me. Especially my mind has been going nuts over the past few days, and i can't seem to get some sort of control or relaxation over it. It's starting to give me headaches etc. I have a solid meditation practice going, and i'm doing at least 1 hour of meditation with the "do nothing" technique everyday. I'm thinking of raising this to maybe 2 hours a day, since my life is a little stressfull for me at this point. Do you have any advice? I'm trying not to change my thoughts or go against them or anything like that, but it's a total shitstorm atm.
  8. Such huge traps xD. I've had many of these so called "experiences". It's very imporant to just see them as "experiences" and not "it". These high states don't last, and if your not carefull, the ego will make another goal of this to attain these "high states" over and over again. Be thankful for having experienced it, but definitely don't cling to it and let it go.
  9. Hmm i regret reading this. This makes me even more scared of woman.
  10. Nothing. Keep doing it, and ignore all the naysayers. They are just addicts in denial.
  11. 1 cold shower is not going to magically change your level of discipline... You need to make this a consistent habit.
  12. I basically don't know what path to take in my life. After doing the Life Purpose Course, i ended up wanting to become a psychologist/psychotherapist, but some stuff changed. I don't feel as much interest towards it as i used to do. I have some ideas, but mostly if i picture myself doing them long term i feel hesistant and end up feeling like it's not it. How do i find out?
  13. I don't think cold showers can replace meditation at all. I always meditate after taking a cold shower. I get in a very relaxed state when i get under a thin bed sheet, which warms me up as i progress in my meditation session.
  14. Ahaha yes nothing to worry about. Your brain is just tricking you. Keep meditating. I'm having the same stuff going on. Sometimes when i'm meditating i literally feel like my arms are getting very big and stretched out, bended etc. This is all very normal.
  15. Hahahaha i love this ignorance.
  16. 5 years ago every day at least once sometimes more. Today i'm not fapping everyday. More like 5 times a month maybe. It depends. If i relapse i tend to binge..
  17. I'm 26 and trying to quit for 5 years.. lol
  18. I can't even do just that. Even if i just fap without porn, i get extremely tired and lose all my motivation to do anything.
  19. Ugh i relapsed to porn yesterday after almost 3 months... Can't believe i'm still going back to that crap even though it's done so much damage to my life and is still doing today... Yay
  20. Nathaniel Branden: six pillars of self esteem and also the book shadow dance by Richo
  21. Lolol true. Glad i'm not the only one that's confused here.
  22. I used to be this way. It got a lot better by starting to take cold showers daily. Not sure if it works out for you, but you never know.