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  1. @Barna Mindfulness meditation throughout the day, which you eventually come to accept as 'just being'. I do about 30 min -1 hour of 'drifting' meditation (no thought, which evolves at some point into a sort of floating in an nothingness feeling) at some point during the day and a small session before sleeping, though usually nowadays this wakes me up so much I have too much energy to sleep then... I naturally want to once I close my eyes so not sure how to change this. Eventually I drift off, usually by doing visualization mediation of calming oceans. Walking meditation is simply amazing, feeling every fiber of your body in unity and it's expression.. so I do that as well on way to work and after.. I mean it's just a part of my whole day, eyes open eyes closed.. I don't even think of it as 'meditation' perse really, I'm just being in with some variation.. very quiet mind... sometimes at lunch if I have time.. I do some self-inquiry then I let my mind wander, but as time has gone on much fewer thoughts seem to pop up as I fully integrated or resolved them into myself. Lately I started bit more.. it varies through week on week. I don't plan it much anymore, just go with the flow, hope that answers your question. - granted Modafinil or Waklert are so much easier and much less work, just remember everything has a cost. Not as dramatic the side effects of Limitless and overall compared to things like cocaine, or whatever it's so much more positive. But you will simply outgrow it at some point, I don't regret using them though! It opened my mind to how you can just flip a switch and boom you're there, fully there with nothing in between, it led me down the path to meditation eventually (that and my natural curiosity''what else is positive' what can be achieved naturally etc').
  2. It's stronger cuz it pure R-modafinil which is the most pschycoactive compound that generated from the use of modafinil, so your skipping a step. There are dangers to these thing though I'll admit they are amazing. Couple of things - you will be less aware of your limits physically - just because you feel fine, you could be damaging your body when you push yourself harder which you can on this substance - you can party harder, so don't drink on it - you won't get drunk as easy, so you can go crazy but you won't have the drunk slowing you down - tolerance, like anything you will have to take more to keep the same effect going - it will tax your body, it's a toxin, it can damage your liver - especially if you mess with drinking and other things that tax your body In the end it's a sort of artificial awakening imo, stopped using it once it grew out of it, but it had it benefits for that period. One thing that struck me so hard is how similar that first time I took modafinil (later on armo) - the awareness, how close it was to when I had my first natural 'enlightenment' experience.
  3. In this case a physical condition, you make the most of what you have at your disposal. I've tried to see it i through the only positive way I can, as a challenge to grow my mind.
  4. But does suffering lead to it 'sooner', I see it as a catalyst for growth as it challenges you to see beyond it, or even use it when you come to realize the physical pain or suffering are just states, that don't even really exist - but they are harder to 'let go of'. Forget the visual snow mr clean referance - they aren't related, both were a long shot.
  5. Are there multiple truths existing at the same time. Does enlightenment exist in the between the known and unknown? The in between where you don't try to grasp something as either? Is suffering a difficult life/suffering likely to lead to enlightenment faster than an éasy life. More random stuff - Seen anything close to visual snow? Mr. Clean says hi.
  6. It's not really worth it imo (used it 3-4 times and now it's in a closet gathering dust or I borrow it out to friends): - the feedback is a distraction more than it helps, for me it's just source of pressure -feedback also adds a desire to perform, which is just more mental noise - could possibly be more useful for beginners, I like to hand it out to friends to get them interested in meditation - for anyone into meditation long enough it has very little benefits other than crushing the rewards on the first couple of tries - you can track results but to what end? if you are a veteran already you've grown past the need to do this already, but yes otherwise it could help you to do it every day - I don't like the feel of it on my head, another distraction. Overall - not worth it imo if you've been doing meditation have seen the benefits and already do it without the need of gimmicks to motivate yourself.
  7. Knowledge on how the universe started, how so many variables happened to be exactly the values they need to be for our reality to exist and knowledge of any other intelligent lifeforms in the universe.
  8. @MrDmitriiV Are you enlightened? You speak with such certainty and judgement. Don't you think your message would be better received if you delivered it from a place of compassion and understanding instead?
  9. @Esoteric So true. Don't see the humor in it though, maybe eventually.
  10. I can second that Peter Ralston recommendation! Also regarding downsides there are the people that have suffered psychosis as a combination of having a fragile mind and taking them.. so yea there are deff dangers.
  11. @Haumea2018 thinking that you are one with the world doesn't solve things with the state the world is in. Let's avoid the word negative, either way the world is not in an ideal place atm and considering the current trajectory it's not heading to an improved state. I wouldn't simply want to feel better about that if there's no new evidence to change my mind about it, that's not to say I'm miserable about it - but I do feel things could be more efficient and less predicated on individual prosperity.
  12. Well I think the attention this would garner from the scientific community would be fairly big.. So yea... bs..
  13. I relate to quite a few things you mention. Cutting with all the flowery stuff and getting straight to the point of what to do about it? I know this has been tried in many ways before, some successful and some not - but basically the answer I keep coming up at is joining some sort of commune at a point. At least if your surrounded by like-minded people then maybe it's less frustrating while also living in a way that's less destructive.
  14. Currently reading through this one, I'm not too far in but haven't been able to put it down so far.
  15. Nice post, any chance you can reference some of that evidence/studies? I'm always interested in new sources.
  16. So if evolution is not random mutations, what is it - driven by a consciousness need to survive/improve?
  17. I think what it comes down to is seeking interesting things to research further, and finding like-minded people. But ultimately it's just exhausting the need to find more or even relate with others, in some way extinguishing desire in general. I do spend much less time here now, too many discussions seem to end in debates I've lost any interest in - not saying their pointless because I'm sure the people get something out of them (growth, or just moving further along their own paths), but to me they don't have any real meaning anymore.
  18. On a positive note, this is all part of your process - you will think all these things until one day the seeker is done seeking and you realize you are exactly where you wanted to be. And yea you still need to go through whatever you need to go through to get to that realization/surrender, so it's all necessary.
  19. Suffering is just another road to growth, a very effective one when seen in the right light.
  20. Hmm you could argue that by trying to focus on being celibate you might be diverting energy to that no?
  21. 'The moment you follow someone you cease to follow Truth'
  22. So we're to believe you can do all the things that fall under hacking reality according to you? Should be quite easy to prove it, and before you claim there is no point - well, you posted here in the first place - must be some point in getting this info across for you (unless it's just trolling). Looking forward to video proof! *Grabs popcorn
  23. I enjoy it, and it's weird that I had this story as an idea myself that came to me after a meditation session - only difference was I wouldn't be everyone, there would be various people 'maturing'. Funny coincidence.
  24. @blazed There is a sudden 'shift' when it happens (I actually think of it as 'shifting' - into another state of being/dimension whatever - something, or 'nothing') , the state I enter was initially very fragile - still is I guess though one thought will not kick me out of it. My goal is attaining it so often/easily that the moment it happens I don't get that peak of mental activity of 'oh yeaa here we goooo' Kinda hard not to feel that way when you spend an hour trying to get into it, not knowing exactly when it will happen though there are some signs . It won't kick me out of it but there is this sense of disturbance I need to quash, if not even thoughts perse, but the murmuring before the thoughts that bubble up into a thought.