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  1. @Shan throwing away a medical check up or a visit to a dietician is unwise IMO. Your anxiety and/or other problems can be caused by a number of nutritional deficiencies which won't be fixed by nootropics. You could have an Iron deficiency for all you know, very common especially in vegetarian/vegan diets. Could have underlying inflammation as well maybe form coming off from a viral infection. I had a viral infection and was just floored for 6 months, had to sleep 9-10 hours every day. Fix problems first, get a good foundation, then focus on being a high performer. Leo does actually advise to sort out your blood work and diet and get regular health checkups. What he meant by that quote is that doctors aren't in the business of making you self-actualize, you are in that business. Doctors are there to make sure you are at a good base line. From a good baseline you can go ahead and make your life extraordinary, but you gotta baby step it. As far as I'm aware Medicare will cover a bulk-billed GP if you come and say you want your bloods done because you are low on energy etc. Nootropics will only add a moderate boost. Proper diet and sleep can solve a lot of underlying problems. It is from a position of good diet and sleep that people then go further and add supplements to get that extra moderate boost. Even Leo said that apart from Modafinil, all the other supps he listed are like having a really good coffee without the side effects of caffeine. If you are still hesitant to see a doc, try 5-HTP.
  2. @Epsilon_The_Imperial You begin to realize the limits of talking about and conceptualizing the practice. Those at the higher level are doing the process, 95% of the people on the forum are talking about the process, not doing it.
  3. @CreamCat Safety of GMO as a whole is a trap, Safety of each variation of GMO in the short and long term on a case-by-case basis is what needs to be done. Monsanto's maize long term safety has not been verified, we don't know if it is good or bad in the long term. Other GMO products will have other tests.
  4. @CreamCat I didn't say it was making GMO dangerous, I said it wasn't taking it into a positive direction in the sense that the spread of the pollen to different farms by wind led to other farmers acquiring the male genetic component which turned their maize crops into the same as Monsanto's, which led Monsanto to sue them. Also there is a big ethical debate on the role of intellectual property in genetic alteration. I'm not familiar with the details of Monsanto's policy but one example is a cancer research company that found associations between cancer and thousands of genes. No matter how small the association was they decided to patent all the associated genes which essentially monopolised cancer-gene research to them. Given a lot of this information was in public datasets this was an unethical move and the patent was overturned in court. @pluto You're speaking from a naturalistic fallacy. Humanity is part of nature and the universe, our "unnatural" creations and technology are an expression of our nature-given ability of non-instinctive thought. People's intentions are governed by nature. Destructive and creative are part of the same spectrum and are relative. Nature/universe is what it is, being "in-tune" with it is a subjective human view. The closest thing we have to nature is what exists in the now. All of our technology is a rearrangement of parts of nature. People who are not "in-tune" are themselves part of universal flow. Their "non-in-tunement" is through the will of universal flow.
  5. This is a quick method for revealing what you are, which is awareness itself. One of the big initial barriers is getting a taste for what being nothing is like and this has to do with the difficulty of transcending monkey mind and body awareness. This method is very simple and can be done for as little or as long as you like. 1. Lie down on a bed with a pillow on your back and take a few deep breaths. Relax your body and close your eyes. 2. Now tilt your head from side to side, touching the pillow with your cheek bones one by one, left then right then left then right etc... Do it at a rate of about 100 touches per minute. I.e. aim to tilt your head to one side in just under a second. It should look like you are waving your head to say 'no' but while you are lying on a pillow. 3. The head should be in constant motion like this for a period of time, you can start by doing this for a full minute. 4. No mind should come easily if you are concentrating on the movement. 5. Now notice in your direct experience that you are not 'inside your head', you are not a 'mind'. You should notice that while the head is moving, there is 'something' in the background which is whitnessing the head move. Notice that this something is aware of everything while the head is moving, i.e. the moving of the head does not 'distract' this awareness from seeing anything. Notice that's it's not actually a feeling or a sensation, yet you still 'know' that it's there. That awareness is You.
  6. @Jack River yes I agree with you, however, the beginning stages of realization that you are one is disidentifying with ego first. First you realise that you are nothing. Then you realise you are everything. Leo mentions this progression in his recent self inquiry method. For beginners it's important to get that first part down. Then, as you said, you can move into Self recognising content as just more Self.
  7. Just to clarify, this is a technique for beginners who are still associating with the body/mind. In my experience self inquiry produces theoretical understanding of no self unless you do it for months. Methods such as this make it possible to get a glimpse of what is being inquired about. @cetus56 a little bit yeah, 😅. I haven't tried other ways, but maybe slowing down may work as well, the trick is to get a constant motion. This method works on the same principle as the spinning dance Leo shared on his insights
  8. GMO can be safe, it can be unsafe (possibly) (recent research shows ambiguity in the long term safety of Monsanto maize). At the end of the day genetic modification is a TOOL. It is very easy for people who don't understand the molecular biology of genetic modification to lump everything into a big "GMO" bin and call it bad. All Type I diabetics survive because insulin is made in GMO E. coli. There is a strain of GMO rice called "Golden Rice" that is designed to produce more beta-carotene and provide vitamin A to some African populations, whose children go blind because of the shortage of vitamin A producing foods there. There are many things it can be used for. My educational background is in molecular biology and plant biotechnology. From my experience, 90% of lay people have no nuanced understanding of how GMO are made and just jump on the bandwagon of "GMO" is bad. Now, just because a tool can be neutral (similar to money), doesn't mean a big corporate ego can't take advantage of it for personal gain. Monsanto are involved in some very shady business practices and are not driving GMO in a positive direction.
  9. I think many people have experienced deja vu in the past. Oftentimes we dismiss it as simply a feeling of being in the same space - deja vu. But from a consciousness point of view, is there more to deja vu that meets the eye? Could it be a replay of a subconscious fixation? Could it be the experience in consciousness occurring at the same time as a memory of the experience is evolved in the field of consciousness? I guess it makes sense that the unfolding of consciousness could occur in the 'memory space' of awareness (i.e. you experience material reality from the human perspective and also that reality is inserted as a memory into 'mind' space a.k.a your thoughts as consciousness is unfolding). I guess what I'm asking is whether there is something that can be learned about ourselves from deja vu?
  10. @ivankiss Yeah I guess that is what I'm trying to figure out. whether it'a a or b a) awareness creates the real moment and then mind tries to grasp it (a creation-of-symbolism-in-thought response), or b) The moment that we experience as deja vu actually DID occur in the 'past', and the replaying of it in the current time could possibly be a sort of message from the subconscious (ie inifinite consciousness) to our conscious (ie the only sliver of infinite consciousness that we have access to under ordinary brain states). (a repetition event).
  11. @EmanyalpsidPlease be careful with your assumptions. DNA is broken down into nucleoside bases as it's metabolised so a direct DNA to DNA modification is not possible. So far there have been no biological problems with GMO (politically and ethically it's another matter). Yes, long -term effects are not known, so how can you assume that these foods will be "likely" to cause what you mentioned?
  12. No, there is no obligation for you to stay, you can purchase their products if you wish but no one is forcing you to spend money on them. If you pay for their service or product then yes you get access to closed groups as with a lot of businesses. Of course you can take it to extreme levels and 'worship' RSD, which is unfortunate as they try to grow you out of that mentality. I bought The Natural by Max when it first came out, learned a lot about myself and corrected my incorrect view of how attraction works. I was in the closed group and participated in discussions as I do on this forum. I got success and a lot of personal growth and then I focused on other things and left. Similar to many other information products IMO but can attract Machiavellian types more so than a marketing course I guess. Lots of potential to learn how to manipulate girls that can get out of hand if used by someone with an unhealthy approach.
  13. Anybody else experiencing problems connecting to Actualized.org main site or the forum?
  14. @CreamCat lucidity in life would be the equivalent of spiritual awakening. Notice how for most people they are not "lucid" for the whole day, they walk around like zombies. Getting in touch with the actuality of life would be, as you said, living in a lucid dream.
  15. @TheAvatarState yeah my original thought was to get proficient at entering lucidity, then modify my dream's time scape and then do spiritual practice. I.e. over one night, I would do like 1000 hours of meditation in my dream. If that's even possible. Hahaha yes that would be amazing but definitely a distraction 😂😂 @Leon_Mao I used one of the 432 tracks from the YT channel Infinite Waters, he has a few. Not sure if you will find one purely without music, but let me know if you do.
  16. @andyjohnsonman Enlightenment and non dual experiences strike you like lighting bolts. It will happen when you least expect it to and you will know that it's happening. Until you have at least one of these then yes, it is very faith based, so my advice is to hang in there. Once you have a few experiences it will become clear why this work is important. One thing that can help is knowing that meditation and spiritual practices help raise consciousness in general which will help you in all areas of life, not just on the journey to enlightenment.
  17. @TheAvatarState BUT, I can see a benefit of pursuing as many egoic desires as possible in the dream (money,sex,cars etc) in order to get sick of them and transcend the need for them. Some people claim you can manifest whatever you want in a dream which I haven't experienced but if I can go and be a superhero and play god in a dream every night,I think I would be more focused on life purpose and spirituality during the day. Maybe it can help in that respect
  18. @TheAvatarState Yeah, I've heard Lions Mane mushroom and Huperzine A can help induce lucidity so I might try those when I can get my hands on some, but yeah, it's possibly a matter of brain physiology (to help induce lucidity) Yes I've seen the video, I think my backlash came from meditation and not my attempt to lucid dream, as you can make the lucid dreaming an egoic pursuit. See, regarding your last point, I'm on the fence about it. I plan to first of all achieve lucidity consistently, that's the first major hurdle. Then I plan from there I guess, I will need to explore my dreams first before Im able to see what I (as an ego) can actually do there. However (and why I mention ego), it appears as though becoming non dual awareness (/the Self) makes it irrelevant what happens where because it's all just consciousness. Being consciousness in the dream is the same as being consciousness in the "waking" world. So any illusion of personal development or other egoic puruits would be just that - egoic illusions. I have had mystical experiences where I realized that I do not control the body whatsoever, it's all happening through infinite intelligence aka a movie is playing. I assume constant realisation of this will transfer to any other manifestation of consciousness including dreams. I.e. a dream is just another movie playing. But when you wake up into "waking" reality it's easy to see that the dream is just a movie. The real work is recognising that the "waking" reality is exactly the same. Leo puts it really well in his Life is a Dream video
  19. Eggs would be an ok food if they didn't have so much cholesterol in the yolk. Salmon can be ok if it's wild caught. I personally don't eat farmed salmon after I went to a salmon farm. They just swim around in their piss and s**t, all clustered together.
  20. Update: I have been seeing a lot of progress in terms of dream awareness these past few days. My dreams are becoming more and more vivid and the narratives more complex. I feel as through when I'm dreaming, I can "hold more memory" i.e. as I'm dreaming, I can remember where I've been in the dreamscape for longer periods. I think this will be a key later on in becoming lucid as I will have to recognise the inconsistencies and glitches in the dreamscape to realize I'm dreaming. I think this is how we might construction a sense of time and self consistent narrative in the "waking" world. It's like we've been dreaming for a long time and are now able to store more memory and create self consistency. I also noticed how reason and logic is dream specific. Because it contrasts with "waking" reason and logic it's making me notice the relativity of those things and how actually our sense of reason and logic is pretty groundless, we just take it to be "normal" because it's our default position. These are not new insights per se, it's just that they've become glaringly obvious as I experience my dreams for longer and in more detail. Finally, just to add how I did it. Basically, I've been waking up earlier, waiting a minute and then just snoozing.
  21. Would you be willing to share a few more details so we can get a better idea of what you're dealing with?
  22. If you're ever feeling down
  23. The effects can happen transiently in a regular person, maybe after a hard day at work, or a lack of sleep or stresses on the mind/body. In a meditator the process is similar but may happen more frequently or with stronger force because with meditation lots of subconscious emotional knots untie which can lead to stress for the body. In both instances, the body reacts under the principle of homeostasis Just see how you feel after an emotionally/physically taxing day. Meditation is not pleasant initially. Once the habit is set though, the new homeostatic set point is made and it becomes easier.
  24. Just rewatching the self-deception videos and remember you mention a new product release in 2019.